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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view showing installation of a
sealed type speaker showing one embodiment of the present invention. 6: Washer, 7: Wing bolt,
8: Bolt hole, 9: Lead wire drawer "1: Sealed speaker cabinet, 212 '13.3': Laminated fastener, 4:
Rear parcel tray, 5: hole.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention relates to a hermetically
sealed speaker mounted on a private car or the like. In the past when installing a sealed sprung
mass at the rear of a car as one of the components of a car stereo system, conventionally the
cabinet of the speaker is fixed to the rear parcel tray with a dedicated mounting bracket and a
plurality of screws, 44 Has been adopted exclusively. However, this method has the disadvantage
that installation requires a tool for work, requires ripe H, and requires one time. もつとも。 A socalled one-point stopping method of fixing a cabinet of a closed type speaker to a substrate such
as a rear parcel tray by a pair of bolts and nuts has also been proposed, but this one-point
stopping method has been proposed such as chattering etc. between the speaker body and the
substrate Is likely to occur, which is not recommended. In view of the circumstances as described
above, the present invention proposes a hermetically sealed type speaker which can be extremely
easily attached to 5 amateurs. That is, the hermetic type speaker according to the present
invention is characterized in that the cabinet is attached to the substrate by a fastening fastener
and a pair of bolts / nuts. What is pasting fastener here? Comprising a combination of a cloth
support having a large number of loops and a cloth support having a number of mushroom-like
pieces or hooks, and by engaging the mushroom-shaped pieces or hooks in the loop, two cloth
supports Say fastener of a type that sticks your body. In the present invention, it is also possible
to form one of the pair of fastening fasteners with a fluff cloth such as a jacket or a blanket. The
present invention uses a pair of bolts and nuts in the point that it uses the above-mentioned onepoint stopping method, but since a lamination fastener is used together, it is possible to use a
single point bolt / There will be no chance of chapping, co-silkworms etc. occurring between.
That is, the laminated fastener also functions as a cushioning material. Also, if one set of the nuts
of the above-mentioned Delt · Nut is embedded in the cabinet of the sealed type speaker and the
wing bolt is used for the bolt screwed to the nut, even if the tool is not used at all, the sealed type
speaker is placed on the board It can be installed. If you go forward and explain the example of
attaching a closed loudspeaker to the Automatic Army 's Cell - Tray as a drawing number. In the
example shown in the drawing, a nut is buried in approximately the center of the rear surface of
the cabinet ill of the hermetic speaker, and the case where two sets of two fastening fasteners are
used is shown. As shown in the drawing, on the back side of the cabinet ill, one pair of two
fastening tensions t 2 + 121 'and + 31131 + 31 (31 is joined by an arbitrary means such as an
adhesive or a double-sided adhesive tape and the rear parcel tray (4 (8), the other + 21 '+ 3 of the
fastening fasteners is bonded to a predetermined position by any means such as adhesive or
double-sided adhesive tape.
In this case, if the upper surface of the rear nosei-cell tray 141 is processed with a fuzzing cloth
such as a jacket, use of the fastening fastener 12 i 't 3)' can be omitted. Then place the mountain
cabinet on the rear parcel tray (4) so
that the fastening fasteners + 21 + 3 · are engaged with 2
beaks (3 j 'respectively). Push the wing bolt (7) through the bolt hole t8i of the tray through the
bottom surface of the tray (41 from the bottom plate (5) and the washer (6) and screw it into the
NAND embedded in the back of the cabinet) ill By doing so installation is complete. In addition,
reference numeral (9) is a lead and lead-out hole provided in the rear nosepiece tray. As
described above, the hermetic type speaker of the present invention can complete the work in a
short time even with an amateur because it can be attached to the substrate 1 (: jlil with a
lamination fastener and a set of zelt · nuts. また。 Embed the nut in the cabinet of the sealed
speaker. Use wing melt for the Zelt to be screwed to this, Shigenobu does not require tools at all
for work. Besides, since the cushioning fastener can be expected to have a cushioning effect, it is
possible to prevent the simultaneous photographing between the speaker and the substrate. A
brief explanatory drawing of FIG. 4 (8) shows this invention QJ - Example Installation of the
sealed speaker shown is an explanatory physician. 11 i: Cabinet of sealed type speaker (2 to 21
'1301': laminated fastener (4) rear parcel tray (5) patch plate (6): washer (7): wingtelt + 81: / rut
hole Hole Clarion Co., Ltd. Agent Ash 1) Director 4 - Hajime 2 ° 4 begs \ \ 61 '",' B 53 A Clarion
Co., Ltd. Agent Asaida + '. 6 Other inventor, utility model registration applicant or proxy (1)
Inventor t '奇 U Prefecture 八 8 l ++ 7 j 7 hfj 17150 Taterion Equity Odori Saito [S in Chiba
Terunobu (2) Tenkawa New Proposal (, Applicant ( 3) Agent (2) Surrounding 2
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