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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 relate to an embodiment of the
microphone device of the present invention, and are an exploded perspective view showing an
assembly process together. 11: Microphone unit 121: Storage unit 122: Connector unit 122 a:
Pin 122 b: Outer wall unit 12: Mounting connector 13: Printed wiring board, 14 ... connector
receiving body. Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 47 -
The present invention relates to a microphone device, and more particularly, to improvement of
attachment and connection portion thereof. Cassette Cheaple with Radio recently As represented,
the microphone device is also used for so-called Mitamixinda etc. besides the Bell sound, and is
used in the Hiroshi range in Kaoru O Ophthalmic Instrument . By the way, when used for otri's
equipment,! It is made separate from that which is built in that equipment, such as a so - called
wired or a house rather than an earless microphone. However, in any case. -1 ': Installation and
connection of the mo - n - e microphone device itself, first attach the microphone unit consisting
of the vibrating body etc to the casing of the device or microphone device I □ itself while it is
flying, then the sled It is done in the same way as the predetermined circuit IMIK * by soldering
several lead wires to the output terminal 9, making the work in manufacturing and repair etc.
complicated and inefficient and south It was. In consideration of this point, it was made in
consideration of this point, and it is a friend, it is a friend, to provide a microphone device 1
which is good with good casting with improved castle attachment and connecting part, to
eliminate the above-mentioned conventional drawback It is regarded as 0 city. □ We will refer to
one drawing of the present invention with reference to the drawings below. That is, microphone
unit ii B consisting of a vibrating body or the like as shown at 11 Wrc, holding section 121 at the
anterior end section [1. : A direct image is retained in the front end sister holder 121 of the slope
repulsion & body 12 through the cushion body for preventing. Here, this holding 1, microphone
unit 11, quantity j 2 "f,:: h - - ') 1. - It is assumed that one output terminal (not shown) S is
designed to chemically modify the proximity end Ki 1 of the bin 122 a of the connector section
122. As shown in FIG. 2, the mounting connector 12 holding the microphone unit 11 in the front
end holding portion 121 in this manner has the rear end connector portion 122 as the tV =
device or the case of the microphone device itself (Not shown) are mounted on the printed circuit
board IJK which has been subjected to a predetermined number of times, etc. O printed wires as
shown in the figure, and attached to the mourning connector receptacle 14. Here, in the case
shown in the drawing, it has a so-called US pin type connector (x 2 22)) and the connector
receiving body 14 is clamped by the external expense part 122 b, and the tip end of the bin 122
a is inserted into the connector receiving body It is supposed to be attached with a plate and a
meal in such a manner that it is exercised with elasticity in the center bin hole 141 of J 4.
Therefore, according to the present invention as described above in detail V Ll one end & hold as
microphone unit Yt hold the fC attachment The other end of the body of the body bridge support
3 in the housing supported by the connector b. From the K, it is extremely easy to install and
follow the work, 1 1, the company can improve its work (especially repair service) and apply it as
well as the application range ! It is permissible to offer a very good microphone arrangement Wt
which can not be expanded and a practical effect. It goes without saying that the present
invention is not limited to only the above-mentioned embodiments, but it is obvious that various
kinds of pot shapes can be implemented in a casing without departing from the gist of the
present invention.
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