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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a mounting state
of a fixture according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing a state in
which an acoustic transducer is attached using the fixture. t tool, soot B-29 Ichiroko Akira 50117713 (2) Figure 2 -
fixture for an acoustic transducer such as a speaker for use in an interphone, a telephone, or the
like. Generally, an acoustic transducer installed in an intercom or a phone key station is attached
to a predetermined substrate in one plane with JIJ) with the acoustic radiation surface facing
downward. In this case, for the purpose of fixing this acoustic transducer to the Koji epoch and
for the purpose of preventing adhesion of water droplet ring (1) falling on one acoustic
transducer top, a cover made of synthetic resin or metal is mounted Although it is used as a tool,
in the case of this kind of hi-one integration in the related art, since the shape is formed in a box
shape, it is necessary to hermetically close the acoustic transducer K), there is a disadvantage
that acoustic characteristics are deteriorated It was. For this reason, conventionally, it is
necessary to provide pores for reducing the acoustic resistance in the hanger integration, the
working process for this is very troublesome, and on the other hand, the covering integral is
directly bonded to the substrate , There is a disadvantage that separate mounting brackets must
be prepared. The object of the present invention is to provide a fixture that can maintain a good
acoustic property with a simple structure in view of the above-mentioned conventional
drawbacks, and the purpose of the inventive WM wood book is to mount on a predetermined
substrate A flat part covering the upper part of the acoustic transducer to be placed, and a
circumference l! 1, and a plurality of leg portions formed on the distal end portion thereof and
fixed to the subsidiary substrate, wherein the planar portion is formed by fixing the leg portions
to the substrate, - (i) suppressing and supporting the acoustic transducer on the substrate.
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS An embodiment of the present invention
shown in the drawings will be described below. In FIGS. 1 and 2, the acoustic transducer 2
mounted on the substrate 1 of the FjI in the telephone set is positioned on the acoustic hole 3
with the acoustic radiation surface facing downward and drilled in the substrate So as to be
supported by the fixture 4 according to the present invention. That is, the fixture 4 sounding the
golden-made flat portion 5 having a shape larger than the maximum outer diameter of the
acoustic transducer 2 and capable of covering the upper part of the acoustic transducer 2, The
pair of O leg portions 6 are integrally provided at the diagonal position around the waterproof
flat portion 5 which may be made of a material. , Also 81. At the position of the center plane 9 of
the bottom surface of the I - planar part 5, at the time of attachment of the fixture 4 described
later, it comes into contact with the upper surface of the cutoff acoustic transducer 2 to assist
suppression support of the acoustic transducer 2 Noah 7 or more are provided.
The leg 6 is formed to have the minimum width required for supporting the fixture 4, and the
stopper piece 8, which is raised at right angles to the front gas, and the extension 1 A fixed part
16 composed of the nine claw pieces 9 is provided. Of course, the length up to the fixed part 10
of the koji wiring s 6 is equal to the length 'k' ktl of the length of the harp poured sound
transducer 20. 9) The length of the nail piece 10 of the fixed part 1 o is made longer than the
thickness of the substrate 1. In the case 4, the nail piece 9 is inserted into the locking hole 11
bored at the corresponding part of the Sonagai 1 [10 It is made possible. Since the fixture 4 of
this embodiment has the above-described configuration, an acoustic transducer! The fixture 4 is
based on [IK] so that the claw piece 9 is inserted into the locking hole 11 from above. After that,
mt! As shown in I, the claw pieces 9 protruding downward from the base M1 are folded - # f or
adhered so that the claw pieces S cooperate with the locking pieces 8 to fasten the legs 61, that
is, the fixtures 4 And fixed on the substrate 1. The acoustic transducer 1B2 can be supported in a
state where the acoustic transducer 1B2 is sandwiched between the flat surface s5 and the
substrate 1 by means of the fitting 4Fi planar portion 51, that is, by the knob 1 pressing the
acoustic transducer 2 against the substrate 1). Also, since the legs 6 which are required to be
fixed for fixing are formed around the plane mlll 5 with the necessary minimum width, there is
enough space on the circumferential side of the acoustic transducer 2 It is provided and becomes
acoustically free. It goes without saying that the planar portion 5 can be prevented from
adhering to the acoustic transducer due to dropping of water droplets or the like. As is apparent
from the above description, according to the attachment tool of the acoustic transducer in the
telephone set or the like according to the present invention, it is constituted by the flat portion
covering the upper portion of the acoustic transducer and the leg portion provided around the
planar portion , It is possible to provide a sufficient space for acoustic conversion winding as well
as water droplet adhesion prevention effect and improve the acoustic characteristics. Moreover,
by providing the fixing part at the tip of the leg, it is possible to fix the fixture to the substrate as
it is without separately preparing the mounting metal piece, and it is also possible to reduce the
number of parts.
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