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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side sectional view showing a conventional
speaker mounting device, and FIG. 2 is a side sectional view showing a speech force mounting
device according to one embodiment of the present invention. 6 ... Cabinet main body, 7 ...
speaker, 8 ... speaker mounting member. Figure 1 Figure 2 - 79 -
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention is concerned with the amount
of installed iron of a speaker. 0 Conventional O speaker mounting device is formed integrally
with 1 sprig 11 jacket main body 2 as shown in 1 - Press down on multiple brazed boss 3.3 llN4.
4 and the screws S, S. It is impossible for the loudspeaker to move in one sentence in a device
with nine ten leaves O. It is impossible. In view of the above, the present invention provides a
speaker electric device capable of moving a speaker relative to a cabinet body. 7, ___ ___ 0
Synopsis NO. 2, - 7 together with Fig. IIIILよう。 - In the · · · is a medium Yabinet main
body, it is provided with the inside Yabinet main body · Ka through hole 6 a -1 ° and the O
through hole · alc holds and holds the speaker · Elegant speaker mounting member · Is inserted
into the sliding W- for I /. At the periphery of the bite layer of the speaker mounting INt-, seven
rank parts are united KjI # 0 and the above net body 6 covering the opening of the speaker
braided II material In order to explain in detail the E1 m part as well as the cover 10 attached to
the cover 10, the loudspeaker attacking member Lu Omura Kua Ka multiple O holes 11 are
permeated, the penetration 11 is installed with the speaker so that the sprue cuff ointment hole
faces. Speaker with Owl is Hiroshi ★ Holding on the mounting member 8 integrally and holding
the outer rim of the speaker 7 to the mounting boss 12
13 'of the great book holding ll 51!
I、1! I by the screws 14 and 14. Nine loudspeaker mounting members · Oh, Range Iku · is
inside cover 100 - Dimensions along the picture · Dimensions of the placing part are set so that a.
In the case of missing the speaker mounting member $ on the front 11 of the cabinet main body
as shown in the above-mentioned 7 landing portion 9 of the 2nd park middle point -, when
missing KILL, mother on the back of the cabinet main body 6 and attach the speaker We propose
to stop the missing of the member - 1 for the wiring to 1s Hiroshi Soby * 7, for mold To the cover
10 for light To for To. In the above-mentioned embodiment, it was made to make a real image of
the life main body eO in front of the life main body eO, which made the spike cuff coincide with
the front picture of the middle yabinet main body 6 as sliding the speaker attaching member - in
a loud manner, and it was a tatami mat. From this point, it is possible to improve the sound
quality of the sound emitted from the speaker 7, since the volume of the space toward the
speaker T 011 can be made wider than K.
As described above, the speaker mounting apparatus according to the present invention is
misconfigured to be able to change the electric sealing position of the speaker relative to the
cabinet main body), and if it is possible to improve the sound quality of the speaker O Both lto
and speakers' number, so that * sounds like * W for O sound. ト・j、、。 - - If the space
occupied by the installation is limited, the mounting part - is effective for Kfl and has I1 stone
Toru 0 stone 0
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