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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a bass reflex type speaker system,
wherein FIG. 1 a is its front view and FIG. 1 b is its side sectional view. FIG. 2 shows an
embodiment of the invention in which only the pipe duct 2 of the loudspeaker system shown in
FIG. 1 is shown, FIG. A is a perspective view and FIG. 2 b is a front view. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Enclosure,
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Purpose of the Invention In the meantime, the
backward wave of the speaker 3 radiated inside the enclosure 1 as shown in FIG. <: FiLi is
inverted in phase through the circular pipe duct 2, 4 Improvement of a so-called bass-reflex type
beaker system which discharges to the outside of the Roger 1 I: It is concerned. Conventional (1)
Bass-reflex type speaker system ship of i-relay, r: 3, - ": Inside of pipe duct I: Muddiness of
midrange sound due to standing wave generated, frequency characteristic Peak to. There is a
disadvantage such as causing dip. Therefore, in order to eliminate the above-mentioned
drawbacks, an elderly person devised a contrivance 1: Although devised to provide a cylindrical
standing-wave prevention member concentric with the duct in the duct 1, although the elderly
person left a cylindrical substance in the duct There is a disadvantage that the volume of the takt
varies and the bass reflex effect of light can not be obtained. In these four cram schools, as
described above, the purpose is to prevent standing wave noise without reducing the bass reflex
effect. [Proposal 0] constitution] Below this plan
2 V) and congratulate 1114 'based on actual
# A example shown in the figure. Chestnut 2 figure! Fig. 1 shows only the pipe duct 2 of the
sweeper system shown in Fig. 1 taken out, C - figure is a perspective view, and (b) is a front view.
Inside the circular pipe duct 2, a circular pipe 4 is arranged concentrically with the pipe duct 2
so as to be concentric in number 2 - - (固定) (It is fixed to the vibe duct 2 by a flat wave not
shown. Pipe duct 2 constructed as described above 1 2! When used for a loudspeaker system
showing '11xI + =', the interior of the pipe duct 2 is divided by the vibe 4. Nitrogenic sound:
splitting. Although the vibe 4 provided inside the pipe duct 2 can be formed by, for example, a
knitted or bMWEMW or the like and can prevent a standing wave even if it has no sound
absorbing effect at all, it is preferable to use a foamed urethane, By forming it with a sound
absorbing material such as acetate wool condensed or felt type, it is possible to further enhance
standing wave prevention effect and it is possible to reduce the high range takeoff leaking from
simultaneous ≦ niduct φ. - [Effect of the Invention] As described above, in the four proposals,
the standing wave can be prevented without changing the customer type in the duct, and the
bass reflex effect is not reduced by performing the constant standing wave prevention. "" H Also
the vibe 4 provided inside the pipe duct 2? , (8) Formation by sound absorbing material 6 From
2, it is possible to further increase the standing wave prevention effect and 6 2, it is possible to
reduce the high frequency component from 1 duct, so that favorable regeneration becomes
possible etc. There is an effect of.
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