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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a microphone
holding member as an embodiment of the present invention and a state of being attached to the
electric device, FIG. 2 is a cross sectional view showing a right side of the microphone holding
member shown in FIG. 1 FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing a partial configuration of the
microphone holding member shown in FIG. 1, and FIG. 4 shows a microphone holding member
and a state of attachment to the electric device as another embodiment of the present invention
FIG. 5 is a right side view of the microphone holding member shown in FIG. 4, and FIGS. 6 to 8
show the microphone holding members as different embodiments of the present invention and
the state of mounting on the electric devices And FIG. 9 is a cross-sectional view taken along the
line IX - {circle around (2)} in FIG. 8. 1 ... microphone holding member, 2 ... microphone support
tube. , 2 a ... locking part, 3 ... mounting tube, 4 ... connecting tube, 4 a, 4 b, 4 c, 4 d = helical step
part, 5 ... microphone, 5 a ... step part, 8 ... mounting tube, 8 b 1, 8 b 2, 8 b 3 ... recess, 9 a, 9 b ...
another connecting tube · 10 thin wall mounting tube, 1 ea 1, 1 ea 2 v 10 a 3 * 10 a 4 · · · thick
column portion. FIG. 1 FIG. 2 FIG. 3 - 99 - U.S. Pat. No. 5,110,104 (2) FIG. 4 FIG. 5 FIG. 6 FIG. 7
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention relates to a microphone
holding member, a dial ring holding member in an electric device having a built-in microphone
and a detailed microphone holding member. In the electrical stomach, such as a tape recorder,
that has a built-in microphone, vibration from a motor or other rotating member, for example, χ
There are defects that are picked up through salary increase by microphone and cause no noise.
As a means to prevent such a malfunction, follow-1) 1 ─ - □ -1 "comes, the ball is attached to
the outer side of the microphone support cylinder integrally, and the whole is composed of an
elastic body such as a comb There was one using a microphone holding member. In this case, the
miterhalone is fitted to the support tube, and the attachment is suspended suspended by the
tube. Therefore, this microphone is considerably satisfactorily blocked from vibrations coming
through the airframe, due to the elasticity of the microphone holding member and the dual
structure of the support tube and the attachment of the tube. To the inventor of the present
invention, we added a further improvement to the microphone support of this type of
configuration; the microphone support ni, - + and I anti - i, j (1'4 with the - 7 cylinder) By
providing a stepped connecting cylinder, you can even devise a microphone array that shields the
eJ. In this way, from the microphone support barrel, it is easy to get rid of the f! Fu rj with a ridge
& -j part of P-J, 1. It makes a plow which plows to the connecting pipe and the microphone
statement section], so that the vibration blocking effect is good as one crotch. However, even
with the microphone holding member constructed in this way, there is still some shaking, a - '- j'
spring transfer transmission, and in a high performance microphone, its function may be
impaired. According to this invention, the microphone supporting cylinder, mounting still. And at
least one structure out of the reinforcing structure, the vibration absorbing structure, and the
thinning structure is attached to the arbitrary place with respect to the stepped coupling tube,
even in a high-performance microphone And has a very good vibration shielding effect.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described by actual mfllK shown in the figure. In FIG. 1,
the microphone holding member 1 is a microphone support cylinder 2. The mounting where the
outside of the microphone support tube 2 is located is a cylinder 3. And a stepped connecting
cylinder 4 connecting both cylinders 2 and 3, and the whole is formed integrally with an elastic
body such as a comb, a neo brane, or a resilient plastic.
The inner diameter of the microphone support cylinder 2 is such that the microphone 5 can be
fitted just at its base, that is, at the right end portion in the figure = 1, . And is gradually narrowed
toward the end portion, that is, toward the left end portion in FIG. 1. Then, the microphone 5 is
fitted to the support tube 2 from the right side of the microphone support tube 2 so that its tip
end faces leftward in FIG. 1. At the left end portion of the cylinder 3 of the cylinder 3, the
rectangular flat plate-like mounting is formed with a portion 3a (see Mz drawing), and in both
corner portions thereof, holes 3b and 3c are drilled in the mounting There. As shown in Fig. 1,
holes 3b, 3cVc are out of the body? i 61 'i: The provided protrusions 6 a, 6 b are fitted. The outer
body wall 6 constitutes a part of the casing of the electrical equipment, and in many cases is
integrally molded with a synthetic resin or the like. Therefore, in mounting, the cylinder 3 is fixed
to the outer shell wall 6 by heating and melting the heads of the projections 6a, 6b. Tanke) The
installation is a means to fix the tube 3 to the outer wall 6 of the fuselage and \ L. In addition, in
addition to the above, means such as screwing and adhesion can be arbitrarily adopted. A
number of ventilation holes 6 c (see FIG. 1) pierce the portion of the fuselage outer wall 6
corresponding to the tip hVc corresponding to the tip hVc of the microphone 5, and meshes,
cloths, foamed polyurethane or the like A screen 7 made of a porous nonwoven fabric or the like
is adhered. In addition, if this screen 7 is sandwiched between the outer wall 6 of the fuselage
and the attachment part 3a, this screen can also play a role of shielding vibration. As shown in
Fig. 1, the connecting tube 4 has stepped portions 4a, 4b. 4 c and 4 d are provided, and these are
connected in a spiral as shown in FIG. 2 and FIG. 3. In the present invention, since the stepped
portion of the connecting cylinder 4 is provided in a spiral shape like this, the entire microphone
holding member 1 is structurally reinforced. So I will call this a reinforced structure. Microphone
holding member IH 1 This reinforcement structure increases the strength in the front and rear
direction and can greatly reduce the thickness of each portion, thereby exerting sufficient
vibration shielding effect. Also, if the step portion is formed in a spiral shape, it is easy to remove
the shape during molding and there is no possibility of damaging the product. In FIGS. 4 and 5, a
microphone holding member 1 having a coupling sleeve 5-8 with a step 8a is shown. On the
bottom of the connecting cylinder 8, that is, on the right end in FIG. 4, recessed portions 8 b, 8 b
2, 8 b 3 for thinning are disposed at equal angular intervals.
The concave portions 8 b 1, 8 b 2, 8 b 3 have a thin walled structure, which further improves the
vibration shielding effect of the microphone holding member 1. The portion between the
recesses 8 b, 8 b 2, 8 b 3 is left thick and acts as a reinforcing structure. Fig. 6 (vc) shows a step
5a provided at the left end of the microphone 5 and a side Ku locking portion 2a of the
microphone support tube 2, engaging the locking portion 2a with the step portion 5a, Which is
shown in FIG. In this way, it is easy to position the microphone when fitting it, and it is possible
to securely hold the microphone holding member 1 with respect to the microphone 5, so that the
microphone 5 is positioned by vibration Also gone. Fig. 7 shows the case where the coupling
tubes 9a, 9b for absorbing vibration are provided between the tube 3 and the connecting tube 8,
and the connecting tubes 9a, 9b have a vibration absorbing structure of 6 -1. - - - 1 · "acts and
vibration is blocked very well. In FIGS. 8 and 9, an extremely thin-walled mounting shows a
cylinder 101 and a microphone holding member 1 having columnar thick portions 10a + + 1Oa2
+ 10a3, 1Oa4 on its circumferential surface. In this way, if the tube is thinned, the vibration
isolating effect becomes extremely good, but the structure is weak. Therefore, in this
embodiment, the mounting is provided on the circumferential surface of the cylinder 1O with
columnar thick portions 10a ,, 1Oa2. l 0 as, l O a, are provided at equal angular intervals to form
a reinforcing structure. It should be noted that, in the attachment of the cylinder 10, the holes
10c and 1Od are bored in the portion 10b, and the holes zOc and Nod are attached to the outer
wall 6 of the machine body. As mentioned above, according to the present invention, at least one
of the reinforcing structure, the vibration absorbing structure, and the thinning structure is
attached to each of the provisions, in addition to providing a connecting portion with a
microphone holding member IK step , So it is possible to shield the vibration coming through the
aircraft quite well.
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