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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an external side view showing one
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view taken along the line
A - A, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing an example of a vibration proof plate . Reference
numeral 1 denotes the entire table stand, reference numeral 2 denotes a base frame, reference
numeral 4 denotes a support pillar, reference numeral 5 denotes a microphone, reference
numeral 6 denotes a microphone holder, reference numeral 7 denotes a lightening portion,
reference numeral 8 denotes an anti-vibration plate, and reference numeral 9 denotes a
mounting substrate. Figures 1 to 93 (1) 1 to 3 (3) Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 1 94 1
an improvement of a lamp stand, a microphone supported steel table stand and, in particular, to
enhance its vibration-proof Kani performance. In general, for this kind of stand KTh, some
countermeasures have been taken to round off vibration propagation to the microphone. That is,
for example, a cushion structure is added to the stand leg, a mount adapter with a cushioning
material is used as a connecting tool between the screw shaft on the stand side and the
microphone holder shaft, etc. Other mimetic means are widely known ing. However, in any case,
the traditional one is nonparticipating in u) four outcomes, so the mixing ratio of the shaking
noise when picking up the microphone is quite high, so the original microphone characteristics ·
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a reasonable vibration isolation mechanism of
the base frame K 11 i of the table stand and to improve the aforementioned midpoint point.
state in which a microphone is mounted on a table stand according to the present invention. In
the figure. (1) The whole of the bee-pull stand shows the f21n base frame, which is a frame of a
rectangular contour consisting of, for example, a light alloy molded item (Guy Cast), and rubber
legs (3) t- and has a support column (4) formed with a holder attachment screw (to be described
later) at its upper end at a position closer to the right side of the upper surface. Also, the wet type
microphone (5a) σ its head part, (5b) the external cylinder part (5c) shows the microphone cord,
such microphone + 5) is a cap nut (6), support rod (6 @) ff pillar 14 of this microphone holder (6)
held by a microphone holder (6) Kk consisting of a grip portion (6b) pivotally attached thereto
and a grip portion (2) It is screwed to the mounting screw. In the present invention, by forming a
lightening part (7), for example, which leads to the upper and lower surfaces of the pace frame
(2) K of the table stand + ll, a material having elasticity and flexibility inside the lightening hole (f)
71, That is, the anti-vibration plate (8) made of rubber or synthetic resin) Refer to Fig. 2), this
vibration isolation plate 18) K Support as shown in the illustration! 41 of the base frame (2) by
attaching the lower end of the base frame (2). FIG. 3 shows an example of the anti-vibration plate
(8). In the case shown in the figure, it is molded as a rectangular plate having the abovementioned material thickness, and this vibration-isolating plate 8 is formed # 111 The central sK
is a metal substrate with a specific thickness of a specific axis 19) t - Insert, exposing the upper
and lower faces of this substrate (9) to a circular shape and the substrate 191 K lamp A through
hole 19 ) 'All the borehole, to the through hole of 9, to the bottom of the pillar (4) under the
mausoleum of the mausoleum 【You can get through this t-solid layer.
It is to be noted that for the four corners Ko pace (3) ≧ frame (2) - of the anti-vibration plate (8),
there is provided a stupid hole 18) '. Then, on both sides of the lightening part (7) of the pace
frame (2), that is, on both sides orthogonal to the longitudinal direction of the pace frame in the
example, the attachment is made as a step part for attachment as it fly in FIG. 2 , Position both
sides of the part of those steps (IIK anti-vibration plate · 8), apply a washer to each of the stupid
holes at the above four corners, I! We placed the decorative panel old 1 t - covering meat @ g
part (7), and this cosmetic panel r 1 and spinning board a 8) are attached by gold fastening.
Therefore, the is plate (8) and the decorative panel [111, there is a little permission darkness. An
escape hole a 11 'with respect to the circumference of the crown panel 11 Ktf supporting column
14) is formed. The mounting screw formed 7aK above the (4a) lug support + 4), (4h) the male
screw at the lower end, '+ 3 the locking nut. Since the present invention lamp, for example,
constructed as described above, the spinning board ta) is separated from the pace frame (2) and
the support stub 14) as a Ill insulator sound vibrationally. That is, although the external vibration
is transmitted as pace frame (2) K as before, it is attenuated to j width by this militarization plate
(8) K, the influence on the support column (4) is neglected It gets small at once. Therefore, as
shown in Fig. 1, attachment via the support post (4) K microphone holder (-) of the table stand
wax 1) has almost no shaking propagation σ to the nine microphone (5), resulting in this
Photographing during sound - Noises are removed. Although the above is an example of the
present invention, there are cases where the lightening portion (7) of the base frame (2) is
formed so as to survive only the edge portion of the frame 89, and the mode of the anti- + 91 tl Whether or not to insert is a design matter, it is simply a rubber plate tp shaving plate (8) to be
cut, a washer is put on the front and rear surfaces of this vibration proof plate to snept up the
pillar (4) IK is pace frame 12) Specific installation of the anti-vibration plate (8) against K does
not specify the structure and the form of the support column (4) etc, so the present invention is
not limited thereto Within the scope of the gist, each 11 KI% can be applied. As obvious from the
above, the table stand of the present invention supports threaded struts and the like with a
vibration-proof plate that makes the base frame Kli cord, eventually intercalating vibrationally
with the mittal phone and pace + 5) pig Its vibration damping effect is much larger than the
means at the time of # and can obtain clay cloth that can capture the sound pickup
characteristics of the microphone.In addition, the color of the present invention is a simple
structure, and the low cost large quantity school children In terms of being suitable for island 9,
its practical effect 4 coupled with excellent aid function is great to mess up.
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