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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram of a speaker system, FIG. 2 is
a front view showing one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken
along line 1 - 2 of FIG. 2, FIG. 5 is a perspective view as seen from the back surface, and FIG. 6 is
an exploded perspective view of the wire connecting mechanism. 1 ... coil as a network part, 2 ...
capacitor as a network part, 19 ° 20 ... ... mounting part.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention is also concerned with an
electric connection 11 used for a speaker box. In the conventional speaker box, we installed the
speaker in both the picture and the electric - connecting device in the K -, so that the inside of the
network 7 1 O speaker system t 1), the 7/7 fi '3 i naked component eg the coil shown in Figure 1
(11) and capacitor (21), it is troublesome to install the coil (1) and the condenser (1) on the
circuit board as a unit, And the 'IIE line connector' in order to incorporate them into the speaker
box, so the wiring work is troublesome 7t. Therefore, the object of the inconvenient idea is to
solve the conventional drawbacks by providing the attachment portion for attaching the network
component to the back face of the electric wire connecting device. Hereinafter, one embodiment
of the present invention will be referred to as IIWj 4 in 0 $ 121 M1s 4 -, 11 is made of synthetic
resin in terms of synthetic resin) i) It is an original insulating base and is attached to the four
corners of a substantially square plate A mounting hole u or a concave ring bulging toward the
lower side of the center IIK and having a stepped bottom wall is formed. In the center of one
recess of the recessed ring, a mass body 11 B @ 4 bulging further downward is formed. In the
facility 11 of the body train station payment 11114, there are six circular through holes 11 s and
two rectangular through holes - whose bite area is reduced as-a - to the back side are respectively
punched , And two east walls ml are formed which lie in the bottom value of 1IIK * o shape. In
addition, as shown in IILIlc, in the back - cone of 1 body II, there is an attachment part located on
the back side of the concave part u and having a cocoon note body storage part uO - and a tattle
binogue hole at the center As well as 0 seven struts - and so) as well - high struts - as the
mounting part - 02 struts - are (ž) i · "respectively. In addition, the support column 龜 IO displacement * is fixed by the screw hole cin '# screw opening, and the capacitor forming the
IEalK network is integrated) O both jII are supported and the above support is: 2 il 1) coil bobbin
(1,] is inserted and held by the stop ring). ▪ is the electric connection mechanism. As shown in 1I
6111, this wire connection mechanism (2) is molded with an insulating acts body, a conductive O
terminal, and a synthetic IIMI) and is formed into a large insulation O 2 suppression body - and a
spring (solstice).
The body - is opened on the lower side and formed in the shape of ii, and in the bottom II of the
11 base 1110 it is inserted into the circular through hole @ S, h 6 Tokai - or inside the middle
inside the right 04)! The partition bell - which divides into 11 - is wounded - field i Ken, 41) the
wire insertion hole which has been expanded toward the top wall on its upper wall, A window
hole - is drilled over 11 K above and the eaves receiving the bottom end of the base filO central
wall n toward the inside wall of the front wall are drawn out in both side - inner rear Klk wall and
0 MK 11 A guide wall for forming a groove is formed. The terminal - is inserted into the wire
hanging piece - one noodle 1 perpendicular to the central flat plate - inserted into the guide
groove - of said body @ - and having a concave arc shape at the front end - and a guide hanger 4 in the fall of the hemisphere and 4 in the fall, and 4, in the upper end of the central flat plate - the piece in the Electrical Empire having the insertion hole facing the lower surface of the body
IIO electric wire insertion hole One of which is a lower rectangular shape of the lower inside and
outside, a rectangular cocoon of the base body u, and a conductor connecting piece protruding
into the back 1 cone past the shape through hole - are respectively formed -. The terminal
thickness of this terminal is set to be equal to the hole width of the Il rectangular through hole),
medium and large, and chamfered at the lower end of the conductor connection piece), and this
conductor connection piece is bonded to the base a'D By forcibly press-fitting into the
rectangular through-hole stub of the cylinder), the degree of writing is increased by the elasticity
of the base 11 l O resin. The wire suppression body (goods) has a columnar shaft 611
surroundably held in the holding piece of both terminals KIIII on the lower end of the lower end,
cut out in the concave arcuate shape at the front end of the sixth conducting suppression ring ,
An operating portion projecting outward from the lid hole of the body (top) is formed at the top,
and a spring bearing S- for receiving the upper end of the spring is formed at the intermediate
portion 11 II Next, I will do the assembly method. Insert the middle flat plate of the terminal (3)
between the guide groove and the bottle, and place the insertion hole of the wire guide piece at
the upper end thereof at the bottom of the wire insertion hole. Then, the shaft 6 ν of the electric
wire suppressor - is engaged with the holding piece of the terminal (2), and the operation part ·
t;%,% 7. . 'J - Why' "Mourning ζ Song Min QXh ';, Sr ,,! ; - Suki 2: Knee 1. According to the
window hole of the body (-), the wire suppression body - is erected on the shaft I "as the fulcrum
and the upper part is urged to the upper collar of the LiLr hole -, the urn component It is held in
the body (solitaire). To one ", put the body of this state (solstice) into the base body @ Wen's
superior station Namba I14, and the body - - - - hl!
Tin - to center out toward the back side through the base - IIO circular through hole - and then
put it on the back side *! ll noodle - is thermally deformed and the P1 shape hole asemg is closed
by one. At this time, the terminal - O branch chain gun piece - is forced KiE personnel in the base
body (the rectangular through hole of the table) - it is sealed and the gap is sealed in the
prismatic state And the lower end of the holding piece - is held in the base body alO Hawk INK! !
The t-axis s1 in contact with i is cast out of escape. Next, on the back side of the base body a υ,
the mounting plate Ω is fixed to one of the support columns I by a screw,, and both ends of the
capacitor (2) constituting the network are supported by the mounting plate 3 v, and The coil (11
coil bobbin (1,) is inserted and held by the stop ring 4. And to wiring! At the same time, as shown
in Figure 1, both ports of the coil (1) are connected to both ends of the condenser (2), and one of
the bales is projected to the back side of the base I. One terminal - Connect part - Kll. In addition,
the other terminal - and coil (11, and (2) O - sense 01111 η · J, C 3 F), connected to the city /
department Has beakers. -1 Well assembled as above and dangerous - VI 1! Explain the operation
of connecting liK wires. First, when the operating part (@) of the electric wire suppressor is
rotated against the spring (solenoid), the suppressing wheel moves to the side opposite to the
terminal (end) from the position of the electric wire insertion hole (3). When inserting the electric
wire into the electric wire 1 LfIa and releasing the pressing of the operation S @ in this state, the
electric wire presser - turns into the medium side needle direction with the shaft - as a fulcrum
due to the Selderinda SSO elasticity and presses the pressing II- Urges the wire toward the
terminal (top) umbrella and knocks them both electrically. Poultry, electric wire OII 解除 release
operation suppresses the electric wire presser body - OI & work part against the spring wO
elasticity, so the suppressor piece is brought in, the electricity can be pulled out. (2) - '1i
According to the present invention, since the attachment part for attaching the network parts of
the speaker system is provided on the back side of the electric wire connection device, it is
possible to attach a network part, for example, a coil or a condenser cloth to this attachment part
It is possible to omit the trouble of uniting only the network parts as in the conventional way,
and it is also possible to preliminarily prepare the routing where the O network parts are
mounted on the back side II of the electric wire connector, Turtle with $ 1.
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