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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an
example of a mounting state, FIG. 2 is an enlarged view of a portion surrounded by a chain line
circle 2 in FIG. 1, FIG. 3 is an exploded perspective view of FIG. 1, and FIG. 4 is an explanatory
view by an enlarged sectional view and a perspective view showing separate parts of the main
part. In the drawing, 1 ... ceiling board, 2 ... speaker mounting hole, 3 ... cylindrical body, 4 ... ...
same flange part, 5 ... ... fixing bracket, 6 ... U-shaped part, 7 ... speaker body, 8 ... speaker flange,
9 ... hooking member, 10 ... ... Inverted U-shaped part, 11 ... front panel, 12 ... long hole.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention is applied to a mounting
device for a speaker embedded in a ceiling, a wall or the like. Conventionally, when burying a
speaker on a ceiling, a wall, etc., a mounting hole having a smaller diameter than the flange
portion of the speaker body is drilled in a ceiling or the like, a flange portion is brought into
contact with the periphery of this hole, and a screw is fastened to a ceiling or the like, Although
we were doing tasks such as covering the panel, there were problems such as drilling to the
ceiling etc., anxiety of the material of the ceiling etc. rather than complicated work. To solve this
problem, fold the elongated metal plate in a U shape, place it so that it straddles the inside of the
speaker mounting hole of the ceiling or the like, and insert the speaker body fitted from the
lower side of the mounting hole in this 81s material There are some which are fixed by screws.
However, since this loudspeaker mounting tool is a slender metal plate linearly cut, its tip is
located on the outer periphery of the mounting hole and slippery and often causes misalignment,
and furthermore if the tip of the loudspeaker attachment is wavy, gypsum Boards, penetrating
thin ceiling boards such as two calcium calcium plates, etc. In addition, there are cases where the
thickness of the ceiling or the like changes extremely, etc. Stable speaker attachment means
which can correspond to all ceilings There was not. The present invention solves such problems
at once, and will be described in detail based on the drawings showing embodiments of this
invention. A ceiling plate 2, a speaker mounting hole 2, a front body 3 having an outward flange
portion 4 at its lower end, a rectangular long strip 5 having one end bent downward to form a Ushaped portion 6 A speaker body 7, a speaker flange 8 at its open end, a hooking member 9 fixed
to the speaker flange 8 and having an inverted U-shaped portion IO, and a front panel 11. The
front body 3 has an outer diameter smaller than the speaker mounting hole 2, and a large
number of elongated holes 12 having a flange portion 4 having a larger diameter than the
mounting hole and laterally elongated on the peripheral surface are formed in a multistage
manner A plurality of long columns are provided, and in this embodiment, four rows are
provided at equal intervals 3 -). Therefore, each of the fixing metal fitting 5 and the hooking
member 9 is also served by four. One end of a strip metal fitting having a width and a thickness
that can be fitted into one of the multiple long holes 12 in the multistage shape is bent
downward at right angles to the fixing metal fitting 5, U-shaped part 6 has been bent and shaped.
Hitting, the horizontal part 5 a lies long on the ceiling board 1 so that the U-shaped part 6
protrudes to the inner wall of the cylindrical body 3. The hooking member 9 is fixed to the screw
hole 8 a formed in the flange 8 of the speaker body 7 with a screw 13 in advance and is a +
metal fitting comprising an inverted U-shaped portion 10 and an identifying portion 10 a.
When defining the hooking member 9 and the speaker flange 8, the front curved panel 11 of the
speaker may also be integrally fixed. Now, as shown in the exploded perspective view of the% 3
figure, the installation order of this old-fashioned speaker mounting device is as follows. First, the
tubular body 3 is inserted into the speaker mounting hole 2 of the ceiling board 1 with the flange
portion 4 facing downward, At the position where the flange portion 4 abuts against the lower
surface of the ceiling plate 1, one long hole 12 closest to the upper surface of the ceiling 4-) plate
1 is selected one by one from each row, and the horizontal portion of the fixing metal fitting 5 5a
are inserted. That is, since it can be fixed according to the wall thickness of the ceiling board, it
can be applied to any ceiling board. At this time, the U-shaped portion 6 is positioned on the
inner wall of the tubular body 3 with the open portion positioned above. Next, if the speaker
body 7 having a plurality (four) of the hooking members 10 previously fixed to the speaker
flange 8 with the screws 13 is inserted into the tubular body 3 and subsequently rotated in the
left or right direction The inverted U-shaped portion IO of the stop member 9 is engaged with the
U-shaped portion 6 so that the speaker body is supported, so that the speaker body does not
rotate and finally fall, N1 preventing means, for example, with one screw Complete installation
can be performed by fixing the tubular flange or the like from the lower surface of the speaker
flange. As shown in FIG. 4, if a bulge 14 is provided at the center of the inner surface of the Ushaped portion 6 and a recess corresponding to the bulge 14 is provided on the inner surface of
the inverted U-shaped portion 10 by press working or the like, It becomes one depreciation at
the time of fixedly fixing the 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -) speaker body with each other,
simultaneously becoming a stopper. In the embodiment, although the cone speaker is shown as
the speaker body in the embodiment, the same action and effect are exerted even if it is replaced
with a horn speaker. According to the present invention 1 d, there is no need for means such as
screwing at the time of attachment, drilling on the ceiling plate, etc. Further, since the tubular
body is provided with a multi-step long hole, It can be applied even if the thickness of the ceiling
plate is changed variously, and it is extremely economical because it is composed of inexpensive
simple members,
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