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1 paragraph 1, specification of invention 1
3, Detailed Description of the Invention The object of the present invention is to realize a
lightweight and highly rigid speaker cabinet. Many of the conventional speaker cabinets use
natural wood or chip board, or use aluminum die casting. However, natural wood and aluminum
tie casts are expensive and heavy in weight, so they are unsuitable for moving speaker cabinets
and the like. Though the chip board is relatively inexpensive and lightweight, its rigidity is not
sufficient because its specific gravity is about 0.8, and if it is attempted to obtain sufficient
rigidity as a speaker cabinet, Since it has to be increased, there is a problem that the entire
cabinet becomes large and eventually the weight becomes considerably large. The present
invention provides a speaker cabinet for solving such a conventional problem. 'The first shows
the appearance of the speaker cabinet and the speaker unit 2 attached to its front. Then, the
speaker cabinet 1 has the balsa material 4 sandwiched between two surface materials 3, 3 made
of plastic or fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) as shown in No. 21, No. 3, in the fiber direction (The
second arrow 5 in one direction) is orthogonal to the surface materials 3, 3. With this
configuration, since the fiber direction 5 of the balsa material 4 is orthogonal to the surface
material 3, the composite material 6 has extremely high rigidity. In addition, since both the
surface material 3 and the balsa material 4 are sufficiently lighter than die casting and natural
wood materials, the entire speaker cabinet can be remarkably lightweight.
??????????????? Table 1 compares the characteristics between the one using
the conventional chip board and the one using the composite material of balsa material and FRP.
As shown in Table 1, Table 1, the composite material of balsa material and FRP has almost the
same rigidity as the chip board, but the bulk density is one half. Therefore, by using such a
composite material, it is possible to construct a speaker cabinet with high rigidity and light
weight as compared with a chip board. In addition, as the balsa material, HALSES was cut to a
thickness of IG +, about 5 cm each in length and breadth, laying it on one side of a piece of cloth
and pasting it (from Nitta Venya Corporation "CANTACORE" product It is superior in terms of
workability, if it is used, which is commercially available. Further, the composite material 6 may
be used as a part of the cabinet. As described above, according to the present invention, a
speaker cabinet is constructed by using a composite material in which a balsa material is
sandwiched between plastic materials or FRP surface materials so that their fiber direction is
orthogonal to the surface material , It is possible to realize a lightweight and highly rigid speaker
4, BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an external perspective view of one
embodiment of the present invention, and FIGS. 2 and 319 are a cross-sectional view and a
partially broken perspective view showing essential parts thereof. 1 ... speaker cabinet, 2 ...
speaker unit, 3 ... surface material, 4 ... ... balsa material, 5 ... ... of balsa wood Fiber direction, 6 иииии
Composite material. Name of agent Agent's patent attorney Toshio Nakao and 1 others EndPage:
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