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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of a speaker device embodying
the present invention without a part of the front plate, FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken along the
line AA 'of FIG. 1, 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line B-B 'of FIG. 2. REFERENCE
SIGNS LIST 1 speaker box 2 speaker case 3 3 'fitting fitting 4 speaker 7 top plate 8 bottom plate
9 sound transmission sound Body, 11, 11 '... lid, 12 ... hinge, 13 fastener, 22, 22' ... L-shaped
bracket, 23.23 '... coaxial fitting, 24.24' ... Butterfly bolt. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 4 // 4 A '/ 0/4 II, f / 4 II
- 67 - U.S. Publication No. 51 - 103929 (2)
palm-shaped speaker box in which a plurality of loudspeakers are accommodated, a pendulum
speaker box which is pivotably mounted in a case slightly larger than the column speaker box
and which is fixed to a wall or the like To a speaker device capable of changing its directivity
without changing its appearance. Conventionally, for example, there are 1-ward warriors that
change the direction of each speaker with a columnar speaker or the like, but since it is restricted
by the baffle board, the speakerphone side wall, etc., the variable angle is increased It can not be
done structurally, and a complicated mechanism is also necessary for this. In addition, when the
direction of the entire columnar loudspeaker is changed, there is a disadvantage that the
attachment, the speaker wiring and the like are exposed to the outside and the back side of the
speakerphone is also easy to be attached to the grasp depending on the direction, resulting in a
disadvantage of impairing aesthetic sensation. In order to solve such a drawback, the present
invention aims to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks by supporting the speaker hox freely
rotatably into a speaker case having a sound permeability as well as a front side, while keeping
the speaker case stationary, It is made to be able to change with HOOK. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF
THE DRAWINGS FIG. FIG. 1 is a front view of the front plate without a part thereof, FIG. 2 is a
sectional view taken along the line AA 'of FIG. 1, and FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken along line
BB' of FIG. Is a speakerphone, 2 is a speaker case, and 6 · 6 'is a fixture. 2- 2 - 艷 BEKAHOSOX 1
is a wooden prismatic material with a plurality of loudspeakers 4 arranged vertically in the
interior. The speaker case 2 is a box-like member having a size large enough to allow the speaker
box 1 to rotate therein, and is fixed to a frame body 5 in which the upper surface plate 7 and the
lower surface plate 8 are vertically fixed to the upper and lower ends of the rear surface plate 6 ,
A sound permeable body 9 such as a wire mesh is attached with a screw 10 so as to cover the
front face and both side faces. The frame body 5 is made by machining the entire iron plate, the
upper plate 7 and the lower plate 8 are punched out with the surroundings left, and the lid 11 'of
the lower plate 8 is covered with the latitude 12 and the lower And is attached to the frame body
5 freely openable and closable by a tool 16. The lid 11 of the top plate 7 is fixed with a screw 14.
The rear plate 6 is provided with a hammer-like hooking hole 15 at the upper end portion and a
circular fixing hole 16 at the lower end portion, and engages with the nails 18 and the holes 19
provided on the mounting surface 17 such as a wall and a pillar, respectively, Through the hole
15, the hollow 19 through the fixing hole 16 is pierced with the addendum 20 to identify the
speaker case 2 to the attachment surface 17. The fixtures 6, 6 'are composed of L-shaped metal
fittings 22, 22' formed by processing band-like iron plates, coaxial metal fittings 23, 23 'and
screw bolts 24, 24', and a male j "- bolt L-shaped metal fittings 22 having a hole 21 for elongated
lung grandchild 24, 24 'on a side fixed with screws to the upper and lower ends of the speaker
hook 1 with coaxial metal fittings 26, 26' equipped with pet dogs 24 · 24 '22 · The other side of
22 'is fixed to the upper end correspondence position of the speaker box 10 of the rear plate 6 of
the speaker case 2 with screws, and these coaxial metal fittings 26 · 23' knurl metal fittings 22 ·
22 'and r Combine with a butterfly bolt 24 · 24 '1 - hh - 7 Zyk' ___ ___ 1 - HOOX 1 is rotatably
When changing the direction of the speakerphone 1 in the state in which the speaker case 2 is
fixed as described above, the lid 11 'is opened, the expanding halt 24' is loosened, and the
speakerphone 1 is set to the desired Rotate with the upper and lower parallactic halts 24 and 24
'as the rotation axis in the direction and then retighten again. Further, when changing the
inclination to the front / rear 10 ", the position of the sexual halt 24 · 24 'is moved in the
elongated hole 21 · 21' of the L-shaped metal fitting 22 · 22 '. Even if the speakerphone 1 is
directed to the side, the side of the speaker case 2 is also transversely borne by the soundpermeable body 9, so that the sound quality is not impaired. 4-- The bolt 19 of the mounting
surface 17 through the fixing hole 16 used in pair with the hooking hole 15 is 1.11 · tpn - c% h
of the nut nut 20. A 1.1
OK) · It is sure. As described above, according to the present invention,
it is possible to change the directivity of the speaker together with the spyker bonds over a very
wide range of angles without deteriorating aesthetic sensation and sound quality while fixing the
appearance of the speaker device. Also, the speaker device can be installed in close contact with
the mounting surface, and after installation the direction of the speaker can be adjusted easily.
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