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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT This invention relates to a guitar. Traditionally,
when guitars are divided by the method of expanding the sound, it is necessary to convert the
kurasokinoku guitar with the resonance cylinder, the fork guitar etc. and the electric guitar which
converts the vibration of the guitar into an electric signal and expands it by the external amplifier
Can be roughly divided. Each of these guitars has a wait, each fork guitar etc. electricity, amplifier
etc is unnecessary, but I can not hope for a particularly large volume which can adjust the
volume. On the contrary, electric guitar can freely increase volume, change timbre etc C1) / 3 l
3m 2, outside 1sK big amplifier, speaker device etc. are necessary and can not be easily enjoyed,
especially outdoor etc. electric It was devised to eliminate the drawbacks of both of these and to
make it possible to enjoy and use it in various other ways. The structure is as shown in Fig. 1.2,
the speaker (2) is attached to the inside of the hole of the guitar body (1) from the bottom plate,
and the amplifier group (3), Tuner (4), echo unit (5). Babuteri (6), guitar microphone (7), AC = DC
converter (8) and so on. The main volume (91, c Kissing volume (10) (10 ') (1♂), select switch
(2), tuning dial (12), power supply switch (13) A microphone attachment (16) of changeover
switches (14) (14 ') (knobs such as 14 "1 and external microphone)) is attached. As shown in FIG.
3, this microphone attachment (16) has a structure in which the fitting portion has a shape other
than a circle and stops rotation, or a structure with keys, or two or more It has a structure (: L) 3
that connects with a bottle and stops rotation. A guitar having such a structure is connected to an
electric circuit as shown in FIG. When the power switch (13) is turned off, the operation of the
guitar thus configured is enlarged by the resonance side and vibrates the speaker (2), so that it
can be used according to the conventional guitar as with the conventional guitar. Next, turn on
the power switch (13) and operate each part, turn ON the changeover switch (14). When the
mixing volume (10) is increased, the sound of the guitar is picked up by the guitar microphone
(7) and the electric signal is changed and amplified by the amplifier group (3) such as the
microphone amplifier, the mixing amplifier, the preamplifier, the main amplifier, It comes out
with a bigger sound. In this case, the volume is adjusted by the main volume (9).
Also, if you attach the external microphone (15) to the microphone attachment (16) and enter
switching main% 04 '), the sound of the guitar and other sounds from the external microphone
(15) It comes out consistent with the sound. In this case, the mixing ratio of the sound comes and
goes out depending on the mixing volume (10) (10 '). Also, if you want to listen to the radio, you
can listen by placing the select switch (11) in the 7 M tuner of the tuner (4) or 1 M tuner and
synchronizing the select dial (12). If you use the selector switch (11) in the FM tuner and use the
changeover switch (14 ') in the mixing amplifier side, use the 7M wireless microphone and mix
the sound of the wireless microphone and the sound of the guitar to the speaker (2 ) Can be
played. The echo unit (5) is used to enhance the acoustic effect by reverberating the sound as
necessary. The power supply can use built-in battery (6), car battery 1 or commercial power
supply through AC = DC converter (8). In addition to this, as shown in Fig. 6, it is also possible to
think of a guitar with an additional use by incorporating a cassette tape recorder (17), a guitar
synthesizer (18) and a rhythm sound transmitter (19). Because of this kind of guitar, this guitar
alone does not require any other devices, and both the voices that change the balance between
the voice and the guitar sound, the volume can also be increased / decreased (φ) 5 If you have a
synthesizer (18), you can change the tone of the guitar freely, etc. Furthermore, if you have a
tape recorder (17), the bass can mix and record songs by playing the guitar, you can record and
play. Moreover, in the case of this guitar, it is also characterized that the external microphone
(15) is attached to the guitar body (1) without needing any other microphone stand, and it
becomes a convenient multi-purpose guitar which has never existed before.
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