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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an external perspective view of a conventional
example, FIG. 2 a is a side sectional view of a conventional example, FIG. 2 is a partial detail
drawing, and FIG. 3 is a folding method FIG. 4 is a side sectional view of the cabinet of the
present invention, and FIG. 5 is a front view of a main part of the present invention. 1 ... side
plate, 2 ... top plate, 3, 4 ... plate forming the opening part, 5 ... front plate, 6 ... ... ..Bottom board,
9, 10 ... opening, 11 ... trunk board, 9-1.10-1 ... ... protrusion, 11-1 ... ... hole.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention relates to the structure of a
stereo cabinet, which is capable of shortening the processing time and the assembling time, while
at the same time obtaining a structure of a cabinet capable of reducing material costs and
improving opening accuracy For example. In the conventional backload horn cabinet, you can get
a tiger (1111, 3, -, f / 727, as shown in Figure 1, each part was individually separated and
finished to make the final 1c combination. In this case, as shown in FIG. 2, the groove 1 - 1
provided in the side plate 1 and the groove 8 - 1. 4 - 1 provided in the plates 8, 4 are combined
and the top plate 2 - the bottom plate 6, the front plate It is also necessary to assemble 5 at the
same time. This complicates the assembling work, and there is a disadvantage that it is difficult to
assemble the assembly. In order to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks, the inventor of the
present invention tried to obtain a cabinet of the backload horn easily by utilizing the
conventional folding method, as shown in FIG. 8, and the side of the shell plate 11 A hole 11 - 1
is provided in the section, and an opening section 9. 10 having a projection 9 - 1. 10 - 1 is fitted
thereinto so that a desired cabinet is made to have a longevity. As a result, processing time (2) · 1
hour, assembly time can be shortened, at the same time material cost can be reduced and
opening part accuracy can be improved.
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