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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a diagram showing a speaker mounting
mechanism, FIG. 1 is a conventional example, FIG. 2 is another conventional example, and FIGS. 3
to 5 show examples of the present invention FIG. 3 is a view showing a speaker, FIG. 4 is a view
showing a speaker mounting plate, and FIG. 5 is a view showing a state where a speaker is
attached to a speaker mounting plate. Reference numerals 1, 1 ', 1 // are speaker mounting
bodies, 5 is a speaker, 5a outer peripheral flange portion, 5b is a through hole, 5c is a claw piece,
8i1t boss having flexibility.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT The present invention relates to a steel mortar
having a steel reinforcement, which is easy to install with a monolithic poles of 8 poles and is
strong in its history It relates to a single power installation to a certain spot. The above
description will be made with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are conventional gold
plated products. In Fig. 1 (2), we now have - 12 -% boss 12 - presser plate (3) with 4 bars (4) for
161! する。 In this presser plate + 3), the station 9, which controls the outer circumference # Ili
(5 m) of the speaker b), is fixed to the speaker mounting plate ①). In this case, the force of force
is firmly fixed to the plate with the forceful striking cloth, but the mother point a is large, and the
installation is troublesome because the work is troublesome. In FIG. 2, in a case where it is a case
according to the case, in the speaker mounting plate (6, a holding piece (6a) engaging with the
outer circumference jlfll (5 m) of the speaker slope and a 0- 6b) was provided. In this case, it is
easy to weir the slipper #i valley, but that jI! Attachment is not necessarily strong, jI! When
forming the (2, 0 character -] · 'shaped engagement piece (6 b), due to the removal of the golden
car, there will be holes in one part shown in the figure. Therefore, it is not possible to use it
separately from the front panel (7 birds except for the case of providing 7 birds from the picture
point on the appearance style) in front of the speaker mounted Iiyama. Therefore, in the present
invention, as shown in FIG. 5, when the through hole (sb) (-) is formed in the outer circumference
jl capital (5 a) of the stainless steel boss resistance, Join nail pieces (5C). On the other hand, as
shown in Fig. 4 for the speaker mounting Iiyama 4, we have 9 bosses who have given morality)
by setting m- in the hollow boss. Glue 3, @ 5 Figure -; As you sail, bosses (8 8) are inserted into
the through hole (5 b) and the muscle force 151 is fixed to the stiffening mounting plate (1). 1
The shape of the through hole and the boss is not limited to a circle, it may be a square shape.
According to the present invention having the above-mentioned 41 Iik, it is extremely easy to
perform sequential attachment # i, and by the boss having the through hole claw piece and the
town flexible pipe, the sports force is sparrowed in orderly in the speaker It will be identified ·
Explanation of lII in 4Lll direction only The g1 side is a figure showing the structure and it is a
figure showing the structure. Figure 3i Conventional example 2 shows other conventional
examples, Figures 3 to 5 show examples of this high-level plan [Figure 2, straw 5 shows a
sphyker, figure 4 shows a view not showing a gimmick speaker mounting plate, Fig. 6 shows a
state S attached to the mounting plate.
(5a) ti outer circumference jl & (5b) ML (5c) #i nail piece, (8) boss with mineral capability. 冥 I @
New Design Gold Book Applicant SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Kim Jong Il Representative 1 I 've R' · l
Wlgv 1 f 14 Bad T 2 - = 2 - 1 15 a 7 X 11 13 1 15 4 ν C 4 Figure tia 88 □ 5 th,,,. 1 cicadas - □
a utility model registration applicant - Yo Denki Co., Ltd. 1 '· 3' 1 representative,;
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