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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of a cassette tape recorder /
sender to which the present invention is applied, FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing a mounting
structure of a vibrating body, and FIG. 3 is a schematic It is a systematic diagram. In the drawings
used in the drawings, 1 is a case, T is a vibrating body, 8 is a low-frequency coil, 10 is a yoke, 12
is a magnet, 13 is a pole, 15 is a sound source, and 18 is a low-pass filter . FIG. 1, FIG. 83,
Japanese Utility Model Publication No. 51-103433 (2) FIG. 2, FIG.
concerned with a voice 1 crow and input signal writing device designed to perceive low prayer
by the human body. Generally, for basses of 150 Hz or less, there are many ingredients which
interview sound waves rather than the components perceived by one person's tree by human
beings, and there are also characteristics with little sense of direction. In order to obtain this
human body feeling component by air vibration, one large speaker or speaker box is required.
For this reason, conventional stereo reproducing apparatuses can not satisfy sufficient realistic
feeling and bass feeling particularly in the bass part. TSt 11 The present invention was made in
view of the above problem, so that a vibrating body is provided in the audio signal writing device,
at least a part of the vibrating body is exposed to the outside of the case of the above-mentioned
writing ware and the vibrating body And is caused to vibrate via electromagnetic means by the
low frequency signal of the audio signal. Hereinafter, a case where the embodiment of the
present invention is applied to a cassette tape recorder will be described. FIG. 1 shows a case
where the present invention is applied to a known FM syllabic cassette tape recorder, so that the
case (1) has a cassette mounting portion (2), an antenna (3), a speaker (4), a headphone terminal
(5), each manipulated lead (6) etc. are appropriately disposed. On the lower surface of the case il
+, the vibrating body (7) of the present invention is provided such that its lower surface is
exposed to the outside. FIG. 2 shows a mounting structure of the vibrating body (7). The
vibrating body (7) is formed by molding a core body (7a) made of a material with a mass 1 of
iron or the like with a synthetic resin (7b) It is the book of which it is. (8) is a coil for an ultra-low
range spirit, which is wound around a bobbin (9), and the bobbin (9) is fixed to the support
portion (la) (2) (lb) of the case il +. In OO york, support of case (1)! (Ic) via a damper (lla) (l lb). 0z
is a water entrance magnet that is consolidated in the yoke O1. Oil is a ball, which is interposed
between the magnet O 2 and the vibrating body (7). Also, the gay body (7) is fixed to the
attachment part (1a) (+ b) via a damper (+ 4a) (+ 4b). With the above structure, the magnet I-yoke
(1 [j-hole (magnetic 4 path of the 1,1-magnet is constituted, the coil (8) is the yoke fl 1) and the
ball 03 is tipped. In addition, this coil (81 is made to be able to add the sound riff from the sound
source via the low-pass filter. Place the arf recorder of FIG. 1 having the above configuration on
the knee and bring the doard face of the silkworm moving body (7) into contact with the femoral
His headphones are inserted into the terminal (5 (and insert a further cassette and set as
playback overrun or my father sets the FM radio to the reception overrun). In the third reason,
the sound source (1! The doarere lover signal L% R from the gate is added to the Hesodoho / Q
71 via the amplifier ae, and a low band # wave (both L and R signals are added to one pattern
(31 is obtained and a low frequency signal Is taken out and this low frequency signal is applied
to the coil (8) via the amplifier (01). As a result, the vibrating body (7) vibrates at a low frequency
together with the pole 03, the magnet opening 2 and the yoke OQ, and this vibration is
transmitted to the body through the femoral part of the listener. Therefore, the listener can
obtain sufficient bass feeling and realism while listening to the sound from the headphones. Good
results were obtained when the imaging frequency of the vibrating body (7) was made to be
several Hz in the selection experiment. Also, it is good to use the vibrating body (7) against
another part of the body. Driving means may be provided between the ninth coil (8) and the low
pass filter a second, so that the coil (8) can be operated according to necessity. As this driving
means, for example, a pedal or the like can be used to make the coil (8) operate when this is
pulled with a foot. T - XI Ñ Δ 51 venge (providing a vibrating body in the M number playback
device, with a shooting motion with) · Exposing at least part of the body to the outside of the case
of the Masuyuki equipment, The vibrator is vibrated by an electromagnetic means by a lowfrequency signal of the signal. By bringing the vibrating body into contact with a part of the body
(4), it is possible to obtain a sufficient Bass feeling, realism can be obtained.
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