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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional view of a speaker, FIG. 2. 3 is a
sectional view of a main part showing a state in which a conventional speaker is attached to a
cabinet, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a main part showing one embodiment of the device. A
... speaker, 2 ... frame, 2b ... mounting hole, 2c ... recessed part, 9 ... cabinet, 9a ... attaching hole,
9b ... concave part, 13 ... spacer, 13b, 13c ... fitting portion.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a device for
attaching a speaker to a cabinet. FIG. 1 shows a half cross-sectional view of a known speaker, 3
inputs. ど±。 -1 is a magnetic circuit, 2 is a frame, 3 is a diaphragm, 4 is a coil bobbin, 5 is a
voice coil, 6 is a damper, T is a center cap, and 8 is a gasket. The outer peripheral edge 2 a of the
frame 2 is formed in a U-shaped cross section, and attachment holes 2 b for inserting screws for
attachment are formed at several places, usually four places. Conventionally, the spider cam
more than the above-mentioned one is attached to the cabinet 9 (in the method shown in FIGS. 2,
the hole 2b of the speaker frame 2 is fitted to the attachment hole 9m of the cabinet 9, the nut
10 is fitted into the attachment hole 9a from the back surface of the cabinet 9, and then the front
surface of the frame 2 And the screw 11 is screwed and fixed to the nut 10, and in the third
cause, the outer spacer 2 and the lower face of the frame 2 in FIG. It is intervening. By the way, in
the case of the above-mentioned FIG. 2, when the screw 11 is tightened to the nut 10, there is a
possibility that the outer peripheral edge 2 m of the frame 2 is deformed, and there is a
disadvantage that the appearance aesthetics are impaired. On the other hand, in FIG. 3, since the
spacer 12 is interposed, the deformation of the outer peripheral edge 2 & is eliminated, but what
is common to both of FIGS. 2 and 3 is that the mounting hole 2 b And the mounting hole 91L of
the cabinet 9 are difficult to align with each other, and when it is moved, there is a displacement.
Therefore, after temporarily fixing both, it is only necessary to fasten the screw with an
automatic screw tightening sole, A problem arises at the point. The object of the present
invention is to provide a spacer which can serve as a spacer to prevent deformation of a frame
and to position and transfer a speaker to a cabinet Thereby preventing a misalignment of the
speaker mounting device. An embodiment of the present invention will now be described with
reference to FIG. In Figures 1-3 and (b) - reference numerals indicate the same parts. The
periphery of the mounting hole 2 b drilled in the speaker frame 2 protrudes toward the lower
surface side to form four portions 20. The concave portion 9 b is also affected around the front
side of the attachment hole 91 of the cabinet 9 worn. 9C is a recess into which a part of the nut
10 enters. Numeral 13 designates a spacer made of a synthetic resin or the like, in which a bores
insertion hole 13 & is formed in the center and a dish I * disarrangement 13 b in which the
concave $ 2 c that overflows the upper ml frame 2 VL is fitted on the upper surface, or a lower
surface l A tubular fitting portion 13 c to which the concave% 9 bKi of the cabinet 9 is fitted is
In order to explain the procedure of the assembling work, first, the fitting portion 130 of the
spacer 13 is fitted into the recessed portion 9 b of the cabinet 9. Here, the fitting portion 130 of
the spacer 13 may be driven into the recessed portion 9 b of the cabinet 9 or may be screwed in.
Next, the subbing cam is fitted into the cabinet 9 and the recess 2 C of the frame 2 is fitted into
the spacer 13 And is engaged with the mating portion 13b. This makes it possible to prevent the
positioning of the speaker relative to the cabinet 9 (and deviation at the time of transfer). Next,
the screw 11 is screwed to the nut 10 through the mounting hole 2 b of the frame 2, the
insertion hole 131 L of the spacer 13, and the mounting hole 5 bt of the cabinet 9, by the
automatic screw tightening machine. At this time, the spacer 13 is fitted) Since the spacer 13 is
made of resin, the spacer 13 functions as a spring washer, so that looseness of the screw can be
prevented. In the above embodiment, the recess 2C of the frame 2 is protruded to the lower
surface. However, it may protrude to the upper surface and project the fitting & 1j 3 kl of the
spacer 13 to the upper surface, and between the 1 cabinet 9 and the spacer 13 The relationship
is similar. As described above, this invention is based on the positioning force / unevenness
between the spacer and the speaker frame when the spacer is placed against the cabinet, so that
it is easy to position the spacer relative to the cavity 2, and at the same time It is possible to
prevent deviation at the time of transfer and promote screw fixing by self-assembled clad roots to
the outside, [1'L placement and spacer, so it functions as a role of t, so frame And it is possible to
prevent the deformation of the bobbin case.
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