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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 circular cross-section duct, FIG. 2: square crosssection duct, 3 FIG. 3 polygonal cross-section duct, · · · · Duct with taper.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM Although the duct for phase reversal of a bass reflex
tie-bow car was able to use a duct made of a conventional Hiba 411 paper, the degree of freedom
of the sectional shape was small, the dump effect was insufficient, the duct Although we have
pursued a better effect by filling dumping material etc. inside, there is no satisfied panic feeling
yet. The present invention is a tubular article having various cross sections obtained by using
various fibers as a material, and the dashhib effect is extremely large, and its domestic degree is
high as described below, so it is easy to make it match with the required characteristics and it is
easy to inquire Available puffs 9'l 12e - 71 - M + 'lF%. It is duct made by phase inversion region
1. For the required characteristics, the cross sectional shape of the duct, the length of the pipe.
(1) Ll no-T mi, taper of v 'pipe, wall porosity (fiber density) of pipe, thickness of fiber type 11, WA
cone on the inner side of tube, density difference 11 Method of bonding It is not possible to
satisfy freely by appropriately selecting selected association - '1) -1 and it is not possible. As for
the fiber, it is possible to use any of synthetic fiber, chemical fiber, natural fiber-1 inorganic
cloak, etc. It was found that the single body or the mixture of two or more can also have
characteristics which are the result of the experiment. □ □ As a method of adhesion, (1) Spray
of adhesive solution 1 (2) Impregnate with adhesive solution and squeeze (3) Powder adhesive:,
m (4). □ 1 , い (5) Low weight,. □ There is contamination of melting point compound fiber,
etc. Molding method: Law '' I! (1) a method of winding the fiber board into the core material 9 (2)
a method of pressurizing and filling the mold (3) a method of filling the mold with a saw palm
and the like. As described above, the combination is not pi and it is easy to let the forefoot the
physical properties to be required. Also, since Mr. Machiya has free coloring, it is possible to
obtain an excellent duct that is also aesthetically pleasing 62, "(·) (2))
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