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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a head shell according to the
present invention. FIG. 2 is a side view thereof. FIG. 3 is a plan view of the level. 1 in the drawing
1 ... hook, 2 ... screw for fixing the hook, 3 ... ... head shell body, 4 ... - ... level body, 5 E bubbles, E
... · The same side. Sphere} Buddhist image c] ___ 1 - ___ A - 51 - 154503 ___ 2 ___ 50.7.9
Correct the drawing as shown in Figure 1 as follows. L l:: 3 Figure ¥ λ mouth - 6 -
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention relates to an improvement of
a head shell for revealing the proper table performance of a car) IJ TUJI. In recent years,
improvements in cartridge performance and improvement in machining dimensional accuracy
have occurred, and accompanying this, it has come to be required to improve the performance of
tone arms. The pierced tone arm supports the mechanism mechanism of the cartridge, and its
head shell influences the contact performance of the record groove and the needle tip directly
and directly affects the sufficient performance demonstration of the carno-rice, which in turn
directly affects the sound quality It plays an extremely important role related to good and bad.
Specifically, how to maintain and monitor the horizontal level of the Hell Shell is a technical
problem. In order to solve this problem, the present invention is an improvement of a head shell,
the main point of which is to arrange on the surface of the tone arm head shell at a position on a
line orthogonal to the head shell centerline and to be parallel to the horizontal line It is in the fact
that the level was attached. Hereinafter, it will be described in detail according to the drawings.
Fix the tokens body number on the surface of the head shell body 3. If it is set so as to be an
accurate lateral position, that is, a position on a line orthogonal to the center line A - A and
parallel to the horizontal line, it can be positioned at any position from the front side to the rear
side of the head shell 3 upper surface 8, It may be attached to an arbitrary position of the rear
surface 10. Also, its installation is level 2 -. It is needless to say that it may be taken out from the
three surfaces of the Herala-R shell, as long as it can be abundantly observed from the scale
surface of the main body 4 or from the outside, or it may be attached by drilling as if it were
embedded. In the process of joining the head shell main body 3 to the arm shaft, the horizontal
position 11ti of the hill-shell surface is sufficiently taken into consideration and assembled, but in
the present invention using the hinge shell, the horizontal position can be easily changed So that
productivity can be improved. Also, even after the completed tone arm is installed in the player, it
can always be ascertained whether or not the proper horizontal position of the head shell is
retained. Therefore, it is possible to know whether the performance of the tone arm is good or
not at first glance, It can fulfill a good guiding principle of good or bad. These facts can be easily
cultivated as to whether or not the contact between the record groove and the tip of the probe is
appropriate in actual use as a player, and it is a root that can adjust the bonding state of the arm
shaft and the hill shell In some tone arms, it is also possible to adjust the head shell which is
inappropriate, and easy maintenance management can be realized.
Thus, it is possible to prevent crosstalk, left-right sensitivity difference, which occurs when the
levelness of the head shell is not kept, and to sufficiently exert the function of the cartridge. It is
obvious from the contact state between the chip and the record groove that this effect is
particularly conspicuous when a special needle tip such as a needle of a circular needle or a line
contact is used. ] As described above, according to the present invention, to prevent crosstalk,
lowering of sound quality due to the occurrence of left and right sensitivity difference
<Horizontal change of the head shell is taken and by improving the stationary of the tone arm, It
is now possible to provide a head shell with a level that can make full use of it.
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