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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a stereo loudspeaker
independent from the conventional left and right, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a stereo
loudspeaker system which is a conventional one and left and right integrated, and FIG. 3 FIG. 4 is
an enlarged cross-sectional view of the mounting screw mounting portion of FIG. 3, and FIGS. 5
and 6 are perspective views showing examples of use of the present invention. In the figures, the
same reference numerals denote the same or corresponding portions, 1 denotes a speaker box, 2
denotes a mounting screw, 3 denotes a cord storing groove, 5 denotes a hole for wall hanging, 6
denotes a handle, 6a denotes a grip portion, 6b denotes a slit, 7 Is a hole, and 8 is a ring.
system of Hasteleo. As shown in Figures 1 and 2, the conventional loudspeaker system was either
left-and-right independent or left-to-right integrated. Therefore, the one shown in FIG. 1 has a
problem that it can not be conveniently performed when moving, and in the second cause,
sufficient stereo effect and (1) 12. There was a problem that υ - (yp> to / acoustic characteristics
could not be obtained. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is therefore an object of the present
invention to provide a loudspeaker system which can be used in a left-right independent manner
with good mobility by detachably attaching one handle. 3, the 1 lll speaker box is provided with a
mounting screw 12 at approximately the center of this upper surface. (3) This speaker box ( 1) in
the central portion of the rear surface of the back side of the back of the vehicle, and two pins (4)
are provided on the left and right sides of the center of the recess. (5) Company similarly set up
on the back side so that it can be used as a speaker perfection for use as a speaker and && for
seconds hole, (6) is a handle with a flat rectangle whose long side is approximately twice the
width of the lateral side of 11 , And has a grip portion (6a) in the shape of a transverse U-shaped
protrusion which can be used at the center at the time of moving, and has an elliptical slip (6b)
from the grip portion to the end portion on the right and left sides respectively). Next, refer to
FIG. 4 in more detail (2) on the mounting y Ft portion of the mounting screw 121. (7) L It is
screwed to the hole provided with the speaker box IIK above, and screwed to the 0 (8) screwing
screw (3) formed by the mounting screw i31 # i head part (3a) and the thread part <sb
chrysanthemum (6) is a handle. 0 In this configuration, for example, speaker box (when moving
11, firstly ring (8 (8) ) Is inserted into yc (7), then the mounting screw (3) is screwed onto the
ring (8) by inserting the mounting screw into the handle (6b of the 61), and the mounting screw
(3) And the handle (6) is added to the speaker box mount K11ffi. Fix it to the handle (6) like other
speaker box 1114 Fit. When fastened like this, lifting up the handle (6) and lifting it ° C will not
fall down the mountain speaker box (1). Then, at the location of the Fjr foot, with i in the speaker
box (by changing the distance of 11 and loosening the mounting screw (6) when it is round)
sliding it (6b), it moves within the range of the length of the slippers (6b) 0 (3) City 5, Fig. 6 is a
mode of the change, Fig. 5 is a state in which it is spread by sliding left and right to the left and
right from Fig. 3, The corner waves of the speaker are attached from the state of the company
company No. 5 Also, since the handle t 6 + mounting screw 12 + and the ring (8) can be removed
from the speaker box (1) It is of course possible to use it as a speaker box.
The cord storage structure 131 and the bin (4) are for inserting two cords by hanging them on
the O hing (4) when moving the speaker box (1) 0 Further, the mounting screw (21 mineral ring
(8) K thread Instead of wearing it to a speaker, it may be screwed directly to the speaker box (1),
and the handle (6) may not have the grip section (6a). As described above, according to the
present invention, each plate screw is provided on the top face of the speaker, and it is
detachably inserted and locked to this attachment screw and has a handle which can slide only t,
so it is easy to move the speaker (4 Since it is possible to separate the left and right speakers
within the company's slidable range at the time of use, there is no loss of stereo effect, and
furthermore, the handle is removed and the conventional a speaker 4, Brief Exploitation of the
Drawing Fig. 1 shows a conventional stereo speaker in a perspective view of a left and right
independent stereo speaker, No. 21244 and a conventional left and right stereo speaker system
41 Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the stereo speaker system showing one embodiment of this
idea, the fourth factor is the 31 th attachment screw & enlargement cut of the holding part]
factors 5, 6 and 6 Use of one plan (1) is a speakerphone, (2I is a jUH screw st3 + is a cord storage
groove, (5) is a rice cooker, ( 6- shows handle 1 (6a), slit (6b), (7) entrance into the pot, (8 link).
Embed into 16 Nakazawa - (5) -5 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 Name of applicant
other than the above, utility model registration applicant or proposal address Address Kanagawabased Kamakura City Oboe 2 - 14 - 40 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Within the Institute of
Product Research Kaname Nagareboshi Address Yokohama Hotsuigawa - Name Hosui Hosoi Agent Zip 100 Address Tokyo Metropolitan Government Marunouchi 1 - 2 No. 3 Mitsubishi
Electric Corporation Name (7375) Attorney Attorney Oiwa Masa ξ (- Kunpu /
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