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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a state of use of a
simultaneous recording microphone unit of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a perspective
view showing a main part of a simultaneous recording microphone unit of the present invention .
FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing another embodiment of the simultaneous recording
microphone unit of the present invention. 1 ... movie camera, 4 ... microphone, 5N rophone
mounting member. The first! Jin - 71 - To Himawari Φ Φ
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention relates to a microphone unit
suitable for simultaneous recording shooting that records a sound corresponding to a shooting
screen at the same time as the shooting image. Recently, in the field of small film technology,
when shooting. Simultaneous recording shooting which simultaneously records sound
corresponding to the shooting screen has been actively performed. fl + In this e photographing, a
method of directly recording the sound corresponding to the photographing screen in the
recording band previously provided in the film and a method of recording the sound
corresponding to the photographing screen with a tape of a tape recorder driven in
synchronization with the camera Whether there is a method of VC recording or any method,
when considering the mobility in VC at the time of shooting, the microphone picked up by voice
can be directly mounted on a movie camera via a holding member It is considered most
preferable to perform the entire photographing. However, in the installation method of this
building microphone '), it is transmitted to the microphone via the vibration generated directly
from the driving system of the movie camera via the holding member or the holding member,
resulting in the noise recorded in the recorded sound being 4 - Also, this kind of noise was
electricity last time [It was difficult to remove easily by the road. Meanwhile, among the
drawbacks described above in one embodiment of the present invention, it is necessary to
precisely decide the vibration from the driving thread of the iron-camera transmitted to the
microphone, and to decide the microphone without damaging the power at the time of shooting
(2) According to this proposal it is possible to install on the main body, on the microphone coat. I
installed a cefon attachment member with a microphone all attached to the movie camera and
made it slide freely with the i material t My 1-1 Crofon code 10, so the movie camera's vibration
11 'microphone code itself In addition to removing sound by the sound absorption
characteristics, it is possible to freely enjoy the distance between the movie camera and the
microphone, enabling simultaneous recording rich in machine side. Below is the original dress! A
description of one embodiment of FIG. In FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, reference numeral 10 denotes a
simultaneous recording camera incorporating a movie camera, particularly a recording
mechanism, 2 r X, a grab formed on the simultaneous recording camera l, 6 W slot 6 below 6 g
slot 3 Is provided. It is also 46 microphones. 5, a microphone hood for electrically connecting the
microphone 4 to the simultaneous recording camera 1, (3) formed of a flexible material. Father,
ridge microphone code It is preferable that five microphone cords can always be kept facing the
shooting direction on the sound collecting side even if the microphone 4 swings at the time of
6, a microphone attachment member for attaching the microphone 4 to the simultaneous
recording camera 1 is provided on the microphone cord 5, and as shown in FIG. 2, in the
microphone cord 5, a crotch H Along the folding groove 7 which has been made, the inside 1 of
the li 1 microphone mounting member 6 penetrates. The microphone 7 can be locked at any
position on the micro 7 on cord 5 by the front bending 1117 w, once in the microphone
mounting member 6 along the microphone cord 5. 8 of the holding grip 2 σ 3 lower part G) slot
3 with a locking piece provided on the microphone attachment member 6. The sPI! The
microphone 07 on mounting (4) member 6 'provided in the microphone cord 5 is pivotally
supported so as to be rotatable around the shaft 9. And two clamping levers 11, 12 which are
urged by springs 10 in opposite directions to each other. One of the holding levers 12 and 12 of
the holding levers 11 and 12 is stopper sum so as not to be opened by more than a
predetermined amount of both of the holding levers 11 and 125 i and the lower end vc of the
grip 2 Slot) 3 vc Insertion engaged locking piece 8 'is crotch-raised. The microphone unit of the
present invention consists of one or more configurations, and the whole method of using the
microphone unit will be described next. When performing simultaneous recording photography
as a whole, see Fig. 2 and 31i! ! 1, the locking piece 8.8't- of the microphone attachment
members 6, 6 'shown in FIG. 1, the grip 2f as shown in FIG. 1), the microphone 4 totally reflects
the camera It is possible to hold it toward the subject side below and below the object 1. On the
other hand, when taking the whole picture in the caught state, the vibration generated from the
driving system of the picture camera 1 is reliably collected by the microphone (5) code 5 formed
of a flexible material, and the microphone module 4 There is no light to be transmitted to.
Depending on the shooting situation, for example 1 shooting in a low posture or changing the
microphone 40 position l with respect to the microphone p-on mounting member 6, shortening
the distance between the movie camera 1 and the microphone 4, Depending on the microphone
4 full force camera main body may be removed and used independently. As described above,
since the microphone 7 on unit for simultaneous recording according to the present invention
does not transmit to the entire vibration microphone generated from the camera drive system, it
is possible to record without Prussian blue, and furthermore, Vr:, microphone 'i - if appropriate It
is possible to arrange it in the order of t, which is a significant effect in practical use.
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