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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic diagram partially showing an
example of an acoustic apparatus according to the present invention. In the figure, reference
numeral 1 denotes a case body, 2 a plate surface thereof, 3 a voicing hole, 4 a speaker, 5 a
diaphragm, and 1 W a microphone. −61ー
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS The present invention relates to an acoustic
device Kll which internally forms a speaker and a microphone in a case body. Such a kind of
acoustic equipment is found in a small 1-lamb tape recorder. Thus, in the following description
that the sound I # device is a magnetic tape recorder, in the conventional Viterbi tape recorder,
the speaker and the microphone H 7 f / are juxtaposed against the plate surface of the case body
It is normal to arrange, so the case body is for the space for placing the speaker and microphone
k2 □ f6. う□お、。 5, 2 reasons - + 115 ·. Doors', 19 with a certain limit to miniaturize f.
Therefore, this thing is alright to the building which separately combines the sound collector with
this in order to improve sound collecting effect of omuro 7 ON. Accordingly, the present
invention can sufficiently downsize the entirety as compared with the conventional magnetic
tape recorder, and furthermore it is possible to obtain an excellent microphone pickup effect
without separately combining the sound collector. Such a magnetic tape recorder society
Proposal is to be made and will be clarified from the details of the actual wheel fIlt of the present
invention in the following drawings. In the figure, U denotes a magnetic tape recorder as a whole,
and a speaker and a microphone arranged as will be described later are incorporated in the case
body 1, and in the drawing, a drive coil for driving the magnetic tape, a magnetic It has a
magnetic head that is attached to or separated from the tape, a recording amplification system, a
reproduction amplification system, etc., and the former signal from the microphone at the time of
recording records the recording amplification system - the magnetic head Recorded on magnetic
tape via. 12) Ba · si "Also at the time of playback Magnetic head is assumed to be JIK which
reproduced sound signal is supplied to the speaker through the reproduction amplification
system to obtain reproduced sound O In an example of the present invention In such a magnetic
tape recorder, a speaker and a microphone are disposed in the case body 1 and incorporated in
the case body 1 as described below. That is, a voicing hole 6 made of, for example, a large
number of small apertures is formed in the plate surface of the case body 1 indicated by
reference numeral 2, and the voicing hole 5 of the plate surface 2 is drilled A speaker designated
by the reference numeral 4 is attached to the position where it is located. In this case, the type of
speaker 4ri can be applied, but the diaphragm has a conical diaphragm Jr, as indicated by
reference numeral 5, and such a speaker - 2 turns its conical diaphragm 5 And is attached to the
plate surface 2 in a relation opposed to the voicing hole 6. Also, as shown in rf 18 as a
microphone, 13) - (Applicable only to Electret W - v Ikeron which is sufficiently larger than the
diameter of the open end face of the diaphragm 5 of the occupied speaker 4, The sound receiving
surface 9 is installed inward at the position corresponding to the front position of the diaphragm
5 of the speaker 4 on the plate surface 2 and is disposed in front of the diaphragm 5 of the
speaker 4.
According to such a configuration, the sound radiated from the diaphragm 5 of the speaker 4 is
transmitted outside the case body 1 through the voicing hole 6 t - formed in the plate surface 2
thereof It is also obvious that sound from the outside of the case body 1 will be incident on the
sound receiving surface 9 of the microphone 8 through the voicing hole 31 formed in the plate
surface 2, A sound bud signal from the microphone 8 is recorded on the magnetic tape and a
reproduced sound is obtained from the speaker 4 as described in the reproduction time maker. In
this case, therefore, the microphone 8 is disposed in front of the diaphragm 5 of the speaker 4
and the speaker 4 and 41 are supplied? Since the space for arranging the microphone 8 is
shared, the case body 1 as a whole is downsized as a whole. Since the diaphragm 5 of the
speaker 4 seen from the microphone 8 acts as a sound collector, it is possible to obtain a
superior sound collecting effect of the microphone 8 without specially installing a separate sound
collector, It is a book that has a large feature such as not having to specialize in all case body.
Therefore, according to the incomprehensible idea, the whole can be sufficiently downsized as
compared with the conventional magnetic tape recorder, and speakers and microphones which
can obtain superior microphone sound collecting effect without separately combining all sound
collectors separately So that it is possible to obtain a built-in magnetic tape recorder. In the
above description, the case where the microphone 8 is busy mounted at the front position of the
diaphragm 5 of the speaker 4 on the plate surface 2 of the case body 1 has been described.
However, although not shown, the microphone 8 is located at the front position 51 7 of the
diaphragm 5 of the speaker 4 -; ◇ ◇ If you keep a uniform uniform that does not adversely
affect the vibration of the diaphragm 5, you can extend the support from the backward electricity
of the speaker 2 and attach the microphone 8 to it The microphone 8 is not limited to the
electret type described above, and other types of microphones may be applied. Father Although
the preceding machine was described as a magnetic tape recorder in the above description, it is
obvious that the present invention can be applied to this type of audio equipment as long as it is
a type of acoustic equipment incorporating a speaker and a microphone .
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