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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a developed view of the present invention, FIG.
2 is a plan view similarly having a rectangular tubular shape with an upper lateral pressing edge
and an upper lid opened, and FIG. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view similarly from the front , FIG.
4 is the same "bottom view, FIG. 5 is the same" Slope view E · fold representing the upper lid, 4 ...
convex part of the ant-shaped pattern, 5 ... ... Anti- Shaped recess, hoop folding E, upper
horizontal pressing edge, 11 ... lower lower side overlapped edge, 12 ... notched section, A, B ... ...
thick paper body. -81 - Utility Model 47-28431 (2) - 82 -
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker system,
and its object is to provide a speaker system with improved bass characteristics 1. ようとするも
のである。 An example of the conventional speaker system is shown in FIG. (1) is a cone speaker,
(2) is a speaker cabinet, (31 (8 ') (8 ") is a horn forming horn forming plate, (4) is a horn throat
section, 1, cone speaker + 1) The sound radiated from the back of the SUBIKACOR 2 Tane-7 ,,,, - j
4.2! -3 and a sound passage made of A-shaped A is 2 ↓ 7 ___ ___ 0 (1) by horn forming partition
plate t 3113 'Jis), the horn load is added, the acoustic power is increased and the horn opening 1
Yi It is radiated from (5),. However, in such a system, the characteristics of the horn directly
influence the bass characteristic and it is much larger than the relationship between the horn's
interruption layer wave number and the radiation resistance determined by the cut state of the
horn opening portion in the case of 1 bass range reproduction Therefore, if you reduce the
volume of the pawn by cutting the opening surface of the horn which occupies most of the
cabinet's volume in order to reduce the volume of the spikanostem, the radiation resistance of
the horn also decreases and the bass reproduction capability declines There were drawbacks
such as. The present invention has solved the above-mentioned conventional problems, and will
describe its constitution. The same parts as those of the conventional method are given the same
numbers. In FIG. 1 (6) is a drone cone. In this embodiment, the compliance presented by the
vacant space provided on the rear face of the cone type speaker (1) and the mass of the drone
cone (6) cause acoustic preembling, and at that time, the sound radiated from the drone cone As
with the conventional method, it adds a horn load to enhance the acoustic power and radiates
from the (2) open plane + 61. In the example shown in FIG. 2, a hood (7) is provided in the horn
throat section (4), and it has the same action as described above. Since this invention adopts the
above-mentioned constitution, even if horn / iodo-cut is carried out because Donalco 716) or
port i 7) can expand the reproduction range of the low range, even if the horn is short cut, the
horn is short cut before the conventional type speaker It is possible to reproduce the same bass
characteristics as the system, so it is possible to realize a small speech cantem with excellent bass
characteristics. In addition, if this invention's proposed Sukikanostem and Mr. Traditional Mr.
Sukikanostem are of the same volume tt +, the proposed method has the effect of enlarging and
reproducing a lower frequency range.
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