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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an internal perspective view of a device parent
column, FIG. 2 is a wiring diagram also, FIG. 3 is also a column portion, FIG. 4 is an internal
perspective view of a child stock, Similarly, wiring diagram, and FIG. 6 shows a column part as
well. A in the figure A ... parent, B ... ... child, 1,1 '... left channel high performance small speaker,
2, 2' ... right channel high Performance small speaker, 3 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и ?M 1 FM multireceiver with power amplifier, 4.4 'и и и и и for multi-receiver output stereo terminal for parent and
multi receiver / input Casteleo terminal, .5 'и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и external input stereo terminal, 6, 6'
иииии pillow, 7 и и и и doublet antenna for AM, FM multi-receiver, 8.8 'и и и и и и Receiver, external input
changeover switch knob, 9.9 'и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
means in a pillow which is a type of bedding, a part of the audio and a return of the sound part
(speaker) relate to a means. At present, it is a widely used stereo device, indoor in the room,
enjoying the music in a speaker system with 1 ┼ or more, and in the case of 2 ┼ or more in the
same room, there is one music piece to be reproduced. - Depending on the preference of the
person, the other person is to be heard that song, in some cases it may only be accepted as noise.
Also, the biggest troubles of music enthusiasts who work in the daytime are (1) music
appreciation at night. Of course there is a limit depending on the sound to the outside person.
However, at present, this is a device called a headphone, the usage of the nerve against sound
has been eliminated, and the music effect is also satisfied. Although the head horn is different
from person to person, the headphones are child consecutive from about 30 minutes and the
feeling of fatigue after use is very large, and when they are repeatedly medically Even from
observation, I hear it too often. At the same time, not only has the disadvantage that the sense
from the ears with the outside is completely disconnected, but can not lie down during use. The
present invention eliminates the aforementioned drawbacks by a simple means and extends the
range of application. A description will be given of an embodiment of a disposable pillow
according to the present invention with reference to the drawings. In the parent A, the right
channel high-performance compact speaker (2) is set in a high-performance small speaker (1) on
the left channel and its output source , The antenna (7) is arranged in a doublet shape around the
pillow A by the AM% FM multi-receiver (3), and furthermore the connection terminal (4) can be
connected to the child stock B to flow the radio. In that case, increase the signal output
proportional to the number of the child's shares by using knob ? 1 of the built-in receiver. Apart
from the input jack of the connection terminal (5), this apparatus separately obtains input of tape
etc. by the changeover switch (8) by the outside (sound product having the hand (2)). As a result,
if you connect parent A and child B, you can operate both separately at the same time as you like.
By adjusting the volume of the external input from the terminal (5) and the output of the
receiver, the volume control of the pillow you are using will be done with the knob (9), depending
on the surrounding circumstances, and the paternity stock Even when a signal is flowing to B, the
parent A can be disconnected by (9) volume control switch. Next, when it is made clear based on
the child stock B, the right channel high-performance small speaker (a bad character is set in the
left channel coagulopathic small speaker (1), but the characteristic is not built in the receiver,
The signal is accepted from the receiver input terminal (4), but the external input terminal (5 has
the same structure as the parent A).
When receiving a signal, be sure to select it with the receiver input / external input change-over
switch (8), adjust the volume at that time, make a pipe (9). I will do it in the negotiations. Also,
the disconnection of the signal is a knob that connects to the knob (9) This configuration is as
described above. When using it now, use the column parts c, cL Respectively. (3) In the same
room (in hospitals, hotels, etc., wiring for 2 signals is made in the cabin, and indoor exclusive
sound etc. can be sent), a large number of people can select and use 2 signals at the same time. и
Enjoy music, etc. without annoying others. In addition, if the surroundings to use are quiet, the
whole inside of the pillow becomes a stereo sound, so that as you listen to music etc. you can see
the surroundings and you can talk. By using a timer, it is the characteristic that it goes to sleep
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