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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway perspective view of one
embodiment of the present invention. 1 ... speaker section, 2 ... amplifier section, 3 ... speaker, 4 ...
speaker cabinet, 4a ... top plate, 4b , 4 c... Side plate, 4 d иии - и lower plate, 5 иииии exterior material, 6
и и и и и grille, 7 иииии mounting plate, 8 и ...
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention is based on the idea of
integrating a large plate, a lower plate and both side plates, a front plate, a back plate and both
side plates integrally in a mouth shape with a single long veneer plywood, To a loudspeaker
cabinet having a high acoustic expressibility with a structure formed by joining and fixing a
shape formed into a shape like a mouth and curving each plate connection corner portion. -1 The
following is a summary of the idea of
this invention based on the drawings. ??? In this
embodiment, a book applied to a single amplifier, l is a speaker section, 2 is fixed on the upper
part of the speaker section 2, and an amplifier electrically connected to the speaker 3 in the same
way as known ones Department. The speaker unit 1 is composed of a speaker cabinet 4 and a
speaker 3 which is a device inside the speaker cabinet 4 as well as known ones. In the speaker
cabinet 4 of the present invention, the open ends are opposed to each other as a pair of t-2
pieces formed by forming a long veneer plywood in a U-shape and curved upward corner
portions of the seventh to join and fix them , A top plate 4a both side plates 4b and 4c and a
chin-and-like plate, and a leather outer covering material 5 is adhered to the front portion, and a
grill 6 is attached to the front opening as in the known manner. The speaker 3 is attached to a
mounting plate 7 attached to the rear surface of the speaker cabinet 4 by a known technique. In
the figure, reference numeral 8 denotes a caster attached to the lower end of the speaker cabinet
4. - '- -2 = As described above, the speaker cabinet kept in the present invention is a cabinet with
a top plate-1 lower plate 44 and both side plate curves, kl or front plate, rear plate and both side
plates as one long veneer plywood Shaped in the form of a mouth or formed into a shape like a
letter U by joining and fixing to form a mouth shape K (example), and each plate connecting
corner portion is formed to be curved. Therefore, It has the advantage of being able to
demonstrate the high acoustic expressiveness which is far greater than that of wooden and gold
cross-section fissure cabinets, as well as being extremely easy and easy to manufacture, and
superior to the one which superior to elegance. Needless to say, since the presence or absence of
expressability of sound in acoustic equipment is an indispensable condition that influences the
performance of the device together with the frequency a characteristics, the present invention is
extremely relaxed, It is a high stuff that is tasteful to abuse. According to the misunderstanding,
according to the missed speculation, the effect of sound propagation exerted by the structure of
this invention is not clarified theoretically: A &, m "░" "0" ellllillh "on veneer plywood material, It
seems that irregular reflection of sound becomes very small by the synergistic action with ft, A, 3-.
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