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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of a bottom concave portion
of a speaker box. In the figures, the same reference numerals denote the same parts, where 1 is a
speaker box, 2 is another speaker box, 3 is an input terminal, 4 is a female screw as a fixture, 5 is
a connecting tool, 6 is a connecting plug, 7 Is a stupid hole, 8 is a leg, 9 is a fixing screw, and 10
is a speaker connecting cord.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention relates to a speaker device
having a speaker having a space between a floor surface and a speaker box and a speaker
capable of connecting an input terminal of the speaker box and a connection cord from the
amplifier . + 11 +, ν, 1 - Generally speaking, it is well known that speaker boxes are installed
with a predetermined distance from the floor surface to improve sound quality. In view of the
above, the present invention provides a speaker device having a speaker box base which allows a
speaker to be installed with a space opened on four sides and also has a connecting portion with
an input terminal . Hereinafter, the details of the present invention will be described in
accordance with 9 illustrated embodiments. That is, in FIG. 1, (1) is a small speaker box, (2) is a
speaker box of the same characteristic, (3) is a plug-in receptacle provided in the recess of the
bottom of each speaker box fl + Shaped speaker input terminal, and (4) two female threaded
portions serving as fixed receptacles provided on the bottom of each speaker box (1) f2). A cross
section of these parts is shown in FIG. (5) is a die-cast or molded item or a tonal material made of
iron, and each speaker box + 11 (ill, · - (2) ':: - speaker one terminal (3) K connection plug (6) is
installed at the corresponding position, and also a fool thread hole (7) is also installed at the
position corresponding to the female thread portion (4) respectively, and between the wire
connection plug (6) and the connection cord fist (8) is a leg that is lost on both side surfaces of
the connecting device (5), (9) is a connection member in which all the speaker boxes (1) and (2)
A screw for fixing to the above speaker box connector (5), a ghost is a speaker connection cord.
When fixing the speaker box connector (5) configured as above and the speaker box (11 + ml
with the screws (8), both speaker boxes are fixed and integrated, and at the same time the
electric cords (9) . In this way, the present invention can install the speaker box with the space
opened to the foot (6) from the installation surface such as the floor surface, so it reflects to the
sound emitted from the speaker or the floor surface There is no interference and sound quality
improves. Further, in the above embodiment -. · (3) If two small speaker boxes of the same
characteristics are operated like violent 4, the power of the bass range increases and bass sounds
as large as the large speaker.
or. As described above, since the present invention is constructed, the sound quality of the
speaker improves and connection with the connection cord can be easily performed as well.
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