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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1A and 1B are a central longitudinal crosssectional view of a conventional middle and high frequency sound speaker, FIGS. 2 and 4 show
examples of middle and high frequency sound speakers according to the present invention, , FIG.
3 is a central longitudinal cross-sectional view of the entire cavity formed of a foam, FIG. 4 is a
central longitudinal cross-sectional view of a case where a foam is used for a part of the cavity,
and FIG. 5 is a cross- FIG. 4 is a frequency characteristic diagram of a speaker for a high tone. 1 ...
speaker body, 4 ... foamed body. FIG. 11-93 - Utility Model Publication No. 52-73743 (2) FIG. 2
FIG. 3 FIG. 4 FIG. 4 FIG. 4 Shoichi 5 - FIG. 94 - U.S. Publication No. 52 - 73743 (3) Correction Sho
51.11. 4
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention relates to a mid and high tone
spooner, and a hoiker improved in backcavity in Japanese. Medium, high tone speaker company
In general, installation is easy in the cabinet in which bass slippers are mounted S8 Because the
S8 is applied, the middle and high frequency speakers are affected by the sound pressure
radiated inside the cabinet It is externally driven with large amplitude. For this reason, distortion
such as harmonic distortion, mixed distortion distortion, etc. occurs. Therefore, in the middle and
high tone speakers in the conventional loudspeaker system, as shown in Fig. 1 (B), the enclosed
cavity + 21 t - mounted on the back of the speaker body (1) and the influence of the back
pressure from the bass loudspeaker are prevented are doing. Meanwhile, since the cavity (2) is
currently being used in the form of iron plate t pressed, plastic injection molded, paper pipe,
sidewood and the like are frequently used, for a strong sound pressure from a bass speaker
There is a strong turtle, and the cavity (2) itself vibrates, and furthermore, the K vibrates through
the air inside the cavity (2), and the body of the A sound sound body (11 There were drawbacks
such as plate (υ being pivoted and distortion coming in). The above mud 1 mu figure is a cone
type, and the 1 B - is dome type. In addition, due to the sound pressure radiated into the cavity
(22) from the __ + speaker body, standing waves are generated in the cavity (27) and reflection
occurs, the reaction acts on the diaphragm (αD) It deteriorates transient touch, f *, and
generates high * & strain gauge. At that time, conventionally, an acoustic sound material (3) such
as class wool was placed in the cavity (2) to prevent the occurrence of the standing wave and the
reflected wave. By the way, it is known that a general sound absorbing material such as glass
wool (31 has a large sound absorption coefficient at a frequency of 2.00011 s or more, but
suddenly the sound absorption coefficient decreases at frequencies lower than 2.00011 s.
However, the standing waves and the reflection 1 · (scint ν 1! R differs depending on the cavity
(although it depends on the magnitude of the vision, for example, it is 150 in diameter and 150
m in depth, and in the case where the speaker (1) has a nominal diameter of 120 m +. Occurred
at about 800 Hz - 1,00011 z, there was a disadvantage that the standing wave and the reflection
preventing effect can not be obtained with the teaching material (31). It was made in view of ec
of the present invention, seventh object is to completely prevent the back pressure from the bass
speaker and to generate the standing waves and reflected waves in the cavity ft successfully,
While we can improve the physical properties as a speaker in a flying manner, we will offer sour
Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be explained together with a shooting surface.
(12 is a speaker body, Tabols 2 and 4 are of a cone type, and FIG. 3 of a Yodom type. (4) is a
foamed body of an autumn turtle such as funnel tortoise shell, foamed aluminum, etc. In FIG. 2, a
concave portion capable of storing the speaker body is formed. Also, in the third trouble, a
chassis is mounted on the back of the speaker body (1) and a notch (rolling) corresponding to the
whole pore of the speaker body (1) is formed. In addition, in the fourth aspect, the cone type
speaker body (paper on the back side 1 of υ, a tube body (5) with gold -1, b + fetus, tree etc, a
foam + 41't - Tortoise and tubes (51 back congregation) ". (6) is a small wave gas such as an m
film, a scratch film or the like which covers the outer glue portion of the aforesaid shield body
(4), thereby maintaining airtightness. In the case of stripe 4 rc, the usual superior material f, 31
'is filled in t - between the tube body and the speaker body row. Thus, the foam (4) south of the
open cell has a wide band, 1> a high sound absorption rate even in a low frequency region such
as 500 to 10.000 Hz, so that standing waves and reflected waves are generated <<, Therefore,
the operation of the speaker diaphragm is not harmed by 111 1. Also, the foam (1) had high
rigidity and the foam (1) was covered with the incompatible gas (6) having a thin outer
periphery, but the foam (1) was divided finely by the small pore wall of the foam (1) By receiving,
the cavity as a foam will not vibrate due to the back pressure from the bass speaker, and the air
in the cavity will not move silkworm by the back pressure. Furthermore, since the cavity itself is a
foam, the apparent space is at least substantially light-empty, so that a low minimum resonance
frequency is obtained and broadband regeneration is possible. % + Turtle 5- is the perimeter
number characteristic box of the present invention with the cavity as the cavity and the ladder
containing the teaching material in the conventional cavity circle, and (M) , (B) is a conventional
speaker. In the above example, it was shown that the incompatible gas (6) was present on the
outside of the foam t 4 + or the foam (4) was inserted in place of the sound absorption @ (3) of
the conventional cavity circle. It is also possible to be 11 In addition to the traditional cabinet
number 10 part 1 1 76 people 9 none 1 a 6 · Also foam concrete and foil I on the above foam
(4)! ] L It is a bamboo made of aluminum foam but it can be used for t flight (M51N), in this case
positive, ↓ The th thing in loss) It gets even bigger one.
As mentioned above, since ancient times as described above, the cavity is made small by a foam
with a large sound absorption coefficient and it is used for a part of the cavity or even as a part
of the cavity, the back pressure of the speaker for bass And it is possible to obtain a speaker with
good frequency% i by preventing occurrence of standing technique 9 inside the cavity 9 reflected
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