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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a configuration
of a bank cavity portion in a conventional squawker, FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing the
constitution of a single case of the present invention, FIG. 3 ajbjCjd The measured results in one
example applied are frequency response characteristics, impedance characteristics, second
harmonic distortion rate characteristics, and third harmonic distortion rate characteristics,
respectively. 11 ... speaker unit, 12 ... rear cover, 13 ... ... sound absorbing material, ... ...
viscoelastic member. ノ・lEJ? 727 Exposure - 61 - Utility Open No. 52 - 69925 (2) No 3 ZJJ
work g 's mischief / j "(e nos 72 - le / 0 h /, // - ,, - 1 -, One - One-story cupboard? M - / · θ 3,
Have you finished "↑ j ↑ seat QV 慮? 720 / k settlement 6 E, * # f (Hzn-62 -
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an improvement
of a speaker ve 1 -. In general, in the multi-way speaker system, the cause of the squawker
(speaker for speaker) who shunned to the enclosure of the woofer (speaker for the low echo
area) causes the back bite of the tweeter (speaker for the tone range) There is a jabbit in the socalled bank. This pack captain is a gimmick of Qu (to the point of progression), - rising of - (one
of the stiffness, a female female) that is configured as a small - Ding, the speaker's back 1. [It acts
to prevent and prevent a beta tatami by absorption of if wave, proper place, and backpressure of
Woofer. PAR) r 4 y '\ L "The back cavity in the conventional squawker is usually constructed as
shown in Figure 1, for example. In other words, look at the rear wheel of the speaker unit ll
during the rest of the illustration s * VC @ Back cover r 2 formed by inquiry into question. te, N'J
+ j ___ l 's speaker unit 11's 1 rglIIi 141' to form a backward cavity that will be used as the back
cavity BCI, for example 4 soak absorbing futs of glass wool notes I am making a droplet sacrifice.
However, in the conventional back cavity bc 1, it is understood that the back cover 12 forming
the ice nigra is composed of the molded product of 1 dumb - fat on the above - mentioned
droplet, and the dump truck tree by the cocoon - repellent material 13 Since there is no samurai
tL in the former name, we compared the front of the back cover 12 of the front cover 12 in the
prosperity near Sokka's / It is likely to occur. In particular, the crossover frequency with Woena
is set to / (lyl <C> Take a system by taking the system, the above crossover circumference + + 7
σ ___ at l cover 12. Generate abnormal sounds such as harmonic distortion due to the
coincidence of Hinoki. The resonance of this back cover 12 is caused by the abnormality of the
previous ml inviting the upper pit of distortion Du and Qo, etc., and it will cause harmful
influences on the auditory feeling as well as the shape, such as feeling of intermission. The book
', 4; clause prevents the ___ ___ shikaba bait that constitutes the back cavity with the older
brother who is accustomed to quantitative breaking with this body dispute V, to prevent QO and
distortion It is aimed at qk serving a great loudspeaker Table 4 who conducts a favorable +8
shochu with a low rate of fare. Explain one embodiment of the inconvenient plan with reference
to the circle. In the 2nd bad VC, 12 · Mapping the same billion speaker unit 110 'It is a back
cover which is drawn to the concave side, and this Cross'' sword bar 12 has the figure of C) After
returning to the enclosure, we are going to return the enclosure to form a sheet-shaped
viscoelastic wooden piece made of rope 4, consisting of large crimps Yuya Temple with a ratio n
to the boat, 14 and vA 7f.
In the pack captain BC 2 composed of the back cover 12 with the beneficial "□ -1 frost 5, -"
supplemented by this giant franking material 14, 4 × of the same body kneading material Jj is
filled conventionally. このmamxとすれば、バックキャビティHC2を! Since I H [MI force, t sx n, @ nas feather I 4 or - I ≦ is written, at the back of the speaker unit ll - ", if it is in the back
cavity BCi 2 by the iWK Tsuji If or soup @ 13 It is absorbed by the era, and it is absorbed in the
effect FI 9 by the imagination temple of the interlinking member 1 - 1, which is absorbed by the
era, and the 7 gouge force due to the lit pressure to the luggage cover 12 is weakened . In
addition, as the Okami elasticity · member 14, it is hard to imitate the cocoon liner cover 12
eyeglasses due to its 1ict and viscous loss due to its big snout, which is a big snake in hunting.
Therefore, the above-mentioned precaution of the back cover 12 is effectively prevented, the
occurrence of the above-mentioned co-generation is prevented, and Q and the rise are also
coming up. 1. Well, these 4 juice, elasticity member! 4 as i 5 + 5 shield note y im yarn Asphalt
is in HA, so it is possible to crimp it with a simple chestnut to ↓ against the W lany cover 12.
Incidentally, an example of the actual # result concerning the case where the present invention is
not actually applied is shown in Fig. 8 -), (b), (c), (the phrase. 8 (a) - 8 (d) show a case where a
bank cavity is formed by a back (2) cover 12 made of conventional leave-made knicking molded
product using a 16 LM cone type squawker and a sound absorbing material 13 And the back
cavity (back side) of the southern im-thread asphalt of the thickness as several kinds of southern
elastic members 14 as the elastic member 14 over the entire interior of the internal journal of
the self +18 crotch cover 12 And identified the six characteristics in the anastomosis (indicated
by the solid line) in which sound absorbing material 13 is filled substantially in the same spirit as
the Akira inside. Irubu - Tatsumi ") ijltd" "" "1 '" 11 "□, i" taen god Note, (e)? 2nd Hisashi
Temporary Disturbance Vanity Madness, (d) shows V-L '"8 Gyoho High School Army Axis. First of
all, it is not shown in the same figure (visually tigered, tiger, s waves, in custom order, but it is
quite praised as V. 4) If it is due to labor unreasonableness, the upper punches of the spinal
column of the foil are slightly removed There. −ベ)ピータ。 In addition, the voice of [a] killer
Lb) ≠ 帷 軸 軸,,,,,,,,,, , -11, mountain. -Seconds are small, and low frequency-A threads are dumped
and it is understood that tQe is reduced by a small amount.
Furthermore, in the second and eighth harmonically shadowed umbrella → 1 + in Figs (a) and (d),
"(1" I "), according to the present invention, the same harmonic oscillator f. - Wild wolves that are
considerably reduced in japan are shown. It can be said that even if he is a child of this field
ryuichi, young children by unhappiness are thick. 1 + + 5 褌 褌 における における における にお
ける における における における における における における における における における にお
ける における における における における における における における における における にお
ける における における における における における における における における よ よ よ よ よ
よ よ よ よ よ よ よ よ 1, Juno Junimu (tU; totodemu) in January! Although it may be regretted
with the testimonial of the testimonial, it is possible to regret by using the award, but it can be a
bigger effect thanks to the fact that the personality is high and the genius is great. In addition, at
the above-mentioned center about, the celebrating friends who celebrated 1 sweet using
synthesized tree prepared items as the back cover 12, and the anastomosis conducted on the
covered cover of Bessharu Shimmusha was almost one day j cool It is effective. So, ') Other, this
seems to be a ridge, we will not change the summary of the above-mentioned and the central
control Ovc shown in the section, do not change its summary 7',! To the extent that it is possible
to practice it by various modifications within the range to say 1-. According to the present
invention as described above, 111! We succeeded in backflush zf - 〇 coalition which constitutes
the back cavity with the rate lk1 m composition. In order to lower the exchange rate, we are
going to command the speaker l which is a good troupe r not to go to law, 004, Fig. LITIC) - ì, 了
Miyabe 1 figure is a craft rice squawker 7 'F: Analyze the structure of the cavity, Fig. 2 shows the
decomposition of one embodiment of the present [[L1 figure, 8th district LaJ, (b). ___ ___ 0 ___
___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 m □ 17, 1, yea, 4: → 8 missing face temporary city
year Ox 1 it is a blast. II ... speaker unit, 12 ... back cover, 13 ... bamboo wood, 14 ... ferrous
material. Mountain - People Agent Sushuri 躬 江 武? 1112CI)Iし13ノ27271?
hcz。 Oy 349925 θ Cθ · "cyyyt24 applicant mountain tornami shareholding association
(integral tmt crystal W number 11 3 3 □ jJ business ___ 1 - - - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tf '了 [%] 1, -1.1 (C) L%] 寥 (, 0! -, - "Season, and / or
###: ___. 69925’″IIg’l7(Hit−ヌエごりpy(f? Ill 1 ijfi people + l + * N 9
1/1 1): Auditorium I 5 ° 3 "" 'Shadow (1) Power of attorney (2) One specification statement (3)
One drawing (4 ) Applicant duplicate 1, 6, Inventor other than the above, applicant for utility
model registration or agent's agent Address Minato-ku, Tokyo Shiba Nishikubo 2, Sakuragawacho, 17th Mori Building 31 Three sisters Regret Name (5743) Attorney Takeshi Miki a
Responsibility: "Two Address + tti Cp - 3, Name (6694) Attorney Komiya Sachi - 2 E Address 1 -:
and 2 / T) °" ° "°" "1" Quantity j "'" Iff, Thin 1 Name (7G43) m Mr. Masako Kawai Masayuki
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