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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of a conventional device, and FIG. 2
is a side view showing the present invention. 1: Tone arm, 2: Head shell, 5: Cartridge, 7:
Antivibration rubber.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a pink-up arm
device, and more particularly to suppressing vibrations of the head shell. Here, the prior art will
be explained with reference to FIG. 2, in the head shell 2 fastened by the screw 8 to the tone arm
1, the cartridge 5 is mounted between the vibration damping rubber 6 and the head shell 2 by
means of the mounting screw 3 and 4 nut 4 Has been done. That is, it is formed so that harmful
vibration of the head shell 2 is hardly transmitted by the rubber vibration isolator 6. However, in
this prior art configuration, in order to obtain the vibration damping effect, the rubber vibration
isolator 6 should not be made soft. Since g '73 ° 7 is not required, the cartridge tilts easily due
to the structure and the horizontal and vertical tracking errors worsen There is a fear that the
hardness of the rubber vibration isolating rubber 6 and the manufacturing control of the
fastening torque are difficult to be added, there is a disadvantage that the housing and the shell
ratio deteriorate on the contrary because partial resonance occurs at this part. In addition, as a
conventional technique other than knobs, there was also a radic shell made of a light alloy as a
conventional technology, but it was expensive, the specific gravity was large, the weight of the
head shell increased, the inertial mass of the tone arm became doggy. SUMMARY OF THE
INVENTION Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide a pickup arm device
which eliminates the above-mentioned drawbacks of the prior art, increases the vibration
damping effect of the head shell, and takes into account the shaft needle of the head shell.
Therefore, in the present invention, in order to suppress harmful vibrations of the head shell,
vibration damping rubbers are interposed between the cartridge portion of the cartridge and the
radial shell, and the vibration part is directly pressed to increase the vibration isolation efficiency
And fix the attachment part with screws or the like so as not to cause slack inclination so as to
eliminate deterioration of the horizontal and vertical tracking error of the cartridge and to make
it possible to use a material with low specific gravity and low cost in the head shell, Thereby
improving the tracing ability of the arm and reducing the cost. 2, the cartridge 5 is screwed onto
the head shell 2 fastened by the screw 8 to the tone arm 1 by the mounting screw 3 and the nut
4. A vibration-proof comb 7 having a large internal loss is inserted between the cartridge 5 and
the connector portion 9 of the holed shell 2. That is, in this embodiment, when the upper surface
10 of the holed shell 2 resonates at the number + 00 # z and vibrates in the vertical direction,
since the 5 cartridge 5 moves relative to the connector portion 9, the vibration damping rubber 7
is bent or compressed Displacement of the tension occurs, absorbs the vibration energy due to
the internal loss of the rubber vibration isolator 7, and suppresses the resonance of the head
shell 2.
Also, since the head shell 2 corresponds to a cantilever and the cartridge 5 is positioned at the tip
end, since this cartridge part is directly pressed against the anti-vibration goggles 7, the pressing
force in view of the bending moment is weak and may be prevented The shaking efficiency is
good for non-flesh. In this way, according to the present invention, since the resonance of the
head shell itself is absorbed by the vibration damping rubber so as to firmly fix to the head shell
by fastening the screw of attaching the cartridge or the like, the inclination due to inclination of
the cartridge The deterioration of the ranking error disappears. Further, in the present invention,
since the hardness of the rubber vibration isolator has no influence on the mounting, there is an
advantage such that the accuracy can be loose. In addition, according to the present invention,
the material of Henothonel can be one having a specific gravity of Arts resin etc. of about 1 and it
can be inexpensive so that the weight of the head shell is lighter so that the inertia X amount of
the tone arm becomes smaller and the tracing ability can be improved. There are advantages
such as the cost of manufacturing Hentongu can be made cheaply. Of course, the resonance of
Hennothonel has effects such as improving the anti-vibration efficiency by improving the
wringing and the 57 / N hole because it directly holds the cartridge part with a large amplitude
by the anti-protein rubber with large internal loss compared to metal etc. .
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