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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of an acoustic diffuser and draft
shield in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a vehicle mounting
speaker with an acoustic diffuser and draft shield attached Side view of the device (note that the
acoustic diffuser and draft shield are shown in section A - A in FIG. 1). 1 ... outer sleeve, 2 ... open
end, 3 ... middle barrel, 4 ... middle barrel tip part, 5 ... acoustic Diffuser and windshield plate, 6 ...
partition plate, 7 ... ... fixture, 9 ... convex center part, 12 ... ... driver unit, 14 · · · · Mounting stand.
speaker device for mounting vehicles, for example, an in-vehicle speaker device, which is suitable
for use under high wind speed fluctuation. Generally speaking, as a vehicle-mounted speaker, a
horn loudspeaker having a small effective diaphragm is used. Since the directivity is sharp, the
range of service is limited to the IIH direction of the speaker - the direction of force -4 In the
related running there is a problem that one sound quality is obstructed by the vibration plate
being pressed by weathering like the cone speaker. 93- and 103 ° Conventionally, in order to
improve the sharp directivity of the horn loudspeaker, there is a sound output [there is an
acoustic diffuser plate attached to one end, and sintering particles are streamlined to eliminate
the influence of the climate There are cosmes of cherry blossoms at the open end of several
open-ended windshields formed into a shape, and a large number of openings are drilled around
this joint portion. The former is mainly used indoors and is used outdoors If it is done, since the
wind from the front is constituted so as to be collected towards the rear, the inconvenience that
the diaphragm is pressed occurs, and the latter is effective for the windshield, but for the sound
diffusion There was not much effect on it, what was the disadvantage that it would result in low
output sound pressure and low sound quality. The purpose of this study was to solve the
shortcomings of L, and by installing a windshield plate doubling as an acoustic diffuser plate at
the tip of a middle cylinder protruding in front of the outer cylinder, it is also safe Which is
capable of performing a wide range of operations and is capable of performing a warm
operation. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of an
acoustic diffuser and draft shield. (2 + FIG. 2 shows an embodiment of a vehicle mounting
speaker device with this acoustic diffuser and draft shield attached. Reference numeral 1 denotes
an outer cylinder of the speaker body. A front end portion 4 of the middle tube 6 protrudes
forward of the opening end 2 of the outer tube 1. A sound diffusion plate and a windshield plate
5 is attached to the tip end portion 4. This acoustic diffusing and cum windshield 5 is formed by
concentrically multiply arranging annular partition plates 6, 6 - having different diameters, each
formed of an elongated strip made of resilient resin or metal, fixed , And is attached and fixed to
the middle tube distal end portion 4 with a screw or the like via the fixture 8. The partition plate
6 is curved and formed uniformly in a cross-sectional arc shape so as to have a cross-sectional
arc shape such that the convex central portion 9 is inwardly and one side end 10 is outward
along the circumferential direction, It is arranged. In addition, the strips may be arranged in a
spiral shape. The partition plate 6 made of this band plate is. When the acoustic diffusing plate
and the windshield plate are attached to the speaker device, the airflow heading from the front
side to the rear side of the speaker device is changed its traveling direction so that it does not
flow inside the opening end of the speaker device outer tube 1 It is formed by curving.
As viewed from the side (3), the acoustic diffuser and cab windshield 5 is shaped like a
hemisphere or a part of the sphere cut out by a plane, but it is not limited to this shape but an
umbrella shape - a streamlined shape, an upper plate Or it can be in the form of a j'J shape when
viewed from the front or it is limited to 1 circle Opening end of the external cylinder 1 2
rectangular shape is formed in a square shape together with the partition plate, Are selected so
as to substantially equalize. A driver unit 12, which is an electroacoustic transducer, is
accommodated in the unit case 11 at the rear end of the outer tube 1, and the inner tube 16
connected to the throat is accommodated in a writing orientation 6 There. 14 is a mounting
stand for getting on a roof of a vehicle - a fender etc. Since the configuration of the speaker 4 for
vehicle installation according to the present invention is configured as shown in F, the airflow
heading from the east of the Nupeka apparatus to the shoulder is pointed by a dotted line arrow,
The direction of travel is changed to the outside of the opening end 2 of the outer cylinder 1 and
sent out, so that the air flow does not enter the inside of the opening end of the outer cylinder 1,
so that the diaphragm inside the driver unit 12 Wind pressure is not compressed or damaged
more than (4). Also, as shown by the one-dot chain line arrow, the sound output direction of the
speaker device is diffused in the front circumferential direction by the partition plate 6, and the
service area is expanded not only to one direction but also to this periphery . Furthermore, since
the interval between the partition plates 6 is relatively large, the output sound pressure and the
sound quality hardly deteriorate. As described above, the present invention contemplates a band
plate formed by bending and forming a band plate having a single-section arc shape or a crosssectional arc shape at the tip end of a middle cylinder projecting more than a foreigner,
concentrically concentrating so that the convex portion of the strip plate faces inward Since the
number of sound diffusion roots and draft shields which are arranged in multiple is attached, the
diaphragm is not compressed by the wind pressure even if it is used in high wind speed air flow,
and on the output sound) and sound quality , And it is suitable for one vehicle loading as well as
the effect that the service area can be expanded also towards + it side circumferential force by
modifying the sharp directivity towards the song Kuruno of the horn loudspeaker .
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