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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a pump according to the
present invention.3
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT The present invention relates to a viter- tar up
cartridge. )ll! Tohyo's Ibit 's Vita up cartridge is opened IJ & is done by the argument, but it
is shown in m 11 m, in mi m. 1 car ... car with system 9 yy is knoWn 102 Where the needlepoint
at the tip 1 can be finished Pipe force / teleper 20 gauge clothed in the thickness direction and
fixed in a nine-disc plate shape O Madanet $, these are passed through a damper 4 with a
through hole at the center High quality vias / , Stainless steel or the like, a support body 6 made
of a nonmagnetic material is used to support the corpus luteum aKII, a load is applied to the rear
end of the support wire 60 to draw the support wire 6 in the direction of the arrow to adjust the
compression amount of the damper 40 Then, after appropriately adjusting the braking amount of
the vibration system, it is possible to fix the support pipe 7 fitted to the above-described flywheel
6 and fix it with the screw 8 screwed into the cylinder 60 or the piston. In this type of vibration
system, in other words, a cartridge having a vibration system with multiple cans by force /
support of the cantilever 20 by force / drawing a support wire 6 from the rear of May Tomoe
Mayuzumi O, ie a support line 8 - 11 m and the cantilever R <) towards one end of the cantilever
2, the support - 60 m 11 and the cantilever R <) are different from each other, so that the spacer
is attached to the support - 60 end 11 and this spacer · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 3) Although it is done to
the cantilever ffi ') 3, it is a problem that it is extremely difficult to reliably attach the support
wire 6 to the spacer 9 without adversely affecting the characteristics of the cartridge. Here, a
conventional method for differently mounting the support wire 6 to the spacer 9 will be
explained. As shown in FIG. 2, one end of the support wire 6 is inserted through the center hole
of the space 10 even if it can be formed of a material which can be soldered, Soldering 10 is
performed between both ends of the spacer 90 and the support wire 6. However, in the pigeon of
Jin, we have to use bottles with spacers e, 6 which can be done well with soldering - bottles, plus
spaces? 9, support lines 6 and 4 It is extremely difficult to solder the work because soldering
work is extremely difficult since there is a very small i% O "e, and moreover, the soldering
amount of soldering 10 parts is varied in the knowing state, and uniform soldering I can not do
it. Therefore, it is impossible to equalize the support line length d between the spacer 9 and the
support pipe 7, which has a large influence on vibration durability, and the disadvantage is that
the characteristics of the optical cartridge are not uniform due to completion Stick. ] Is combined
with the support ms with an adhesive - "4 Although there is a method 4h, since the support line 6
is thin and the adhesion area is extremely small, adhesion of the adhesive expects reliable
bonding There is a case that there is a case that the support wire 6 is pulled out from the spacer
e and the round head due to the tensile force applied to the support wire 6.
Although nine types are used as the support line 6, nylon wires are difficult to fix with an
adhesive, and furthermore, there are problems with warm f characteristics and machine time
characteristics, so warm wIIII It is better to use a metal wire with good sex and stable mechanical
properties as a support - better for cartridge O characteristics. However, as described above,
attachment of the metallic support wire 6 has problems in the method, which is a cause of time
variability O of the cartridge. The present invention can solve the conventional problems such as
with O, but it is not more than O seconds, and it is 11! Described with the vaginal drawing. Fig. 1
in IIIIK after Fig. 3. The same components as those in FIG. 2 are denoted by the same reference
numerals, and a detailed description thereof will be omitted. Hawk ___ 3 ml is the part of the
cartridge of this embodiment, and a spherical part 12 is formed on one end of a support wire 11
0 made of a piano wire, stainless steel wire 0 metal wire, And the spherical portion 12 is
configured to engage with the spacer teK which is one end of the support l 111 with the use of
the spherical portion 12. This locking work is the 4I! Support 1111 C having a spherical portion
12 formed at one end as shown by +) and inserting the other end into the center hole of the
spacer 9 so that the end of the spacer · O reaches the spherical portion 12. In this case center
hole of spacer e and support I! If the Kl 1 adhesive between 11 and O is applied, a misalignment
or missing occurs between the spacer 9 and the support wire 11, and Table - 0 and the support
line 11 causes abnormal resonance with the center hole of the spacer 9 There is no possibility of
adversely affecting the raising characteristics. Next, a method of forming a spherical portion 12
at an end portion of the support line 11 will be out of step using FIG. First, Figure 6 shows the
equipment used for this method, the DC power supply 18 is connected to a series circuit
composed of the power supply protective film resistor 14 and the capacitor a, and at the both
ends of the condenser 160 A clip 16 made of a conductive material and an electrode 117 are
connected. In the state before starting work, the device charges the Funden 6 + 41 K charging
current through jl, direct mtl 11 g to keep -111 14, and the capacitor g is charged. Then, when
the support wire 11 is gripped by the clip 16 and its end portion is brought into contact with the
electrode plate 17, the charged electric charge accumulated in the co-dender 16 is fish-speed
discharged and a spark is generated between the support wire 11 and the electrode plate 17
jump. At this time, the support wire 14 (> end temperature rises instantaneously abnormally and
the end portion melts to form the spherical portion 12. At the same time that the spherical
portion 12 is formed, the surface of the spherical portion 120 and the surface of the electrode I
[170 are oxidized and the support wire 11 and the electrode 17 are brought into contact with
each other and the spark is automatically stopped. ○ The support wire 11 At the same time as it
makes contact with the electrode, Naoyuki Denki! !
The output end of 13 is short-circuited, but the rounded DC power supply 1 s interposing the
protection resistor 14 will not be damaged. When the formation of the round spherical portion
12 is completed and the support wire 11 is separated from the electrode plate 17, charging is
restarted from the DC electrode 1 s to the condenser 18. After completion of the formation of the
spherical portion, Subsequently, if a new support line is grasped by a clip 716 and the above
series of operations are carried out, it is possible to form a spherical portion continuously and
mass production can be easily performed. In addition, using a shoulder line for the length, if you
cut the wire to a predetermined O length in each of 4 volumes forming a spherical part and make
a support wire, you can improve the productivity by improving the productivity. Fig. 7 shows this
04-configuration. In FIG. 7, reference numeral 18 denotes a shaft K11 liftable about a shaft 1 and
capable of being slidable in the longitudinal direction of the shaft 111. 20.21 is a squeezable
shaft on the shaft 22 III! ! Established in Nine First. A second sandwiching slope, 23.24 a cutter
pencil, 26 a metal wire guide block, and 26 a wire wire winding a metal wire 27. Although the
first holding plate 20 is formed of a conductive material and is fixed to the wheel 22, the hall 2
holding plate 21 has a pressing portion 2 tth which is exaggerated from rubber or the like 0
elastic material on the outer peripheral edge of the O 2, It is slidable in 2510 axis direction. fiThfi
8 # 2 · is a sliding electric oven which holds electrode drum 1 ·, 111 pinching @ R f C overheat,
and is connected to both ends of RANDE / 1110. Next, the operation of the present apparatus
will be described. The metal wire 27 wound around the wire drum 26 is guided through the
guide bush 28 to the first. And is clamped between the second holding plates 20. 21. And the
first. When the second holding plates 20 and 21 unitarily move in the arrow direction by one
pitch and the end portion of the metal wire 270 is brought into contact with the surface of the
electrode drum 18, a spark is formed at the end portion of the metal wire 27 at the spherical
portion Is formed. At the subsequent step i, the cutter block 24 moves in the arrow direction in
the arrow direction to cut the metal wire 27 to a predetermined length. At the same time, the
second clamping plate 21 separates from the first clamping plate, and the cut metal wire falls
downward, and the electrode drum 18 moves by one pitch in the direction of the arrow. The
second clamping member 21 presses against the first clamping member I [2 roll to pinch the
metal wire 27, and the above operation is repeated. In this way, support lines having spherical
portions at one end are continuously produced. The electrode drum 18. First. Second holding
plate go, inl. Il1l + operation is to do with a gear mechanism etc, so that it is done by pressing
electromagnetic solenoid etc. to press the second desk I of the table [R1 to the first holding plate
29 @ · The ninth electrode drum 18 is caused to move immediately by forming the spherical
portion at the end of the metal wire 270, because the II wire of the electrode drum 18 is oxidized,
even if the metal wire is made to epoxy at the same position, the spark is generated Because it is
hard to fly metal - 0 m - to change position.
Of course, by fixing the electrode drum 18 side and moving the metal wire side,% JL - 0 By the
way, by setting the charge amount Q of Co / Den + 18 arbitrarily at the maximum of the
spherical portion 12 in FIG. 6, It is possible to control and for h. Assuming that the capacity of
the Sunden 118 is C1 DC power supply 180 and the voltage is V, the charge quantity Q of: I / D /
18 is expressed as Q - CV. The maximum fear 1 of the spherical portion 12 and the charge
amount Q of the capacitor 6 are approximately x - Ko - KC! V (fflLK is a specific fl constant) t:
Associated by the equation (see FIG. 6). Therefore, by setting Condeona 1 Se harmful amount C1
keyboard 111118 C + voltage VO value to an appropriate value, the maximum diameter 1 of the
spherical portion 12 You can change yourself. Conversely, if the charge amount Q of the
condenser 8 is kept constant, the spherical portion 120 maximum diameter ★ · 1 ° is constant,
and for mass production uniform spherical portion machining becomes possible. It is possible to
form the spherical portion 12 having the maximum ml of 160 μ ± 20 μ by forming the
spherical portion with the life C, the capacity C of the condenser 6 set to 1000 μy, the DC power
supply 1310 voltage V to 26 V, and the electric wire of the support wire 11 to 60 μ stone. As
shown in FIG. 3, the supporting point 11 of the spherical portion 12 thus obtained is used to
support the cantilever 2, but it is necessary to obtain the effect as in the case of 0 (1) Formation
of the spherical portion 12 itself can be performed with ease and in a short time with extremely
simple 1 m position, so that the operation time can be greatly shortened. This leads to
manufacturing costs> 0 reduction. Since 1 匍 support wire 11 is attached to the space t 9 when
soldering is required '& -' it is possible to use for Al ζ pipe Olk Ol type O small material tll
without restricting the material of the extra amount · , 4th F4 & improvement of cartridges 2
(connects. ten 11 spacer and support pipe 7 and ortio support length support By uniforming the
support, it is possible to scatter the dispersion of sleep, cartridge 04 I property. The shape of the
spacer 9 and the attachment of the support wire 110 can be set as shown in FIGS. 8 to 108111
by using the supporting wire 11 having the spherical portion 12. In FIG. 8, a through hole is
provided in the bulged portion of the bottomed yellowish spacer so, the support wire 11 is
inserted through the through hole, the spherical portion 12 is accommodated in the interior of
the cylinder, and It is fixed and mourning. In this case, since the length of the through hole can
be shortened, it is possible to prevent abnormal resonance generated between the through hole
and the support wire 11 by injecting the adhesive into the through hole.
The s! a shown in FIG. 1 a is formed by spinning synthetic resin around the spherical portion 11
to form the spacer 32, and it is O. Even if the rounded support Wa 11 with the spherical portion
12 is pulled in the direction of the arrow 3, it will escape from the submerged into the container
1 - May 10 10 □ The thing shown shows forming a taper 藺 in the center hole, Using the
spherical part 12 <1 /% to the tapered part using Ill! u 9% O "e 6 · There is a characteristic that
the support wire is fixed to the spacer 33 without giving back the adhesive etc. 12. By using the
method of forming the spherical part in the support l 111, it is possible to adopt the
manufacturing duck of the cartridge as shown in FIG. 11. That is, first eleventh! As shown in 1
(7), the metal wire 34 is cut into a predetermined length to form a spherical portion 36 t - at one
end thereof as shown in FIG. 11. 11, the spherical portion 36 is also formed at the other end of
the metal wire 34 through the spacer 9 and the support pipe 7 from the other end of the metal
wire 34 as shown in FIG. Next, as shown in FIG. 11 (a stone abutting against the spacer 9 and the
support pipe 74 with the spherical portion 36.36 as shown in FIG. Spherical part 36 ° 36O! If
we cut the metal wire s4 in advance as described above, since the length l is preliminarily
predicted as described above, as shown in FIG. 11 (when the spacer 9 and the support pipe are
left and right, , The support line length d between them is naturally set to the desired length 1 &.
This is mounted like a 11 m (#) 0 to form a cartridge, O "1 'cloudy, but in this case, adjustment of
the amount of compression of Dan A - 4 is done by pulling the support pipe itself by the arrow.
According to this III construction 131, it is possible to obtain uniformity of the product by
obtaining AK line. In the above embodiment, the spherical portion is integrally formed at the end
portion of the support wire 0, but the spherical portion may be separately formed 2 '. For
example, as shown in Fig. 1 [lambda], we wound a pole warrior 8 in the edge of the support II
Ken, soldering the winding part with and. You get by dropping. Further, in the above-described
embodiment, the spherical portion is provided at the end portion of the support wire, and the
spherical portion is used as a locking portion to be engaged with the spacer. In addition, in the
configuration in which the prismatic or columnar 4jL - 〇 In addition, in the above embodiment,
the vibrator fixed to the root of the cantilever 2 is in the form of a disk! Although the movable
magnet type cartridge has been described as the groun 3, the present invention can also be
applied to other kinds of cartridges such as a moving coil bit cartridge. As described above, the
pickup cartridge of the present invention has a needle tip at one end and a disc-shaped vibrator
on the other end coaxially K11 and is fixed in the other end of the large pipe like cantilever and
the cantilever 14 cantilever Nine spaces fK From a flexible metal wire with one end locked out! !
A support wire is provided, and the other end of the support wire is pulled in the axial direction
so that the vibrator is attached to the cylinder via a damper, and a locking portion is formed at
one end of the support wire Then, the mosquito anchoring part is engaged with the space tK and
the connection between the support line and the space is performed. , Since the connection
between the support wire and the spacer can be easily and uniformly performed, it is less likely
that the characteristics of the cartridge will be varied, so that the connection work of the support
wire and the spacer can be performed easily without requiring skill And can obtain a quiet effect
that can be inexpensively performed O.
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