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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
wherein FIG. 1 is a perspective plan view of the whole, and FIG. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal side
view of the main part. A speaker holding plate 2, a ceiling plate 2, a speaker mounting hole 4, a
speaker 4, a spring loading cylinder 5, a spring 6, a native product 7, a rotary operation rod 8, a
rotary shaft portion 8 a, 8b an operating head, 9 a stopper, 10 a holding piece and 11 a nut.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention relates to an improvement of
a device for attaching a ceiling speaker to a ceiling plate in a one-in-one manner. The object of
the present invention is to provide a ceiling speaker mounting device which can easily be
warmed and conveniently mounted on the ceiling plate + /) 4.42 without fail regardless of the
thickness and material of the ceiling board The configuration of the illustrated embodiment will
be described as follows. 1 is a disk-shaped speaker holding plate larger than the speaker
mounting hole 3 provided on the ceiling plate 2, and a speaker 4 is attached to the center of the
back surface of the holding plate 1. 5 is an elastomeric loading cylinder which is erected at three
equal intervals on the back surface of the periphery of the speaker 4 of the holding plate 1 and
both of which are molded integrally with the holding plate 1 by hard synthetic resin The o 6 is
hooked on the ceiling of the loading barrel 5 to hang the upper hook part in the barrel 5, and a
spring 7 is attached to the lower end hook part of the spring 6, and the eight head part 8 & 8
And a rotating shaft portion 8b of the rotating shaft portion 8b abuts against the lower surface of
the horse seat 7 and the spring 6 is skewed from the hole of the ring seat 7 to protrude upward
from the top hole 5 & of the loading cylinder 5 The lower limit position of the operating rod 8 is
set by the stopper 9 and it can be raised and turned (3) against the spring 6. The pressing piece
10 is bent downward and screwed onto the projecting shaft portion 8 b of the ten company's
rotating operation rod 8. The pressing piece 10 is fixed to the rotating shaft portion 8 b by the
nut 11 in a natural state in a lateral direction When it is done, it moves up and down with the
vertical movement of the nut 11 in order to adjust the fixed position. Reference numeral 12
denotes a claw provided at the tip of the pressing piece 10. Now, in the natural state, each of the
hanging pieces 10 turns sideways as shown in FIG. 1, so that the speaker holding plate 1 is fitted
into the mounting hole 3 of the ceiling plate 2 in this state, and the three holding pieces 10, the
driver firstly pushes up the head portion 8a of the rotary operation rod 8 from the position of the
imaginary line in FIG. 2 upward against the position of the solid line against the spring 6 and at
the same time 901! While turning and turning (with the presser piece 10 facing outward), push
up force is loosened and it is lowered by the reaction force of the spring 6, and when the nail 12
of the presser piece 10 hits the back side of the ceiling board 2 As shown by the solid line in FIG.
2, the presser foot 141 of the driver is released from the driver t-W portion 8 a, and the piece 10
of the presser foot is cleared by the resilient force of the spring 6 to the back surface of the
ceiling, and then the two presser pieces 10 The ceiling board 2C in the same way by the driver)
can not bite into the back side, the holding plate 1 can be firmly attached to the mounting hole 3
by the two holding pieces 10.
In the above embodiment, the head 8a of the rotary operation rod 8 is a screw head, so it uses a
screwdriver to make it 1A, but if the head 8a is shaped like a knob shape or swingable with a
fingertip, even if a driver is not used, You will be able to operate with. Also, if three holding
pieces 10 are provided on the holding plate 1, it is ideal because of the sense of stability, but it
goes without saying that it can be mounted even if it is made to be two opposite. Further, in the
above-described embodiment, the pressing piece 10 has a certain vertical width by the spring 6
so as to be able to comply with the thickness of the ceiling plate 2, but furthermore, by pressing
the pressing piece 10 with the nut, Since it can be adjusted up and down along% 8b, it becomes
possible to seal it to the thickness of the ceiling board 2 at the upper and lower 11iH, and the
position of the presser piece 10 is adjusted beforehand according to the ceiling enjoyment The
facing and peeling can be attached by the spring force of the best spring 6. As described above,
according to the present invention, when at least two spring loading cylinders of which the
bottom surface is opened are positively driven to the back surface around the speaker of the
speaker holding plate which is larger than the speaker mounting hole provided on the ceiling
board as mentioned above, In which the rotary shaft portion protrudes upward from the cylinder
in a state in which the operation head is elastically fixed to the lower side of the cylinder by the
loading elastic machine, and the rotary operation rod of the rotary operation rod Since the
pressing piece is attached to the protruding shaft portion and the pressing piece is turned
upward from the side to the outside by the operating rod which raises and rotates the pressing
piece against the elastic machine so as to press the back face of the ceiling board, And to easily
and surely attach the speaker to the ceiling board. Moreover, it is attached regardless of the
thickness and material of the ceiling board, it can be removed easily on top of its "6", it can be
done with ease by maintenance work etc. It is extremely convenient.
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