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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a side sectional view, FIG. 2 is a plan view, and FIG. 3 is an exploded perspective view in
which a part of the chassis is cut away. REFERENCE SIGNS LIST 1 speaker mounting member 2
holding plate 3 speaker 4 speaker fitting hole 5 receiving portion 6 screw hole 7 positioning
recess , 8 ... screw, 9 ... insertion hole, 10 ... convex part. Figure 1 - 81 - Utility Model 51-105332
(2) Figure 3 Sea 't' ('-? 10qし;ばL910! Begging-82-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an improvement
of an attachment device for attaching a speaker to a speaker attachment member such as a
chassis of a communication device, an audio device or the like. 2. Description of the Related Art
Conventionally, as such a speaker attachment device, there is known a speaker attachment device
as described above (1), for example, between a receiving portion formed at the opening edge of a
speaker fitting hole of a speaker attachment member and a projecting piece cut and raised from
the receiving portion, , And the outer peripheral portion of the speaker is sandwiched between
the receiving portion by the holding plate at a position facing the protruding piece. This is
because the speaker is disposed between the receiving portion and the protruding piece In order
to insert it must be inserted obliquely from one direction without inconvenience of workability,
the speaker rattling, causing scratches, causing noise generation, malfunction, etc. There is a
drawback. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present invention to provide a
speaker mounting apparatus which solves the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks.
invention will now be described with reference to the drawings. In the figure, reference numeral
1 denotes a speaker mounting member such as a chassis, the superscript is a holding plate, and 6
is a speaker. The speaker mounting member 1 has a speaker 307 landing portion s 5 formed on
the periphery of the speaker fitting hole 40 from the outer surface 1 a to the upper 12 steps 5 a,
5 b, and the receiving portion s 5 of the loudspeaker 307 landing portion is formed at an angular
interval of 90 ° (2) 3 ◆ Holes 6 are formed, and further positioning sub-portions 7 are formed
on the external side of these screw holes 6. A screw 80 insertion hole 9 composed of a presser
plate or a countersunk screw is formed at an interval of 90 ° in the center angle, and on the
outer circumference side of these holes 9, a convex portion fitted in the concave portion 7 of the
receiving portion 5 10 is formed in a fan shape and is configured to be engaged with the
receiving s 5. The speaker 3 is fitted in the speaker fitting hole 4 on the mounting member, the
seven rung portions thereof are supported by the lower stage 5b of the receiving portion 5, the
convex 310 is fitted in the concave & 7, and the pair of pressing plates are mutually mutually
attracted And is fitted to the upper stage 5 a of the receiving portion 5 so as to be opposed to
each other, and the seven rung portions of the speaker 3 are clamped by the holding plate 1 and
the receiving portion 5. In this state, screws 8 are screwed into the screw holes 6 of the receiving
portion 5 from the holding plate or insertion hole 9 respectively, and the 7-run portion of the
speaker 3 is pushed against the receiving portion 50 lower portion 5 b and fixed. In this
mounting state, the outside surface of the pressing plate is positioned on the same plane as the
outer surface 1 a of the mounting member 1. (8) In the present invention, the screw hole 6 may
not be formed in the receiving portion 5 of the speaker 3, but it may be formed on the peripheral
edge of the receiving portion 5. Also, the receiving part 5 may not necessarily be provided in two
stages, but may be formed by recessing the receiving part 5 from the outer surface of the
speaker mounting member ± in one step.
As described above, according to the present invention, with the pair of holding plates 3 having
the insertion holes 9 of the screws 8 formed at both end portions at the center angle of 90 °,
the speaker 3 . The outer peripheral portion of the speaker 3 is clamped and fixed by a holding
plate 2 whose both ends are tightened with screws 8 over a length of more than half of the
Naruto, and due to its large area , It is fixed without rattling. Therefore, the loudspeaker 3 does
not generate shaky vibrations or the like, and can not only mechanically fix firmly but also fix it
in an acoustically favorable state. In addition, the presser plate is provided with insertion holes 9
for the screws 8 at the center angles of 90 ° intervals at both end portions, and the convex
portion 10 is provided on the outer peripheral side of these holes 9, and the presser plate
Threaded holes 6 are formed at angular intervals of 90 ° at the portion 5 (4), and since the four
portions 7 are provided on the outer side of these holes 6, a pair of holding plates or a 90 °
position It is also possible to attach them in a different state, as in the above-mentioned
conventional one, there is no restriction on the direction of attachment, and even an unskilled
person can easily perform the attachment work, and further, the attachment work of the holding
member 1 It is easy to flatten the outer surface of the loudspeaker 307. If the receiving portion 5
of the mounting member 1 is formed as the upper and lower two stages 5a and 5b as in the
embodiment, even if the hole for inserting the screw is not provided in the loudspeaker 307
landing portion Good. Then, as in the above-described embodiment, if the holding plate 1 is
positioned in the circumferential direction by fitting the pressing plate or the convex portion 10
into the positioning concave portion 7 of the receiving portion 5, the position of the pressing
plate l, (zj . Since A is easy, the installation work of the speaker 3 '; It is easy to stuff.
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