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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing a concept of a
speaker device, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view of a main part of the speaker device of the present
invention, wherein 6 is a beat pipe, 8 is a pole piece, A voice coil, 16 a long hole, and 17 a
magnetic fluid, respectively.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] The speaker device 1 having the archer J 9 has made a U.
Generally speaking, the electric acoustic conversion effect in the dynamic type speaker with the
voice coil is two in several%, and almost all the electric energy becomes the Zeal heat generating
the voice coil color. For this reason, when the speaker is used for a long time with a large input,
the temperature of the voice coil rises considerably, there is a possibility that accident such as
softening of the medicine adhering the voice coil or thermal destruction of the voice coil may
occur It was. In addition, the 1jjAK rise of the voice coil 2, -J · / 2 il was accompanied by a rise in
its resistance value, so it was a disadvantage that the linearity of the output sound-to-noise ratio
characteristic with respect to the input voltage was a reservoir. On the other hand, the heat
emanating from the voice coil passes through both magnetic pole of the one-sided gap formed in
the field part, and the whole field Mi part whole value = almost whether it is conducted, so the
field lhK- = W Cooling is to suppress the rise in the temperature of the voice coil 6 6. From Q, in
order to prevent the aforementioned 1 # late and to remodel the above drawback J: Boundary &
Welfare Dual crystal thermal conductivity! It is proposed to combine yj during dissipation
through the heat pipes that have. One of the speaker devices that has the heat dissipating means
as described above 1 1 1 m 7 r: '1 - 0 In the figure, reference numeral 111 denotes an
electrodynamic speaker having a voice coil, 121 speaker (1) (3) is the speaker (bass-reflex type
cabinet with 1: v interior installed therein) is provided in front of the cabinet (3), y is a tubular
duct, and the speaker's back metal However, it co-slightly increases the area. (5), this drunken
duct (41 Kaikai: ai! It is made of porous metal with a large heat dissipation effect inserted and is
provided so as to completely cover the duct 14 '. Incidentally, this porous metal is Erikel's gold I!
I I + two bubbling treatment, and that vacancy, 4 is about 98% j-like. 16) is a beat pipe which
connects the porous metal (5) and the field Fa portion [2] of the speaker (1), and is sealed pipe m
to cause liquid Rune discharge and condensation of swimming air According to Jill II that repeats,
ducks are conducted from the hot side to the cold side. As described above, the bass-reflex type
speaker device has the spring-quality yarn co-warp yarn with the compliance of the cabinet-r) '31
and the air mass in the duct 14) As the king, bass is generated, the flow of air inside the duct 14)
is very large. J! (2) Inside the duct 141 4 2 The attached porous metal 51 is a good thermal
conductor whose occupancy is a good heat conductor and has a porosity of 98% 4 degrees, so its
surface area is a general heat dissipation From the surface area of
7 non emergency I: It is big.
Therefore, the heat conducted to the porous metal (51) in the field part (21 to the duct 14) of the
speaker (1) according to the second section 61 is divided by the shaking Aerodynamic efficiency
to move 4 It is long to dissipate heat. As a whole of the heat transfer path consisting of such a
single speaker device [, the field portion 12+, the heat pipe 1161 with high thermal conductivity,
and the porous subordinate (6) with large heat dissipation effect Thermal conductivity, Uncle
also has a low thermal conductivity part - lure. Follows ° C. One of the forces where the heat
transfer 4 in the joint part with each item, Waiti Ichinenbaja + 21 and - Tape 16i is problematic,
the field part (2) and the top part 16) The thermoconductive coupling with υ? 1: To make item
4] (:: Long hole ζ graduated hole penetrating the field magnet 12 IC
two-way f ... T Heat bay 1
(Diameter of one end of 61: 5 I-, singing and joining to both sides At the end of the festival,
founding fighters are requested, and workability is bad, which causes cost increase. In the
present invention, such a Q4 diaphragm, which is what we have done, is a joint portion between
a field part of a speaker device and a heat knife. The figure (: C11 □ r) is the center 1-1! (9) is an
annular feetite net placed on the bottom 7 "Leh) +71, a · is the bulky 7 elec- tro magnet (9j top 2
It is the installed Toda 1 V-t, and forms a magnetic gap equal to that of the soil 5 tar pole (8).
{Circle around (2)} is a voice coil (a coil bobbin around which a tawd is wound, above, ic! Partial
gap (: self-inserted. (13 is the above-mentioned Toso bus 1 "α superior two-jointed frame, and
this outward end of the open end of 1, 31 is fitted to the hole of the cabinet 131 and C, the inside
of the speaker Cabinet Soto +, S + c%. +141 is the invasive slope of the 10th end of the funome,
and it is the invasion slope, dumb bar 0 :, li:! Coil bobbin 01) Ward two coupled. 11e is an
elongated hole drilled in the lower end of the pole piece, and one end of the 2 71 71 heat pipe
116I is arranged and inserted. On is the long hole I: light filling t 'is a sexual fluid, which is a
mixture of Meng' in colloid F form with a diameter of 10 OANff, y youngite powder powder. This
ferrofluid, for example, has a trade name Furoyud manufactured by Ferrofluegence, Inc. in the
US, and it is known that the thermal conductivity is excellent. As described above, since the
magnetic ball an in the drilled elongated hole 1161 is attracted by the magnetic ball + 81 vIii
<magnetic flux, the magnetic fluid an filled in the double hole 1161 is not scattered, The gap
between one end of the heat pipe (61) and the perforated hole can be completely filled with 5.
Therefore, the field magnet portion (21 and the heat pipe 161 are thermally coupled with each
other by the magnetic fluid an 4). In the speaker device of the present invention, the field part 1
of the speaker: the heat by 1! A long hole is drilled in the dragon ball where the field part V is
threatening, one end of the heat pipe 1 is inserted into the long hole, and the magnetic fluid is
filled As a result, the thermoconductive coupling between the top pipe and the field magnet can
be very easy. Therefore, the heat generated by the voice coil is efficiently conducted by the
center of the field part through the magnetic fluid of high heat conduction rate from one point
through the heat fluid vibrating reed two efficiently. History I: As a heat radiation means
combined with this heat pipe Consequently, since heat is dissipated in the air by d 2, the
temperature rise of the voice coil V is suppressed well, accidents caused by the thermal
breakdown of the voice coil can be prevented, and the linearity of the output sound pressure
characteristic with respect to the input voltage must be held 1 m You can do. The size precision
of the air poles of the field MF and the diameter 2 of the heat pipe 17 is also such Sa - no - - It is
not necessary and the problem with the workability of the coupling of these two is completely
eliminated, and the cost In addition, it is advantageous for non - fermentation.
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