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2, inventor 3. Patent applicant ■ Japan Patent Office 0 52-556300 open city Show 52. (1977)
5.7 ■ Japanese Patent Application No. 0 / - / 2 /? [Phase] filing date of application, (197 μ, J) /
not requested for examination (all 3 pages) Office number 2 β claw, <, (1, Invention name
Speaker box Speaker diaphragm back side ms Wherein a sound guiding portion for guiding is
provided, the sound guiding portion is opened in a front direction of the diaphragm, and the
sound guiding portion inlet area is variable.
2, claims
3, Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is extremely close to completely
radiating sound waves of forward and reverse phase radiated from both sides of the speaker
diaphragm at the same time gjRIl! It is a speaker box that can be lit and can adjust the radiation
ratio of both phases. In principle, using the sound waves emitted from one side of the
conventional speaker diaphragm moving plate, various boxes designed to prevent the back rfJit
waves from interfering with the front sound waves are used, but these are used for the motion of
the diaphragm Resulting in the restriction of. As shown in Fig. 47.23, the present invention has a
structure that deflects sharply towards machining through through the sound wave leading
section of the diaphragm front and back, l (/). This guidance s # at As shown, the guide plate
having an extension toward the opening uses a straight or short horn type curve. The rear
surface of the diaphragm is called the air chamber because it does not increase the back pressure
and the storage of the speaker body. The spine oi + f * radiates from this opening in the air
chamber n or more, in the case of the figure it is radiated from the upper and lower openings. In
this case, the population area of
the sound guiding section is shown in Fig. / / Immediately
modify by replacing the plate of different thickness H in the detail drawing, ga the radiation ratio
of the front and rear sound waves according to the characteristics of the reproduction sound
field. 'S 3 Fig. 2 shows a hole for adjusting a slight increase in back pressure caused by
adjustment of the forward / reverse phase radiation ratio, and its area is adjusted. Fig. 4 / Co is a
guide plate for rectifying the turbulence of the sound guiding section caused by the change of the
traveling path of the back sound wave by 10/10, and it is effective to prevent the interference of
the front and back side responses by EndPage: 1 . Z is a sound absorbing material such as glass
cool to prevent 1 I 7 Rft in the air chamber, simultaneously absorbs sharp directivity high
directional sound, improving the directionality of playback sound. As described above, the
positive phase sound wave is directly radiated from the front face of the diaphragm and the
reverse phase juice wave is radiated from the back face of the diaphragm as a relatively reduced
sound wave in the high frequency range by the air room, sound absorbing material, and bending.
Therefore, the stereo feeling is localized by the positive phase sound wave. Compared with the
present invention #i conventional speaker 'a, it has the following effect. /) Simultaneously radiate
both sides of the diaphragm wage wave. J) Therefore, it is efficient. J) Since the amplitude can be
small, the distribution of 1 minute is good with the crispness of sound. j) Mechanical cut / oz
point due to horn Since the load on the both sides of the diaphragm is nearly equal to the uneven
point, the stiffness is low and the elongation of the low range is also good. 4)J! In a general
room which is lacking in sound, the realism of music reproduction sound is enriched especially
by mixing radiation of opposite phase f wave (effect of reflected wave) and its effect can be
adjusted according to placement characteristics.
7) It can be used as a low frequency exclusive box by giving a horn effect to the sound guiding
part and complete with an interference prevention plate with positive / opposite phases.
4, the brief explanatory drawing of the drawing shows one example of the structure of the
present invention, FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the central portion of one county in a flat
view, FIG. 1 is a front view thereof, FIG. 3 is a lateral vertical cross- Fig. 4 is a cross sectional view
of the upper or lower sound guiding section, Fig. 5 is an example of a wooden piece for adjusting
the entrance area of
the upper and lower sound guiding section and is threaded through the hole
of 73. J - One screen sound guiding section 3- - Upper sound guiding part & - - - Lower sound
guiding part 5 ---- Air chamber 6 - Air chamber communicating hole Z 1 Sound absorbing
material day back pressure adjusting hole 10, // f 4 s inlet area changing plate / J rectifying plate
Patent applicant Yamanashi - hiko EndPage:2
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