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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of a plate
showing one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a plate showing
another embodiment, and FIG. 3 is a front view of the speaker cabinet FIG. 1 · · · plate material, 2,
3 · · · groove, 4 · plate body, 5, 6 · 1 · · Tonoshima 5 じ 倒 ノ -] [5 2 / What? - 11 a φ κ 3 "1,
term" 1-61 -
[Detailed explanation of the idea] Book: 'I # 11! Despised on the speaker cabinet, it relates to the
composition structure. Conventionally, this type of speaker cabinet has a structure in which a
rectangular VC filled wooden frame is interposed between the outside IT8I [and the inside slope, and a buried item is packed in the inner circumstances of Nin O trees , But with butterflies
in this structure, there are many points to Il + of Feng Shao, and furthermore it has disadvantages
that handling is expensive, such as handling of the self-portrait 1 [Shinobi's wooden frame, etc.].
This gI draft is aimed at the above disadvantage, and it is a sheet material laminated with a sheet
material such as vinyl chloride sheet, and it is easy to assemble with a small number of points. It
provides a speaker gear vignette with improved dressing. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE
PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS The structure of an embodiment of the invention will be described
with reference to the drawings. + 111 a Sheet-shaped material pipe such as vinyl chloride sheet
laminated and nine hundred 111 [Autumn wood, roughly V-pole autumn village of Ninji
magazine 1117 + 131 is formed in the vertical walls in parallel to roughly center of the 1
direction There. This plate material Ill is folded back into a groove of 1 M + 13 in a roughly onepiece shape to form an elongated plate body (4 ν tube formation, and furthermore, this plate
body 141 is drawn from the vortex @ 15116117 +! Combined with a combination ridge of ss II
15 + 161 width and assembled in a rectangle shape, glare finish of both ends IlO inclined shape
etc. 18 + 191 tli arrived etc from K, and top plate 1 and 1 llI board III) (13 , And a bottom plate a
3. Then, the front surface and the rear surface opening sK of this i-shaped frame I are spotted on
a front plate and a rear plate not shown. As shown in the above-mentioned example of the real
right example, one interstitial space of the plate material (l + of the plate body 141 may be
formed in a hollow cavity. Further, as shown in FIG. 2, the plate body 141 is structured such that
one space in the plate-shaped body is filled with O filling material such as glass wool felt,
urethane foam, sand or corrugated cardboard, etc. and sandwiched by this helical filling as · With
this structure, it is positioned in the formation 111 of the groove groove 1 & 151161171e, and
the reinforcing plate at + a sec is clamped between the plate materials 111 to enhance the
fluorescent strength pipe. In the above embodiment, the butterfly plate-like material ... is folded
from 411121 + 31 to have a substantially U-shaped shape 01 [holiday + 41! It has a 1il IllE
structure, but it can also be formed in a rectangular shape. Thursday 11! (Since the i-shaped
frame was formed by folding the plate formed by folding and folding the plate-like material pipe
conduit with the sheet-like surface texture folded back from the connecting portion, the top of
the speaker cabinet 1 [% Both 11 @ Shi and bottom version can be formed with a single material,
a small amount of literary goods molds, little processing efficiency of the knot, easy processing,
raising the design effect It is possible to make it inexpensively,% t).
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