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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a speaker
according to one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view
thereof, and FIG. 3 is a plan view showing a unit and an attachment member of the same speaker
. REFERENCE SIGNS LIST 1 speaker 2 speaker unit 3 bolt 4 buckle plate 5 grille 6 fitting member
6 a bent portion 6 b Bent portion, 7 ... bolt, 8 ... bolt, A ... inside panel, B ... sheet material. - 1 63 Utility Model 51-57027 (2) Figure 1 1 - 6 -
Detailed Description of the Invention Jin's idea is to use the upper end st of the inside panel
which constitutes the interior side wall of the automobile, with respect to the speaker installed in
the car interior as one of the radio or stereo 01111E expenses, It is intended to make sure in a
given position, L or 1F, lec woven clothing can be said to be a car speaker unit that can be
numbered. An embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. The 1 1 + coffee force indicated by reference numeral 1 in FIGS. 1 II and 2 has a
speaker unit 2 and a baffle plate 4 attached to the speaker unit 2 using a bolt 3, and the baffle
plate 4 of the baffle plate 4 #I in the opening, grill 5 with sound perforation is attached. In Unitsu
2), as shown in Fig. 3, Iku Ikeda 6 or Pol)? IC, and the distal end KFi of the extension portion of
the attachment member 6 is provided with a pair of bends & 6a and 6b opposed to each other at
a predetermined interval. One of the bends 116a is inserted into the back end of the inside edge
1 of the inside panel constituting the interior side wall of the automobile, and 1 + the other obend-1116bt! , Supporting the bolt 8 for pinching the 4-side panel A between Otori-116 g and 0.
Therefore, fixing the bolt 8 is fixed at a predetermined position with respect to the K sideways τ,
IIL attached lubricant 8Fi inside panel, and in this state the baffle il 4 is a sheet continuing to the
upper end of the inneride banelum It is held below the material m (which constitutes the ceiling
in the cabin). A speaker having such a structure knows the upper end of the inside vanelum, and
it becomes inevitable to attach it to the predetermined position in the room (surely IK in the
position). Also, ζO installation can be done simply by tightening the bolts 8, so its work! The
number of steps and time are greatly reduced compared with the conventional one. In Fig. 1 KFi,
the case where the speaker is mounted on the ceiling 1 - IIK is shown, but it is provided in the
middle of the adjacent corner part. Depending on the number of channels in the playback system,
2 @ or more speakers can be placed anywhere. Even in case of overwhelming, the speaker will be
placed in the dead space formed between the head and the ceiling, so Kli will not get in the way
as getting on and off.
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