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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing a conventional
structure, FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing one embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3
explains one embodiment of the present invention FIG. 4 is a partial cross-sectional view showing
another embodiment of the present invention. 1 ... display panel, 2 ... ground plate, 3 ... battery, 4
... buzzer, 5 ... tubular intermediate member, 6 · · · · · Case, 7 · · · · glass, 8 · · · · · back lid, 11 · · · ·
guide ring, 12 · · · · · · Puckkin A, 13 · · · · · · · Puckkin B 114 · · · · battery pigs.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT A wooden plan is kept with a book on
improvements of experts who have buzzers which are driven by Φ energy. Conventionally, in an
alarm shaft needle using a buzzer, there is 411 which arranges the lower hebsa of one display
panel without arranging it, and 411 which sounds the sound of the buddha to the Xiangburi 1,
but this structure About buzzer 's pronunciation and shooting was hindered by the bleeding to
the pig' s arms about, rogue shootout 1 brought back, Xiang Butaga 'double!' 1iiiL, the structure
which installs buzzer to the inside of piggyback pigs, sets the way to sound emission to one slope
etc. of outside pig - glue stick to the arm is common. Poison - 2-99 ° 2, · However, depending on
the close adhesion to the back pig's arms, the sound of the buzzer sounds jolted by the arms and
the sound of one buzzer / 1 / Battery pigs to make life easier or to ease Ochike 's father' s fall,
two structures, a structure to beat Pabutake and i have a long way to go, bait is the first bowl , Ike Pig is hard to put on. Because my father, Shiga pigs are two pieces 1 Power is a drawback
that one clock is thick and it keeps thinning. As a known technique for solving these drawbacks,
as illustrated in FIG. 1, the liquid display panel and the button are arranged so that they do not
have a city, and the sound of the buzzer is emitted to the table l of the timepiece ζ structure.
According to this' lli construction, the disadvantages of the # structure can be solved but if you
do not arrange the display panel and the buzzer so that they overlap in a plane 7! ) There is no
restriction that 1 flat panel display and buzzer 's plane Neubane are too big for it. But to 1% in all
electronic digital watches. Multiple machinery 's axis time must be a strong one, easy to use
watch. ) - In the alarm clock to be covered by the present invention, by displaying the fixed time
of day at the same time, together with the operation time display such as book, hour, minute,
second, date, the previous day, Hida k c -, to set the alarm's cleverness line 7) It makes it easier to
use, there are also 11 points where you can always track the set time of the aim. Although there
is a necessity to make this display panel larger than the conventional display panel, if the display
panel is simply arranged in parallel with the keyboard in a simple manner, especially in the case
of a small alarm wrist watch , I like to become large, it is tough, portability is bad, and it turns out
to be a clock that is undesirable also in the way of designing. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is
therefore an object of the present invention to provide an effective method for realizing a
compact alarm clock, in particular, from a large display panel ef.
In concrete terms, we will explain the g11 in detail. FIG. 2 is a sectional view of a concrete
embodiment of the present invention. In FIG. 2, the holding panel 17 - 1 is fixed to the lips 2 by
an appropriate fixing member 10. Land letter 2 is 5 r '-4 - metals, printed bases, etc. To meet,
watermelon (not shown) electronic circuit etc It is wearing. The battery 5 and the buzzer 4 are
west one pupil on the back porch 8 side of the main plate 2. Reference numeral 15 denotes a
circuit case which guides the battery 6, the complementary shaft of the base plate 2 and
supports, and guides and supports the parts of the base plate 2. Buzzer 4 (1) In general, the unit
is mounted and it forms a circle iF, but the tubular intermediate member 5 is engaged so as to hit
the shake # part 4 a of this buzzer 4. The tubular intermediate member 5 has at least two or
more openings connected by a hollow portion 5 b, one of which is engaged with the vibrational
spinal portion 4 a of the buzzer 4 and the other end engages with the protruding portion 5 a
What? bVL, with case 6 sound emission hole 6aK glue. It is guiding the sound emitted from the
buzzer 4a to the outside. Most of the buzzer 4 is placed heavily on the table 'y'r <hammer 1, but
due to the projecting part 5 a of the cylindrical intermediate member provided eccentrically with
the planar shape of the buzzer 4. The sound of buzzer 4 approaches 175 of display panel 1 and
is emitted to the clock table 11 of 1 clock, that is, the time indication lit :. · Ν / "- 5 - At this time,
the protruding portion 5a of the tubular intermediate member can be disposed in a substantially
crescent shaped portion surrounded by the display panel 1 and the base plate 2 as shown in &
As you can see, it is easy to understand what to do with a large display panel to make a large
watch movement, - according to wood powder construction, the buzzer 4 is overlapped with the
display panel 1 Therefore, it is possible to enlarge the shape of the buzzer 4 [Il'Iv], which makes
it possible to thin the buzzer without decreasing the volume of the booster H - 4, and the buzzer
installation part is the same as the battery 5 It is possible to set buzzer 4 and the display panel 1
in the middle even if the watch is in the storehouse, because the buzzer 4 's shooting skill gets
bigger, buzzer 4' s The frequency axis trunk spreads especially to the low range, the sound range
spreads, and sound city Asahi stabilizes. Ur water r: i, Hatsukin A12. Puckkin B111i - It is easy to
obtain the airtight solidification of the mre part 4a of the bowl Il'-4. In addition, wooden barrel f!
In the 2nd figure and 5th 1, we add the tubular intermediate member 5 to the landing area fi2
and further engage the = 6-buzzer 4, but this and the second dance place The guiding hole 2a is
provided to guide the protruding portion 5a of the cylindrical intermediate member, and the
position of the protruding portion 5a of the tubular inner casing portion with respect to the
casing 6 is ensured with high precision. There is no hindrance at all.
In the conventional structure, the case where the buzzer 4 is an exterior part 6. While it can be
attached to the Xiang pig 10, etc., all can be integrated into a timepiece movement, it is
advantageous in checking with free hands free handling etc. The guide hole 2a of the front ifeature may be a notch. "In addition, as shown in Figure 2, as for the battery pig 14 easy to leave,
I can be aware of it. As another embodiment of the present invention, as shown in hJ, ', 4, even if
the shape of the hollow portion leading the sound is covered by the case, it is necessary to expect
large resonance of the sound, sound resonance, You can book. Although it is possible to directly
hold the protrusion 5a of the tubular intermediate member and the case 6 when connecting it. If
constraints such as the wall thickness of the case are present, it is also possible to secure the
shin-guiding guide ring 11 to the case 6 in an airtight manner as shown in w, 2. 7 - Narrow, the
tubular intermediate member 5 is manufactured by dividing it into several pieces. Although this
ET ability is common, it is generally easy to make it in a complicated rectangular shape with low
comfort by integrally forming with a brassie You can get it. The elongated knotted intermediate
member 5 can be integrally formed with the single circuit case 715. In the present invention, IAT
is a display panel of Digital Hiroshi, RIJ- [It is an analog type character Osaka that is one of the
display panels of one display but it can be used for each line easily It is a puzzle. 141 As
explained in detail, according to this Opinion, a large display hanel which boosts the alarm set
time at the normal time and ITf 1, and a small J display with an alarm buzzer with analog catalog
letters , Sawa style η · ojii, It is a tessai na first ", so you can enlarge If 11 @ of Buzz - so that
volume and sound quality are stabilized and uniform product finishes - It is possible to rationalize
the production of watch yarn watches, waterproofness can also be easily given to pants, l The
attachment of lake pigs is also external force. It is easy to compact, it can easily produce women's
alarm, - ° - wristwatch and the like. Also, the assembling property was inferior to the
conventional structure <1 checking handling of watches Salt is * 1 j. By devising the ya shape of
the sound release part, it improves the volume, the sound quality, and the choice of the direction
of the sound emission direction is the effect of the horse which is EiT する. Furthermore, it can be
formed by tubular mountainous section lx b → throated screw etc etc, easily processed 6 times in
the processing, same case as case etc) and L can be made n- It is the idea immediately. On the
contrary, it is an excellent R proposal that can be implemented easily in the internal S as well.
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