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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cross-sectional plan view showing a
state in a reproducing mode of a signal pickup device incorporating a cartridge case according to
the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross- FIG. 3 is an exploded perspective view of one embodiment
of the cartridge case according to the present invention, and FIG. 4 is a bottom view of the
cartridge case assembled. 1 ... signal pickup device, 2 ... video disc, 3 ... housing, 4 ... regeneration
needle, 5 ... ... ZAP arm Assembly, 6 ... cartridge case, 6a ... base section, 6a- ? ... ... flange section,
6a-2 ... concave section, 6a-3 и и и и и Top plate, 6 a - 4 и и и и columnar projecting piece, 6 a - 5 и и и и
pin-like projecting piece, 6 a - 6 и и и и и и center line, 6 b ... Case part, 6b-1 ... notch, 6b = -2 ... top
plate, 6b-3 ... circular hole, 6b-4 ... ..Long hole 7. Tracking control drive section 8. Jitter
compensation coil 9. Needle pressure imparting coil 10. Positioning piece, 11 ииии Pick a Puamu,
13 ... songs elastic supporting members, 13a, 13b ...... lateral arms, 14 ...... guide member.
cartridge case of a signal pickup device, and more particularly to a cartridge case having a twopiece structure of a nuclear case so that a signal formed so that the regenerating needle can be
positioned without variation within the case And a cartridge case of the pickup device. BEST
MODE FOR CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION An embodiment of a cartridge case according to the
present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are
respectively a car according to the present invention) a signal pickup device (1) to which a car
cassette II application is applied, FIG. 3 and FIG. FIG. 4 is a view showing one embodiment of a
cartridge case having a large design number. 1 and 2, the signal pickup device 1 is incorporated
in a housing 3 for moving the song lick II of the video disc 2 in the direction of the student, and
the reproducing needle 4 is rotated in the direction of the arrow A, To relatively reproduce the
information signal. The cleaning pickup device 1 is of a detachable cartridge type and includes a
cartridge case 6 in which a pickup arm assembly 5 is internally supported, a tracking control
drive (not shown) provided on a fixed side to which the cartridge case 6 is mounted The cartridge
case 6 made of 0 resin made up of the part 7, the tenter compensation coil 8, the needle pressure
applying coil 9, etc. is made of a resinous material such as a resin base material having a base
with a wringing collar part 6a- + as shown in FIGS. 3 and 4 Part 6a and a case part 6b for
supporting the pickup 7- assembly 5-fc, both of which are positioned and assembled (2) as
described later. In addition, the base portion 6aj is formed with a recess 6a-2 which engages with
the positioning piece 10 of the fixed salient to regulate the position. The pickup arm assembly 5
(or the first side in which the permanent magnet piece 12 of the pickup arm 11 is press-fitted is
held by the elastic supporting member 13 made of 2 m, and the ends of the right and left arm
portions 13 a, 13 b of the member 13 Is fitted in the notch 6b-1 of the case portion 6b and fixed
by adhesion, and elastically supported inside the case portion 6b. In this way, the threedimensional body 5 incorporates the pickup arm + t 'by fitting a rubber member, and it is in a
state in which an assembling error is likely to occur. When an assembling error occurs, the
regeneration needle 4 deviates from the center line of the case portion 6 b and the first prize is
awarded, and the position of the regenerating needle 4 in the plan view of the signal picking
completion device varies in position. - Ten thousand, play if if the position of housing 3! l
operation is controlled, and the position of the housing 3 at the time of starting the restart is set
to a predetermined position with respect to the Darn table.
Therefore, when the regeneration needle 4 (3) is lowered when the housing 3 is in a
predetermined position at the soil, the seedling needle 4 does not descend to the disk surface in
some cases due to the above-mentioned variations, There is a risk of causing a serious accident
that it goes down. Therefore, according to the present invention, the position adjustment is made
when the l'i, pickup arm assembly 5 is assembled into the case part 6 b and the base part 6 a,
and the case part 6 b is coupled to the base part ga It is a vine structure. - A mouth, one circular
hole 6 b - 3 and two long holes 6 b - 4 are formed in the top plate 6 b - 2 of the case portion 6 b
and kneaded (correspondingly, the top plate of the base '1% 6 a 6a-3i Rolling One columnar
protruding piece 6a-4 and two pin-shaped protruding pieces 6a-5 are formed. The elongated hole
6 b - 4 and the pin-shaped protruding piece 6 a - 5 are arranged in an arc of the same radius
centered on the circular hole 6 b - 3 and the columnar protruding piece 6 a - 4, respectively. As
shown in FIG. 4, the Hus portion 6 b is formed by fitting the circular hole 6 b - 3 to the columnar
protrusion 6 a - 4 of the base portion 6 a and the long hole 6 b - 4 to the pin-like protrusion 6 a 5, respectively So that the top plates 6b-2 and 6a-s are brought into contact with each other and
combined with the base portion 6a. In this state, the case portion 6 b is in a state of rotating in a
slightly angular range around the circular hole 6 b - 3 with respect to the base drawing 1 (4).
Therefore, using the optical mounting, fix the base wick 6a by stiffness, and rotate the case part
6b appropriately with rotation A so that the tip of the regeneration needle 4 is located on the
center # F'a-6 of the base part 6a In this state, weld the protruding pieces 63-4, 6a-5 and the
holes 6b-3, 6b-4 to each other. In spite of an error in assembling the pickup arm assembly 5 into
the case portion 6 b, the cart 1 (in the state of the tug casing 6, the regeneration needle 4 is
located on the center 63 - 6 of the base portion 6 a Become. In the cartridge case 6, the q portion
6 a - 1 of the base portion 6 a is inserted into the guide member 14 while being inserted into the
nerve. With respect to each cartridge case, the position W of the regeneration needle 4 is kept
constant without variation. As a result, even if the cartridge case is exchanged, the position of the
re-mains 4 is 1) Do not change the position with respect to 1 Ugings 3? In particular, at the time
of the lead-in operation, the falling position of the re-outgoing needle 4 onto the video disk 2 is
(5) when the video disk-h is constant. In the above-mentioned town, the cartridges of the signal
pickup device which becomes a tree "1 r" are the base parts which are installed (I] l +, the pickup
arm assembly is supported inside It is adjusted to the base part and it is undefined.) Animation as
a divisional structure consisting of 1) and 1), even when the assembly rUJ of the pickup arm and
'11 is attached, as a cartridge case Can regulate the position of the regeneration needle 4 on the
mountain core line to be positive and r, and even if the cartridge case is replaced with a needle,
the position of the regeneration needle in the signal pickup device is constant In particular, the
feature that 1%% ? I in the disk falls during the lead - in operation, the position where the
attachment is fixed is constant, the disadvantage that the raw material can be removed from the
disk does not occur .
?????? i, brief disconnection of the first embodiment of the invention, FIG. 1 is a partially
customized plan view showing the explanation in the play mode of the No. A pick amp apparatus
incorporating the cartridge case according to the present invention, FIG. 3 is an exploded
perspective view of one embodiment of the cartridge case (6) of the present invention, FIG. 4 is
an exploded perspective view of the bottom surface of the cartridge case assembled with the
cartridge case FIG. l и 0 signal pickup WJ 2 @ и e video disc, 3 и 0 housing, 4 и и и regeneration
needle, 5 и и и big end arm assembly, 6 ? ... cartridge case, 6 a ... base portion, 6 a - t ... 6 collar
section, 6a-2 @ 11 + 1 recess section, 6a-311 @@ top plate, 6a-4 ..... columnar projection piece,
6a-s ... pin-like projection piece, 6a-all ... center line, 6 b и fist и case part, 6 b - + и и и notch, 6 b - 2 и
и ? s s, 6 b - s и и circular hole, 6 b - 4 иии elongated hole, 7 и и trunks control drive part, 8 и ? и jitter
peeing coil, 9 и и и needle pressure imparting coil, 10 и и и N '? N-piece, 11 @.. Pickup arm, 13 ? ea)
'll supporting member, 13 a, 13 b ** table left right 11 l 1 part, 1.4 --- guide member. Utility
model registration departure person Japan Victor Company Limited, 4 agents' attorney Tadahiko
Ito, P Penalso Island 1) Climb (7) "<-. 4 co - ? - = "\ \ - yo. Yes, it is 6 ░ and 6 ░. District 0 - =
Mound 1 - Mound. ) \ __ - "[Fig. 6 b 6 b - 16 - \ 13 b 1313 a 116 (1 - 26 a / 4 и 0 - 1 0 - 5 o - 3
Figure 4 66 b - + 6 a 6 o ░ ░ Roll \ 6 Q - 56 o - 660 - : 0 - 5 b - 11,) и l '! (F: 5-5) 6 Other than
the above inventor, utility model registration applicant or agent (1) Inventor Address Name (2)
Utility model registration applicant ([3 Name (name) (1) Name (name) (3) Representative 102 To
the East и и и r Illlx Kojimachi 5 + 17 Maix Rokkaki l with Ichi TBR 1207 - ji (8595) fT Ri Tsushima
January ) 75 - "" "
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