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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 are a front view of a main part showing
a pickup device of a record player according to the present invention. Side view and external
view. 21 ... pickup main body, 22 long hole, 23.24 ... guide groove, 25 ... needle cover, 251.252 ...
..Protrusion, 26 ... needle, 20 ... cantilever, 27 ... brush.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a pickup device of
a record player comprising a probe needle cleanerless needle car. 11, ら · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · から から から から から から から から から から から
から から からIt tended to be raped. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention has
been made in view of the above-mentioned circumstances, and it is an object of the present
invention to provide a needle point cleaner which is capable of automatically cleaning the needle
point automatically whenever using the record player, It is aimed to provide an extremely good
record player's exciting device tube so that it can be used in a reed. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF
THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be
described in detail with reference to the drawings. That is, in FIGS. 1 to 3, reference numeral 21
denotes a picker "f (cartridge) J-1 tD main body attached such that the base end part thereof is
detachably attached to the tuckup arm 201 of the record player k? 4
At the side of this pickup
main body part 21, elliptically shaped bottomed long hole 22 taking longitudinal gold in vertical
direction and - direction are formed in shape "droplet" and 1 extra cost and under the long hole
22 - on both ends of each other? First and second guys communicating with a shallowly
deepened floor 231.241 and formed like cans like circle) 4 grooves 2s,: p4mfe are seen. The
elongated hole 22 of the main body 21 and the first and second rods 2 have first and second
protrusions 251. 252, which are engaged with the idle beaks 23, 24, within 11 of the vertical
sides, The t-shaped cars -25 formed in the shape of a pivot are pivotally attached to the main
body 21. Here, the horizontal side of the needle cover 25 is supported by the bottom of the
pickup main body 21 and is supported by the tip of a cantilever-Z-2O which protrudes in the
direction of the tip and is spaced a predetermined distance from the ninth needle 26! And have
bristles 27 of, for example, velvet, nylon bristles or the like provided in a portion corresponding
to the back of the needle 26. However, as shown in FIG. 3, the needle cover itself , It may be
formed in a substantially U shape in front asymmetrically with the other. As described above, the
needle blade "-25" is a book that has the effect of cleaning the needle point as described later due
to the fact that the brush 27 is served at a predetermined position on its horizontal side, in other
words, the needle tip cleaner As shown in FIG. Thus, when using the record player, the pickup
device of the record player equipped with the needle cover also serving as the needle tip cleaner
structured as described above moves the needle cover 25 from the illustrated position in the
direction of the arrow (4) As shown in FIG.
In this turning over m, since the first and second protrusions 251, 252 of IE 2 are located in the
upper and upper guide grooves 23 of the elongated hole 22 of the pickup main body 2,
respectively, the backward movement of the needle 26 , The brush bristle 27 wipes the tip of the
needle along the support direction of the needle 26, which is accompanied by the cleaning effect
of the needle point. With this, every time you use the record player, you do not need to use any
kind of sowing equipment and do not have seven work to clean it, so it will be very convenient as
the needle tip will be cleaned at all times is there. In the case where the Recording P player is not
used, on the contrary to the above, as opposed to the above, the force to rotate in the direction of
arrow 0) from the position at the time of use to the position shown in the drawing is the needle
cover 25 which is rotated, It can protect against accident of falling ring accident. In this rotation
process, the first and second protrusions 251, 252 of the needle cover 25 are respectively
located in the lower and lower guide grooves 24 in the elongated hole 22 of the villa facie body
portion 21, so that the needle blade- Do not touch the tip of 25 brushes 27 needle 26 so that it
will return to its original position without touching it, so do not give any harm to the needle tip
as doing away with the force against the support direction of the needle 26 . When the needle
cover 25 rotates in the direction indicated by the arrow), the bin 252 is initially in a deep portion
at the right end portion of the upper guide groove 23, and from this position in the direction of
the pressure end of 1 j 1 fl lj 23 Gradually pivots toward the shallow portion and falls from the
step portion 231 to a deep portion at the left end portion of the lower guide groove 24 and stops.
When pivoting in the direction of the arrow (B), the pin 252 located at the deep portion of the
left end portion of the lower side of the lower side idle groove 24 as described above moves
towards the portion where bushings are gradually becoming busier in the right end direction of
the interval groove 24 And then falls to a deep portion at the right end portion of the upper
guide groove 23 from the step portion 241 and stops. As a result, the needle cover 25 is pivoted
in the needle protecting state and the needle open state I! IK turning arrow (A) t or warp
direction) automatically differs, the above-mentioned ninth needle tip cleaning action is made so
that it can be played only with the arrow direction As described above in detail, according to the
present invention, by using the needle tip cleaner as a rotary type as well, when using the record
player KFi automatically cleaning the tip of the needle at any time It is possible to provide a very
good pickup device for a record player which makes it possible to use it in a state of being made.
It is obvious that various devises can be realized in the scope of not deviating from the gist of this
invention without limiting the scope of the invention to the above examples only.
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