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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional
microphone stand, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a microphone stand according to the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing the same use state. DESCRIPTION OF
REFERENCE NUMERALS 1 microphone 2.7 microphone holder 8 intermediate part 10 fastening
metal 11 stand part 12 sharp part 13 wire. Figure 1 - 73 - Utility Model 51-131931 (2) Figure 2
Figure 3 - 74
【Detailed Description of the Invention】 1l Ial Ll 11! 04 Name! Ikuao yx me yy ** m * m tatami
mat - brush - OS required ■ I will give Mike Fion on to the top j @! Ikuao l Energie and laying
down the intermediate group with the clamping fixture at the bottom of the bowl, with the sme
ydo having a sharp tip at the lower part of the CO 2 aSO 0 0 MIilk * @ This idea, Hiroshi, turtle
for tatamiing extra parts to make up the stand part, (a new microphone - 7 Ausen FK staff who
best owns the stand - up stance machine), II # Stay with the stand main body o - 5ic fastening
bracket, use ζO stopper ↑) Stable * Oa + /% I'm going to eat the% i baiter o l 's pyy aircraft at
11 in the place I made a new miter flushed Fuence I turned to AK &! . Generally Mycotes
Onseme, as shown in Conventional Example, the intermediate pipe 44 +, ζ O inserted into the
Zhongguancun pipe and the support pillIsI (1, ξ) 2 and this stand Established in the upper part,
Mike proverb 7 on maima Tsuon 111 on umbrella ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0
ytllt Mitera Lin! Remove Il 11! You can do something but you can braze it with a bowl in one
Piggu field) Remove it with the stand (4) and sip it outside the stratum AK $ IIk? Worrying is
difficult on the basis of its O construction. Before, I am going to have to put a support base on the
bottom of N 瘤 through the intermediate pie / + 411 - to the rounding which sufficiently gold the
purpose and the stand weaver as mentioned above, so Ikiko - The place of installation is
restricted to plain jlong
dragon and ζ railroad tickets at 0 and ζ, live recording OVa, etc are
miter seven sessions O case where the place to be busted is especially 1 and eA place, especially
if 9 There is no guarantee that the optimum O recording field is always flat ζ warranty and
support stand 4 is set up 5 & space is always taken. In particular, in the case of a slope pigeon in
the rocky field, especially the forging suit O wax sound field, the support base which such a leg
group possesses is stability! 3 is not a fool that can be used. In consideration of this point d.
Intermediate sts + which is a component of italo aon entry mend. It is a friend who solves that
point by means of a knife with a stopper A- at S. We will explain it based on the embodiment in
Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 below. In the drawings, the same parts are denoted by the same reference
numerals. A microphone holder i which holds a microtill is provided with the IvI part in L at the
bottom of the L, and at the top of it, the miter position of the Makita Maita 7 on II +!
Adjustment screw + '11 for lll 11 is installed. In addition, this number C (mtelml + & 0)
Appropriate number (4 pieces H) O clamps are provided in the center. For example, in the middle
5 I 81 in the morning Tempo O, a stem 7 stem shaft is set down together with this, for example, a
sharp-pointed part (solstice) is formed in accordance with the previous trend of this stand part. In
addition, Ω is a tweet for stably installing My Cooff on stand cot hbo In case of using a micro 7t /
stand 構成 constructed in this way, if the optimum miter hong position is not a flat land, for
example rocky place - Etc. 'E' used in Equipment 4, even if the elevator 'e' is used as above
(according to the present invention, the support table with the leg +61 has no need for anything 40, so simply - Along with setting up the ga diagram jO, also press the micro 7 on stand potato in
the direction of the arrow, pressing the sharp Mu of the stand part ntv easily), it is easy to set it
between rocks @ I It is self-serious. That @ Maita o7 standstar is in a stable state there Kjl! It is an
omission to be attached, and one end of the wire is connected to the stopper AI, and the order is
attached to the other end by the professional wrestling-tIIL and it is easy to put '&' 1 ltk You can
make it into a sheet. In addition, even in slopes and so on relatively soft II dragon jIllI, according
to uniform hands * it is attached in the state of electricity *. In areas where the ground is flat, it is
not always necessary to use Tsui - or the like, and the intended purpose is achieved by directly
suppressing the micro-7 on stand @ in the direction of the membrane thickness with the pointed
portion - down It is self-weight and O. As oblique as above, the present invention, with 5 miter
faucet illegal mitar y U umbrella at the top end, along with the fact that it is soft, with 11 KJk
beneath it owing to having a gold odor, save the intermediate group, or Riko O Zhongguancun O
Down Lower E1m Tin to 2 Kushiro Haya stand Hayao Maru O 'ee number, for example, raw vein
sound K11 l to O optimum OS sound field O easy to choose 9, 2 2 jobs with 41 tatami matches
for AKm worthy parts (2 2 で で で で で で で で で で) 1 m 鎗), only by pushing the stopper A
in the main body 0 - 11 of the tf yf) Stability on - enough to spill the spire - even in the place e 龜
龜 的 的 的 的 mA It is a serious thing, hh. Yaya-views simple 1 II! Akira IIm Hiroyuki O Miter 7
Austers y Do O perspective view, happy! The figure depicts the present invention Mike Factory
yd 0 $ 1181.
The third is a perspective view showing the state of Kohoka's circumference. 1・・・マイク■ノ
オl、2. T · · · Mike - 7 Counter Holder, $ · · · Medium 1IIIl 1% IQ · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · グ・−ノ6イヤ。 mn Role
president Matsuno Fuuchi Leopard Utility model registry Threat applicant Japan Victor Company
Shinkin Co., Ltd. 1 Figure 3 Figure 2 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 3 03 0116366 Color X,) 1216151
', 215 B' t utility model registration Applicant J - 7 μ ~ · Japan Victor = (3 '- + -, wr * "a -) 0
Takumi Address other than the above Address Kanagawa Yokohama City Kanagawa-ku 3
Morimachi-cho 3 l112 JVC Name in the company Name Hirohiro Koiji pJt - place Name Yoshi 1)
Katsuharabata address Mr. Komizo address the prestigious blind f address Yokohama name
Masayuki Yamamoto :) ノ
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