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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic view illustrating an embodiment
of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a schematic view of another embodiment, and FIG. 3 is a part of
a porous metal sheet used in the present invention An enlarged perspective view is shown. 1 ииии
communication hole, 2 иииии skeleton of the porous metal sheet. 3 ... Porous metal sheet, 4 ...
speaker, 5 ... ... mounting case.
Detailed Description of the Invention Outline of the invention 4 Outdoor speaker 1 Utility model
registration Margin O range Front of the speaker is a three dimensional irregular m reticulated
metal porous having porosity for waterproofing and dustproofing An outdoor speaker
characterized by being covered with a body seat. 1 Inventory O Explanatory Turtle Description
Explanation Outdoor speaker O Visible drop, Dustproof performance O% O to improve O, Sleeing
purpose As a purpose it is due to climatic conditions outside the office building, ie heavy rays,
rain water etc. It prevents degradation of material IIO and attempts to permanently self-tune the
built-in speaker body with 11 kII. In general, it is used as an exterior wall board of M external
speaker, lightweight, only one ventilation good vh 4, foam tree & abbreviation is used with wire
mesh, cup rupium rs board and so on. The reason why these cloths and foamed resin are used is
because of thickening of sound passing from the loudspeaker, fair breathability, and
consideration of O1l theory from the speaker body OjI water, dust # which is inside . However,
the fact that material t is cloth, resin company, outdoor climate condition solar forerunner,
rainwater etc, etc. * 1, 2,],, (1) O degradation resulting in drip-proof, droplet O effect or lost to
short-term II. The present invention is intended to provide a friend loudspeaker provided with a
holding II II object having an optimum '& condition as the outer wall of the butterfly and outdoor
speaker. In other words, it is also O that clears the three-dimensional irregular wIAa-like
structured metal porous body O sheet J with the front face KW k of the skin. The sheet JFi
porosity of this O porous body is as high as 9% j, passing through the stalk hole vacancy, and the
O pore size can be obtained at the same time as the droplet and the visiting effect during
production, it can. It is permanently withstood climatic conditions which are produced in the
porous sheet hi w (Mi 1 (lus 11 - Or) and extracted outside. 11 / figure and eleventh are the
embodiment of the present invention, where the / WA is a hot pot with a porous metal sheet 3 on
the front of the speaker thing O taking case 3, the lamphouse attendant speaker The Ik
perforated body sheet J is one front side of the main body. In addition, in part (2) '- ░ C, 1
enlarged perspective view of the porous sheet 3 in FIG. 11J, / company through hole indicates
the skeleton of the J company. Explanation of easy tortoise towards peeping wards / / Shippuisha
main idea O Structural drawing to explain the embodiment, I 2 type diagram of the embodiment
of separation, 3 FIG. 3 Metal porous body sheet A partially enlarged perspective view is shown. /
- и Communication hole, 2 - gold - skeleton of porous sheet, 3 - metal porous sheet, reference
speaker, z - mounting + -. One agent's valve weir mori 1) Yuji Division Do - (1 other person) 6 (4
T - 'Th ~',) 1 horse 1 3 - 2 = J '[552 flash и и = 1 horse 3 Figure 1 Other than the above O Othroid
Address Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku-ku Shinjuku Ward 1i I 1-chome l Ko J (Fujita Building)
Telephone JI & -0991 ? + ,,: Name (4 degree) Valer Saeki Nakamura # Wei, - Otoko 4: Shita '2. tt
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