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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view, FIG. 2 is a side view, and FIG. 3 is
an exploded view of an embodiment for explaining the present invention. In the figure, 1 is a
microphone for headphone 2, 3 is a microphone arm. 4 an arm fixing portion, 5 a cord, 6, 7, 8
and 9 a contact plate. Fig. 1 -49 - 1 - 1 - 0 φ '1 - φ 1
Detailed Description of the Invention Specification t Title of the inventive headset 2 Scope of
practical application of a certain going ball Haru microphone against a headphone microphone
arm ft 1! a [[l A headset that is set up for himself, it is strictly t - bow - peeled off by microphone
arm rotation. &2! Kane 's review 11all congratulation book 4 Article 1-1 language exercise
equipment (commonly known as 1. L direct table] Temple V 1 This relates to the headset to be
used for historical purposes. The headset is indispensable to the innovation of the innovative
school club) 4, and general hair · c 11 is used with headphones, microphones and t microphone
arms, using hair and light. How to use ml academic conference & + ffi like taking a tape recorder
as the main chapter V (According to Vi (1) material tau ___ <101, talk on yourself while talking
about 101 material, (c) record teaching materials. There is a method of using the temple, and 4h
juice which does not necessarily need a microphone is gathered. With such a 4-neck, knuckle
switch installed in the mackerel exercise device, it opens and closes to the microphone -1 -1
flAMl: "By all means, when a friend agrees with that operation it is not fascinating , I often forget
to forget that operation. A certain person is configured to turn around the microphone area II by
turning the microphone arm of the headset in order to make such a friend a friend. Below,
pickling in one direction and explaining the coming-of-age industry 0 Figure 1 is a front view
showing the headset t - the second bad is that 111111. fil)! Jである。 1llr1. ヘッドホン
である。 (2) is a microphone Ot 51 FL microphone arm ;; its - G, 'QiJiVCv; l: microphone + 21 is
set up, and the other temple rotates to the inverse quartz (4) of the arm face for the headphone O
(5) is a cord, connected to the LL docking but received the 18 No. 0 The 3rd bad is a
development of the pivoting part. (6) d and (7) are arcuate in the headphones (1) picture and are
fc contact plates, and (8) and (9) are ljk thick plates which are provided in the form of a
microphone arm 1511 + 11 IKA. The contact plate (8) and the longevity (9) are fjkfeed by the
microphone arm (3) circle 2 - chord to the microphone (2), and the waves a (6) and (7) There.
When using the microphone (2) in such a case, referring to FIG. 2, the microphone arm (3) is
named as the position ll 1 c in a place of the busy person, and in case of inconvenience, the
licking in the place of + H 1 . According to this, in 1st straight IA + vc, the connecting board (61
and (8) etc. is crowded and the connecting boards (7) and (9) are shipped and hospitalized, Input
of microphone (2) input to human LL table 1.
- At the force 1 position tBl, the connection plates (6), (8), and (9) are removed, the temporary
pillow ties (7) and (8) (91 are connected, : It is recreated and human input to the input DLL, Rut
of 9 microphones (2) is (61). +71. +81. Large name of +91 g: By considering, it is not a
matter of cheap mind. Q □ In this way 9 surfers する will microphone fkA # t + 4 fft by turning
the microphone arm. With that operation, the microphone arm is located at + t with N, and it is
non-P6 VC with no effect.
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