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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The accompanying drawings show preferred and
exemplary embodiments of the present invention, wherein FIG. 1 is a partially broken side view
showing a state of use when a speaker according to the present invention is attached to a
support of a headrest, 2 is a plan view of the same state. In the drawings, reference numeral 1
denotes a seat back, 2 a post, 3 a headrest, 5 a speaker case, 6 a speaker unit, and 10 a sound
guide tube.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker to be
attached to a strut of a headrest or a headrest itself. Conventionally, in order to listen to radio,
tape recorder, etc. inside a room of an automobile or the like, a speaker is disposed on an inner
panel, a door mirror □ -1 - t 4, · l 9 = a finning, a rear tray and the like. In the case where a
speaker is arranged in such a place, stereo feeling becomes poor depending on the position of
the occupant, lack of volume is caused, and furthermore, each person can not listen to different
broadcasting stations. Such a disadvantage can be solved by providing an earphone, a receiver
and the like, but since the earphone, the receiver, etc. completely close off the occupant's ears, in
case of talking with another person or the like, Also, since the lead wires are connected, it is
troublesome to remove them as in the above case even when moving to a neighboring seat or the
like. In consideration of the problems as described above, the inventor of the present invention
has made the present invention to effectively solve the problem, and its object is to attach a
speaker case to the headrest itself or in the vicinity of the speaker case, In which a speaker unit is
disposed in the speaker case and the base end portion of the sound guiding tube is connected to
the speaker case and the distal end portion of the sound guiding tube is extended to the ear of
the occupant so as to provide a speaker suitable for parting . -2-1υ IJ-1 ¥ "? ) 'Near Hereinafter,
a preferred embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with reference to the
accompanying drawings. FIG. 1 is a partially broken side view showing an example in which the
speaker according to the present invention is attached to a strut of a headrest, and FIG. 2 is a
plan view thereof. Reference numeral 1 denotes a seat back, and a headrest 3 is inserted through
the support 2 on the upper surface of the seat back 1. A bracket 4 is provided in a protruding
manner at an intermediate portion of the support 2, and the speaker case 5 is attached to the
bracket 4 with screws or the like. The speaker case 5 has a substantially box shape in which a
storage part 7 for accommodating the speaker unit 6 is formed. In attaching the case 5 to the
support column 2, an opening 8 is formed on a surface facing the surface, And a holding portion
9 having a flange portion at its tip end projects from the peripheral end of the opening portion 8.
The proximal end portion 11 of the sound guide tube 100 is engaged with the engagement
portion 9. This sound guiding tube 10 is made of a soft plastic material or the like, has a sound
guiding hole 12 "HJ") communicating with the accommodating portion 7 through the opening
portion 8 and has a base end Section 11 as shown in FIG. Since the base end portion 11 of the
sound guide tube 10 is engaged with the upper hole engagement portion 9 with moderation so
as to rotate with respect to the case 5 when a certain degree of force is applied, It is possible to
adjust the height of the tip of the sound guide tube 10 according to the sitting height, for
example the physique of the child.
Further, as shown in FIG. 2, if a pair of left and right sound guiding tubes 10.10 are provided, it
can be applied to stereo broadcasting. It should be noted that the above is merely a mere
example of implementation of the present invention, and whether or not to provide a pair of
sound guiding tubes is arbitrary, and in the case where the headrest and the seat back are
integrated, etc., within the headrest , And a speaker case may be disposed in the recessed portion,
or a speaker case cage, 7 notes may be attached to the headrest itself. Furthermore, the sound
guide cuff may be a Cj-shaped mouth), / - 1 flexible tube may be used, and by doing in this way it
is possible to stop the tip of the sound guiding tube at an arbitrary position. As is apparent from
the above description, according to the present invention, 10 (Ju-) Kaoru I peeker case is
attached to the headrest body or its vicinity, a speaker unit is disposed in the speaker case, while
the base end portion of the sound guide tube is connected to the speaker case, and the tip end
portion So that each passenger can listen to the optimum condition, that is, with a good stereo
feeling and a sufficient sound volume, and even if individual passengers listen to different
broadcasting stations, even if they are listening to different broadcasting stations, It is a great
advantage such as being able to be personalized without getting in the way of disturbance.
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