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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a conventional
pickup device. FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing a state in which the pickup device according
to the present invention is disassembled. FIG. 3} It is a perspective view showing the pickup
device according to the present invention. 1 is a shell, 2 is a screw hole. 3 is a fixed body, 4 is a
cartridge, 5 is a screw, 6 is an arm, and 7 is a shell. 7a is an upper plate, 8 is a needle tip position
adjustment member, 9 is a screw, 10 is a cartridge, 11 a screw hole 512 is a gap portion, and 13
is a screw. Figure 1 -5 Figure 1 - Figure 6 -
related to an improvement of a shell for pickup cartridges to be used by exchanging cartridges
variously. A conventional cartridge exchange type pickup cartridge shell is constructed as shown
in FIG. 1. Shell illKij solid nitrogen (3) threw the screw hole 12 + or have been self-clamped, cart
1) claw (4) or 2 to 5 screws (made to be more ancient) . Shift and change the cartridge (4) ·; m =
'# 47 Ruin two screws; 5) loosen it and lose it from the old · regular holiday (3) and remove the
previous cartridge differently ★ I'm installing it. However, since the width of the cartridge (4) is
standardized, it is not an interrogation for exchange (7), but since the length of the cartridge (4)
is different, overhang vCg genuine occurs It is not too bad. In order to eliminate the drawbacks of
the conventional fitting and other reasons in order to solve the drawbacks of K Kissing hole 2)
instead of 2) screws screwed with screws 5) and nuts, sliding inside the long hole to some extent
There is a possibility of mashing hangs, nine, the size K of the long hole is also limited, and it was
impossible to adjust 51 overhang in all cases. Ninth, since the income was also based on Bis and
Nand, it was very stupid. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention
has been made to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks, and will now describe 'E. Death to Small
1 and Death, Figure 11 according to the present invention! FIG. 1 is a fragmentary perspective
view of the ridges showing examples, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing the J standpoint
Mi. 16) is a big alarm (2) + - 1; it is a pream and has a shell (7) of the KL type fixed or removable
at its tip. The upper part 1 [(7 a) of the ice shell (7) is the one formed with the thickness and the
width # - honey and combines the needle tip position 1 joint member 18) which is slidable on the
upper plate. This needle tip position adjusting member (81 has a screw hole 211 (not shown) in
the lower part, and the cartridge 11 is attached by two screws (9). A screw hole fl + 'is provided
in the upper part of the tatami needle position adjustment member 18), the upper plate (7 a) of
the shell (7) is inserted into the internal space q 2 · of the needle tip position adjustment member
Is set to a desired position and then fixed to the upper plate (7 a) of the shell by screws 113. Fig.
2 shows the effect of Japanese sentences shown in Fig. 1. Therefore, if each needle tip position
adjustment member (8) is sequentially attached to each cartridge, replacement is extremely 1 by
operation of the screw U!
It is easy and seven rubs. As explained above, according to this idea, it is easy to change the
cartridge, and the effect of changing the overhang to the slide type is superior. (3) Brief
explanation of the '- 419 - 1 plane 11 EII. II. A perspective view showing a conventional pickup
device. FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing a state 1 in which the pickup device according to the
present invention is furious. FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing a pickup device according to
the present invention. (4) is a cartridge, (15) is a screw, 16) is an arm, 17) is a shell, (7m) is a top
plate, 18) is a shell, (2) is a screw hole, (9) is a screw, + l (l is a cartridge, 111) is a screw hole, q?
Is blank, a9 is bis. Utility model appeared Applicant Japan Colomuhia US company agent
Yamaguchi Kazumi (4) 4 ■ 2B 11p 9, 7 ") 21o Coast 2r side j 5 - 61 3 3 6 1 B, 7; 3 Figure ζ ノ
Applicant Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd., -1 lid R, lA, + 14,. , Akita 36,
Addresses other than those
mentioned above Address Kanagawa Prefecture for Saki - shi for Saki - ku, Minato - cho 5-17 IB :)
Lombia Δ6 meeting II - Jo Mr. Ms. Mukushi Fujimoto Address Mr. Sato Sato V
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