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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of a speaker device according to
the present invention, FIG. 1 is a front view of the device, FIG. 2 is a side view also of the same,
FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken along line {circle around (1)} of FIG. 10 ... speaker frame, 11
... housing part of diaphragm, 12 ... sound passage hole, 13 ... diaphragm. 411 its jLJLi-IV this one
too 85-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT The present invention is based on the fact that
speakers, in particular the 7th Five of them. In (1), the O speaker for middle- and high-range
sound region has a good granularity, so in a different beaker apparatus based on the
reproduction band division method, it is preferable that the sound pressure is different between
the front and the front of the speaker 1) Purchase 1. ′I! I There is no phenomenon.
Therefore, the applicant mainly forms the sound passage, that is, the negative sound passage,
which is laterally K11 to the outer circumference of the cone serving as the diaphragm of the
mid-high-pitched loudspeaker, and in addition to the front sound, the sound of the back portion
We have already released a technology to improve directivity by diffusing radially as side sound.
In that technique, an auxiliary baffle plate is drunk against the main baffle 1 [K, and a speaker for
mid-high frequencies is mainly attached to this auxiliary baffle plate. And when installing the
speaker for Takataka sound, it is necessary to let the sound of the front of the diaphragm exit on
the front side, the sound of the large back on the side without interfering with the side.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide a
frame as an attachment means capable of preventing mutual 1 (2) (A · 'uniform field) interference
between the front sound and the side sound while improving the directivity of the speaker It is in
invention will be described in detail based on an embodiment shown in the drawings. In the
figure 1 and figure 2, the main baffle plate 111 is overlapped with the bass loudspeaker (2) in
the lower part and the trap, and the side tone plate (3) parallel to the baffle plate il + A speaker
(4) for treble is attached. The baffle plate (1) is attached to the opening surface of an appropriate
speaker box. Further, the side sound board (3), the speaker for medium and high frequency
sound (41) has an arbitrary shape, for example, a rectangular shape so as to eliminate the
cancellation phenomenon of the sound pressure, and has mounting holes (5) opening to the front
and rear at the center position are doing. This mounting hole (5) butterfly, (3) ^ list, J side sound
1 [a plurality of, for example, three side sound passages (6) opening radially past the center of
the thickness of +31 is the starting point . When opening to the left and right side and upward,
the six side sound passages (6) of ζ filter are, for example, wooden curves. The side sound
passage 16) is not present at the lower side because the sound is prevented from interfering with
the upper and lower when the speaker (21 is present at the lower part. Incidentally, the side
sound board (3) is constructed so that a semicircular or image member is interposed between the
two plate-like bodies. And the annular O speaker frame α · is fixed in the brazed hole (5) of the
side sound board (3). This frame ring is an annular body with a tapering hole O υ formed by a
tapered hole extending from II II Wi to the rear and opening to the outer diameter from the
center in sync with the tapered surface and the side sound passage (6) (4) ___ 1 - 1 ___ ___ 1 ___
___ 1 ___ ___ 0
For example, a cone-shaped diaphragm t <b> 11 is disposed in the storage part 01 </ b> +.
Diaphragm II 3 stile. It is supported by an edge (141, freely movably by the damper ljj at the top
9) at the opening. The driving part of the speaker "'forms a magnetic gap a 9 of the DC magnetic
field in the pole piece Q [i, magnet, top plate i] barrel as usual, and the voice coil is arranged at
this position As shown in the cross section of 0 year 2 figure which is composed of the
diaphragm 1 (with the bobbin Q υ secured to the top sK, the annular frame tune large diameter
part F 11 Confirmation IN (31 braze holes 5) and fixed by means such as screws. Also, the
driving part is fixed to the surface of the small diameter part of the annular frame Q (l).
Incidentally, this frame QfiJ, a material made of a nonmagnetic material such as aluminum or an
alloy thereof (5) ÷]. Well, the loading of 1 pile works as follows. Speaker for bass (4) and
speaker for mid-high sound! 41 Fi, sound is issued based on the audio signal by the reproduction
band division method 4. The bass of the bass speaker (2) is radiated widely in front of the
loudspeaker due to its own propagation characteristics. Also, the middle and high tone of the
middle and high tone loudspeaker (4) is induced by the shaking of the vibration 4i1 + 31, and it
comes out as the front sound radiated from the inner cone of 9 bars of it from the front of the
speaker). On the other hand, the back amount emitted from the back of the diaphragm opening
3, that is, the back of the middle and high tone speaker 4), is the sound hole 0? It is guided by
Psychedelic Path (6: 4 and emitted to the left and right upper side. In this way, depending on its
nature, the directionality is sharply related to the mid-to-high frequencies, but depending on the
front sound, the amount of back emerging to the side spreads (6) - one shot. During such an
operation, the lower member is connected to the rear surface of the middle-high tone
loudspeaker (4), that is, the high-frequency component of the negative-phase component coming
out of the side sound path (6) and the low-frequency component of the positive- Function so as to
make sound acoustic so as not to mutually interfere with each other so as to cancel the sound
pressure. The storage unit 1 '! Li is acoustically advantageous if it has a shape similar to the outer
shape of the shake 11 (). In particular, since the drive unit is fixed to the frame of the present
invention, and the speaker is attached to a predetermined position of the side sound board, and it
is unnecessary to radiate the front sound and the side sound from the back portion, It is useful as
a component of a speaker device.
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