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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of the speaker mounting
preparation state according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a plan view of the same mounted
state, FIG. 3 is an enlarged sectional view of the line I - I of FIG. 1, 4 is a cross-sectional view
along the line m - m in FIG. 3. , 1 ... speaker, 2 ... mounting plate, 2a ... corner, 4 ... cabinet, 5 ...
bracket, 6 ... saw tooth face. -63 - Utility Model No. 51-96428 (2) - 64 -
[Detailed Explanation of the Invention] -f & rit: Speakers such as televisions and radios push the
tapping screws through the screw holes formed in the attachment plate around the front face,
and formed this in the position corresponding to the above-mentioned screw hole of the cabinet
This is a force which is attached to the cabinet by screwing it into the boss), this method requires
a plurality of screws, and troublesome threading work (1) - 2 j is necessary in terms of cost and
workability It can not be bought. In the present invention, noodles are produced in this j j ~, a
bracket 'L'% in one direction molded integrally in place of the upper Ne boss on the cabinet is
protruded, thereby preventing cold stops around the front of the speaker Let's make the speaker
to the cabinet without ro as to make all the four corners of the board Kakegawa so that we can
reduce the cost and improve work 'work For example. Hereinafter, this is illustrated in more
detail by a practical example shown in the figure, where l is a speaker, which has a roughly
rectangular shape for its front ceiling "plate 2, and it is at that corner 2a of the four places The
screw holes 3 are drilled, respectively, the inertia is the same as before. 4 is a cabinet made of
plastics or the like, and at the prescribed position of the internal listeners, the brackets 5 of the
type which can make the corner portion 52a autumn stay at each corner portion 2a of the 10V
self-speaker l, Has been done. As shown in FIG. 3, the bracket 5 has a surface 6 (2) -] black on the
partition 2a. The inclination is made such that it is darker than the thickness of the attachment
plate 2 from I% tl gap with the cabinet 4 or from one side end A to 4 B, や。 I'tIf one 7, narrow 3
□, 1. Go to end 3. Mcn) ibu - In the direction of the dove, it is said to be a reversed sawtooth
shape. Here, this configuration is the same in all of the four brackets 5, and it is assumed that the
directional characteristics are also aligned. Incidentally, the bracket 5 is shown in four in the
drawing, or it corresponds to the corner 2 al z of the speaker mounting plate 2 [n molded and
may not be screwed out. It is a hole for demolding in the molding 1 Mamoru of 71 '1 caillar crust
4 in the figure. According to the above configuration, since each bracket 5 has been modified to a
position corresponding to each muffling 1 s 2 a of the speaker 1 directed onto the cabinet 4, as
shown in FIG. 1, the bracket 5 is displaced from the name Li 11 m 2 a bracket 5 It is possible to
place the speaker l on the cabinet 4 without being disturbed and then rotate between the corners
of the speaker 1 i and each corner & b 2 a or under each bracket 5 from the other part A, Side
(3): In the river · shield A, it is wider than the gap a with the cabinet 4 or the fun of the mounting
plate 2 and the saw blade [I] 16 is also between the stones. It is possible to enter Vc answer, and
furthermore, I do not have IJJJ 6.
B, the gap is narrower than the juncture of the mounting plate 2, so that the corner portion 2 a
bites into a 1 gl gap which gradually narrows and is fixed in the state shown in FIG. 2. However,
once it is made constant, the six islands 2a are not only in the direction towards the club, rB,
which becomes narrower 1 m from the bracket 5 and the cabinet 4, but also towards the
direction towards 01iIhA also the sawtooth surface 6 or in the opposite direction Because it
becomes an eye, it can not be easily # 1, and after all speaker l is fixed to the cabinet aVc. In the
case of the form with the corner hs 2 ELUc threaded hole 3 formed, the bracket 5 also enters the
hole 3 due to the tooth L 6 tooth teeth of the tooth L 6 or its own bullet / gauge force Therefore,
it is possible to prevent the speaker 1 from pulling out in the direction of the speaker 1 as being
caught when trying to move in the direction of the lawn of the corner portion 2 a or the tooth
surface 6. (4) As described above, according to the mounting apparatus of the present invention,
the bracket having an increased h1 is formed at the predetermined position of the cabinet and
the surface of the speaker of the bracket which is in contact with the mounting plate VC is a sawAfter moving the speaker to the cabinet seven by shifting each corner of its mounting plate by
brackets) yf) h, rotate it in the knt direction and gradually narrow the corners between the
cabinet and the bracket 111 ] Incorporating into a gap, each corner can not move because it is a
reverse to the saw tooth surface also in the direction to widely grow, as well as in the direction
that one colleague between the above is narrow, so Screws and accompanying troublesome
thread creation Pears Make them completely merciless ((, above-mentioned very bad) Doing a
simple work Speakers to a cabinet demon? It is possible to fix them already, which has the effect
of reducing the cost and improving the workability in the speaker mounting work.
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