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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an embodiment of the
speaker grille of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the grill frame, and FIG. 3 is
a sectional view of the grill frame. 1 ... grille frame, 2 ... decorative bar, 3 ... speaker net ", 4 ... end
screw, 5 ... staple pull.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a grill for a
speaker system. Speaker 7 Sudem has a speaker grill with a structure stretched to its PIi straight
C 卆 本. Since the speaker grill is generally -f planar and uniform, it has poor appearance change,
so attach a padge or other design part to the surface, or attach the shape of the grill, for example,
to the groove or to the outer shoulder Ubagi and other design parts that are seeking changes in
appearance due to the lashes such as tilting are made of many metals or plastics etc, but if it is
absolutely expensive to be used for the design 4 ' I have no choice but to do. Also, when changing
the shape of the grill, the effect of implementing the inclination of the outer circumference
citizen is poor, and in the case of providing the groove part, a step of adhering the speaker net
and the grill frame body in the groove part is necessary and many processing Time is entrusted
and workability is also good ^. The present invention is to provide a speaker grille which is rich
in appearance more inexpensively in place of the conventional technique of souvenir. The
present invention uses noodle shrinkage in which a vinyl chloride or a notch board is affixed to
an inexpensive plywood or particleboard as a craftsmithing part, and it is fitted into a groove
provided in the grill frame body through a speaker net, and wood screws, The speaker grill which
is rich in appearance can be manufactured cheaply by fixing with easy means such as a
snowflake or the like. Below, we explain the present invention 1 l - 18 ir (to show - f). In the
figure, 1 is a grill frame body of 7 from plywood, plastic, etc. It has 1 site Ivζ or 1 groove section
111 at a few places. Frying with a decorative lining made of 2 扛 chlorinated vinyl sheet or
plywood sticked plywood or vermiculite, the folded part is subjected to folding processing,
painting, vinyl chloride sheet sticking, temporary sticking etc. as necessary . Also, its dimensions
are slightly narrower than the width dimension of the groove $ 1s, 6 is speaker net, sound
permeability, I! It is a highly rich fabric. The decorative lane 2 is inserted through the speaker net
3, the heel portion 1 arc vinyl chloride sheet or the veneer surface as shown in Table 5 - 1 frame
body as shown in Figure 5) 7% wood screw 4 stave from the side Work such as 1155 1
ε fixed
in an easy way. After installing the speaker net 5i142, tighten it and stick it to the back of the
grill frame 1 by means of a table or insulting means. Alternatively, you can trim a sneaky cane, 1
or 3 as a crim frame 1i stretching, sticking waves, fraud 2 as J.
Speaker frame & 1 tiK is equipped with a device to engage the speaker grill and the speaker box
in the detachable eye. According to the present invention, it is possible to obtain a more varied
and luxurious speaker grille than a monotonous appearance of a conventional speaker grill by
using a simple process without using expensive design parts, You can do.
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