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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
the present invention before assembly, FIG. 2 is an enlarged sectional view taken along line A - A
of FIG. 1, , And FIG. 4 is a perspective view in which a slot is drawn. 1 ... side face of the carton,
11 ... outlet opening, 12 ... one cut end edge part, 2 ... overlapping part, 21 ... one adhesive, 22 ...
slit. FIG. 1, FIG. 2, FIG. 71, Actual Open No. 47-28428 (2) FIG. 3, FIG.
device used for collecting start sounds! イクロフオンK11Iするものである。 1 For more
information, the starter hangs on the worker O wrist and the start sound of the pistol etc. is
thrown away with my "J-" L and Croon - 1 It converts this to an electric signal and the start signal
of the printing timer In the present invention, 4111 is provided in the case for attaching the
microphone of Jin to the wrist of the starter 1). Traditionally, the attachment band of the starting
ointment sound collecting microphone is impossible to use because the thickness of the wrist of
each starter is different for the one-touch type band like the portable timepiece section O),
normally, buckle type skin It was limited to those of the band type. In the case of ζ O buckle
type leather band, since the starter normally has the pistol on the right hand, it must be worn in
the right hand wage and the band mounting operation must necessarily be done with the left
hand, but the starter is right In the case of 0 dominant hands, due to the presence of the signal
cable, its mounting operation goes smoothly - sometimes, its 46 works are made 11! 1
Microphone tube It often happens that it falls and breaks. It is an object of the present invention
to eliminate the above-mentioned disadvantages and facilitate attachment to% arm. 2 -) PA or less
Hereinafter, the present invention will be explained based on FIG. 11. - K or i, 1 is a
comprehension unit which interprets the microphone, 2a, 2b mounting band for wrist Q attached
integrally to Hiroki Kaki pasture department, 5 is microphone learning 7 on sound signal To the
printing timer fold f (not shown). * The plate part is made of metal or plus chita case body which
is used as a wristwatch etc. - but it may be more delicious due to the fact that the start sound is
caused by the metal noisy cape due to cost shootout In the embodiment of the present invention,
which is preferably formed of soft material such as medium synthetic leather, in the embodiment
of the present invention, the receiving portion 1 and the mounting band are integrated with the
leather by the leather, and the teaching portion 1 tf, FIG. 2 O * W As shown in the figure, it is
formed into a bag shape, and it is closed by a flexible fountain II (1a) which has been extended
together with the opening company. The locking means of the brace m1 lN (1a) is normally used
and is done by the magic locking member (1b) K. In addition, the microphone 4 is a soft elastic
part # 5 such as a sponge! Have been ordered 11111K station. 4 is a member which constitutes a
housing section 1 and a company band 2 and which is a member constituting a flexible annular
In the embodiment, the member is constituted by a wedge, and both ends of a mounting band 2
m, 2 bK squeegee quinari are mounted on both sides of the accommodating portion 10. The
diameter of the ring O of the member constituting the annular shape can be passed through any
number of hands II [K is sufficiently large. It goes without saying that the member constituting
this annular shape may be a rubber binding in addition to the wedge. With the above
configuration, the starter firstly runs through the wrist on the annular member 61, so that there
is no danger of falling down in the area where the arm is not lowered downward), then the band
is smoothly engaged with the left hand Can do. Therefore, according to the present invention,
when the starter wears the microphone on the wrist, it is possible to prevent the microphone
from falling completely and has the effect of preventing the risk of breakage.
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