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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a right side view, FIG. 2 is a front view, FIG. 3
is a sectional view taken along the line AA of FIG. 1, The figure is an exploded and enlarged
perspective view of the connecting neck. FIG. 1 - FIG. 63 - Utility Model Publication No. 51106124 (2) FIG. 3
[Detailed Description of the Invention] This draft is #L for the speaker HOX, from a combination
of simple and simple novelty 9, lower production cost and better - into a speaker box that can get
use results - . Conventional speakers are placed in appropriate positions of the nine radiating
according to the sound volume and the sound range to be played! , Or fixedly used. Among them,
ship, or self 1i1! In places with ll'J traveling layer - it is fixed via the suit of nmK in the ship or
inside the car, but whether to direct the direction to radiate reproduced sound from the selfinstalled position, or father Since it is necessary to change the radial direction as necessary, there
is a commission to connect the base part and the main part to each other and to change the angle
of the main body at the compliance part, but simply change the elevation angle to va It is not
only that it is not only beaky with the horizontal angle f, but I! The desired horn change was
damaged by candy, and my father was also likely to generate noise at the ninth. In consideration
of the above, the inventors of the present invention have confirmed that, as a result of the
research, even when the speaker is ship or under arbitrary * cold running and mounted at a place
accompanying photographing, In addition, it is possible to freely orient the female or the lateral
direction of 1 corner, φ angle freely and 1 complete the speaker box due to the speaker which
can surely maintain its position and to tow the sound environment of the reproduced sound .
Therefore, the purpose of 1 * @ is that the installation movement of the speakers is a bite,
especially even at the location of the shaking place, the conversion of the directional direction is
extremely amenable to provide a T / L "lff & ff - car box The next object of the present invention
is to provide a speaker box that can provide simple and inexpensive 111 I composition, the next
object of the present invention is to provide a robust, sound-effective speaker box is there. Other
objects and features of the present invention can be understood by the following description.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. The box body (1) consists of a box body (1), a
chain ** fl (2) and a base part (3) by molding of a synthetic resin material, and the box body (1) A
front body (7) having a shaft (5) projecting downward and having a radiation window (6)
substantially perpendicular to the screen cut out, and a rear body (7) having a hemispherical
shape obtained by drilling a radial window (8) 9) are fitted to each other at their mouth portions,
and the structure of reconstructed sound composed of polar plates, amplifying members,
conducting wires, etc. is built in, and IIi! The ll group 121 has a rotary shaft f11) with a threaded
hole (downward) projecting therefrom, and a concave portion (121, + 121) is rolling on the lower
surface, Right sum portion fl '/ 1 (16) is formed by engraving the ridge (13) of the railroad and
having a bolt hole (16) formed in the left one part (15) where the bolt hole (14) Pair up the pipe
and above - left by some chance!
A vertical groove (18) & a bold hole hole 19) was cut in 11 of the 11th part (15), and a concave
part (201, 120+ of the lllI surface Kmlk) (21) corresponding to the ninth recessed portion (20),
1201K corresponding to the R surface projection (120) corresponding to the ninth recessed
portion (20), the provision of the two orbiting members (21) +221 is expanded to the outside and
the end member (25) is expanded to the inside 111 of the male member (2) in a bowl having a
bolt hole (evil) and clamping pieces (2), (2) Sliding female, recessed parts C20), (20) and
spherical protrusions (22) are fitted to each other in combination, 111 members (2) 1. (+) 5) of
the box body (X) is fitted and held in the left and right neck parts (1151, (1)) via the bolt 1261
and the box body fil (25) via the bolt 1261 and the butterfly screw 12 ' # Dg + 21 are connected
to each other 4, and in that part, the angle of attack of the box main body 1) and the change of
the angle of comfort can be made possible. The pedestal part 131 has concave parts (301, + 301
and rotating shaft hole (31) with springs 128), +28) and 'meballs (9), (29) built therein, (29), (29
+ JcK connection 911111 (2) v bottom surface (11)) of the dust neck portion (2) is fitted into the
rotation hole (31) , The rolling recessed portion (121, 112+ is fitted and rotatably connected at
the rotating shaft 1111 i - (b) the rotating wheel hole C 3 y) via the washer (33) and the screw
(n)) , The box body (1) can be arranged to have a total of 360,000,000 J * ". Since the mozo was
invented according to the above configuration, it is possible to change the angle of attack and
depression angle extremely easily and easily by the box main body interposed between the left
and right neck portions of the connecting shaft portion and 9 C seconds @ member and a
dazzling member , The concave part and the spherical protrusion are engaged with each other, so
that the vomiting or the impact IIKIIL of the place of installation, the risk of the change of the
angular position which is misdirected may be maintained, and it is provided on the lower surface
of the rolling member and the connecting neck of the father's base part Since the concave
portion is appropriately engaged, the lateral displacement of the box body is also 360 degrees
extremely easy and lII smooth, and even in the case of Kiori etc., the direction to which the box
was nodded by nine There is no change. Furthermore, because the Iti radiation window in front
of the box main body was round and roughly vertical, the radiation directivity of the reproduced
sound was reliable, and by breathing a radial window in the rear lower evil with R solution, A
sound raw sound Excessive echo bundle in the box body is resonance 41 '(Therefore, there is no
fear that the acoustic effect due to the listening position is impaired, and it is possible to expect
good reproduction sound generation. Furthermore, since the father, the mechanism is simple , It
has various practical effects such as being capable of being provided with high productivity,
robustness and low cost.
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