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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 illustrates an embodiment of the present
invention, FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a microphone, FIG. 2 is an enlarged sectional
view of the essential part, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view thereof is there. 1 ... microphone, 2 ...
first half case, 3 ... ... second half case, 4 ... microphone unit, 6 ... input section, 11 Sliding
member, 12 ... Transmission hole, 16 ... ... sound transmission hole.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a microphone, and
more particularly to a mechanism for adjusting input thereof. In public announcements such as
stations, dust is scratched around the eyes among the eyes, depending on the time zone ('1IIII え
1 (, Rush hour 1, and daytime and nighttime)) Even with the same output, even if the same output
is different, if you always announce it, if the output is large, it is relatively less ζ such as during
the daytime or between friends, and if the noise is small It is a noisy feeling (+), a force that
causes discomfort, if you reduce the output, you get a lot of passengers and passengers like Rano
/ Yuawa temporarily, and it is hard to hear the announcement In consideration of such troubles,
contrary to conventional microphones, contrary to the conventional microphone, it is possible to
adjust the human power by mechanical means and adjust the volume of the output. I would like
to offer everyone A mechanism For the purpose. Hereinafter, the configuration of the present
invention will be taxed based on the embodiment-C direction. 1) is a microphone, 0) Microphone
Tase is made from the first half case 2 and the second half case 6 by t "Mike - Niat 4 y +" through
the elastic holding material 5 such as rubber [- 7 and the second half tease 6 inside 1, in the front
half case 2, a human power part 6 having a lighting core on the microphone body unit 4 and
having a large number of sound transmission holes / character (2) 16 is protrudingly provided. A
through hole 7 is formed in the lower side of the manpower section B, and a guide groove 8 is
formed in the longitudinal direction of the regenerative case 2 following the through hole 7. 9 is
a talkie / notch, and is interposed between -71 Kuyninonoto 4 and the connection cord 10. FIG.
Reference numeral 11 denotes a slide member which is slidably provided on the inner surface of
the person jJ 6 of the front half case 2 and is slidably fitted and a number of through holes 12
corresponding to the sound transmission holes 16 of the input portion B are perforated Has been
done. Reference numeral 13 denotes a shaft portion connected to the slide member 11 and
protrudes to the outside through the through hole 7 formed below the manpower portion 6 of
the front half case 2 so as to slide freely in the guide groove 8 . Reference numeral 14 is a
manpower adjustment knob protruding from the shaft portion 13 and reference numeral 15 is a
knob of the talk switch 9. By sliding the manpower adjustment knob 14 in the S direction (see
FIG. 1)), the slide member 11 Two cars which change the mountain of the sound transmission
hole 16 of the input part 6 and the hole 12 of the slide member 11 from one sliding ripped on
the inner surface of the car and human power part 6 (3) It is possible to adjust the human power
by the degree of sum of the sound through hole 16 and the through hole 12.
In the state shown in FIG. 2, human power is the maximum with the sound transmission hole 16
and the through hole 12 perfectly aligned. In the upper example embodiment, although the slide
member 11 is provided in the microphone tooth (the front half case 2) (lu 11 surface is provided
with the slide member 11, it is needless to say that the same effect can be obtained even if the
slide member 11 is arranged on the outside surface The shape of the sound transmission hole
and the through hole is not particularly limited to the round hole, but it goes without saying that
it may be an elliptical hole, a triangular hole, a car-shaped hole, or the like. According to the
present invention, the slide member having a through hole drilled corresponding to the sound
transmission hole is slid on the outside or the inside of the microphone tooth having a large
number of sound transmission holes, Adjustable input adjustment by adjusting the amount of
overlap between the sound transmission hole and the through hole, it is possible to control the
sound volume with a very simple structure without electrical means as in the prior art It has an
excellent effect in practical use.
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